Jefferson National Completes Integration of Tax-Deferred Investing Solution on Shareholders Service Group’s Custodial Platform

 SSG’s Independent RIAs Now Have Access to 380+ Tax-Deferred Funds in Jefferson National’s Monument Advisor Flat-Fee VA


Louisville, KY    – Jefferson National, recently recognized by Cerulli Associates as the industry’s “most successful, and innovative, fee-based VA carrier,” has completed the integration of its tax-deferred investing solution on Shareholders Service Group’s (SSG) open-architecture custodial platform. The first and only fee-based annuity integrated onto the SSG platform, this marks another milestone for Shareholders Service Group and for Jefferson National’s Monument Advisor, the industry’s first flat-fee variable annuity, with 9x more funds than the typical VA, the industry’s most subaccounts with the 5 star and 4 star Morningstar Rating for three consecutive years and “the gold standard in tackling fee based structures1.”

For the network of more than 1,000 independent fee-only Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) affiliated with Shareholders Service Group, this partnership provides seamless access to more than 380 tax-deferred funds from more than 40 recognized fund families, including more than 60 alternative investments, as well as five institutional quality dynamic allocation models powered by CAPTRUST, and a TPIA Marketplace that provides proven portfolio management strategies from a select group of recognized Third-Party Investment Advisors (TPIAs).

As advisors are taking a more holistic approach to financial advice and greater tax-awareness is added to portfolio construction, the use of tax deferral has increased in importance. Research confirms that the strategy of asset location—or “locating” assets between tax-deferred and taxable vehicles based on their tax-efficiency—has proven highly effective. The performance potential of “tax-inefficient” investments, such as REITs, bond funds, actively managed stock funds and many alternative strategies, currently taxed as high as 35%, potentially can be improved by as much as 100 bps when located in a low-cost, tax-deferred vehicle rather than in a taxable vehicle.

“In a volatile market where every basis point counts, where the search for yield is an ongoing challenge, and where taxes are poised to rise, many advisors see tax-deferral as one of the most important solutions to help clients increase returns without increasing risk,” said Laurence Greenberg, President of Jefferson National. “By partnering with Shareholders Service Group to fully integrate Jefferson National’s tax-deferred investing solution alongside other taxable vehicles on SSG’s custodial platform, we help meet an urgent need facing many RIAs today.”

“At Shareholders Service Group, we are always on the lookout for products that help advisors meet their clients’ needs, and we recognize that a client’s after-tax returns are a critical concern  that advisors must take into account in their investment planning,” said Peter Mangan, President and CEO. “We are excited to partner with Jefferson National because we have seen first-hand how they listen to what RIAs want and meet their demands with some of the most powerful tax-deferred products, tools and technology on the market today.”

“In a volatile market where every basis point counts, where the search for yield is an ongoing challenge, and where taxes are poised to rise, many advisors see tax-deferral as one of the most important solutions to help clients increase returns without increasing risk,”

By aggregating tax-deferred assets alongside taxable vehicles, including capabilities to update in real time within a single advisor workstation and consolidate onto client account statements, this innovative partnership allows the RIAs with Shareholders Service Group to provide more holistic and more comprehensive financial advice. “Because of its low cost and broad range of fund choices, Monument Advisor is a great way for advisors to take advantage of tax-deferred investing for their clients,” adds Mangan.

In addition to fully integrated taxable and tax-deferred investing, SSG also offers the ability to integrate front- and back-office functionality from an unprecedented number of leading third-party solution providers, including trading, clearing and settlement, performance reporting and rebalancing, practice management and compliance.

As more advisors continue breaking away from commissions and making the move to independence, RIAs and Fee-Based advisors are one of the industry’s most rapidly growing segments. Cerulli projects that 44% of all advisors will be within independent channels by 20156.Jefferson National and Shareholders Service Group are well-positioned to serve this rapidly growing market. Advisors who would like to learn more about Jefferson National’s tax-deferred investing solution integrated on the SSG custodial platform may visit or call this exclusive toll-free number: 855-847-4656.


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Jefferson National
 is a leading innovator offering products and services for RIAs and fee-based advisors and the clients they serve, utilizing a flexible technology platform, highly efficient operations, and cost-effective servicing capabilities. Jefferson National is winner of more than 30 industry awards including the DMA 2010 Financial Services Company of the Year7.Serving a network of more than 1,800 RIAs and fee-based advisors nationwide, the Company is based in Louisville, KY and domiciled in Dallas, Texas with authority in 49 states and the District of Columbia. To reach our advisor support desk, please call 1-866-WHY-FLAT (1-866-949-3528). To learn more, please visit


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