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J.P. Morgan Releases 2019 Guide to Retirement

Guide examines most significant issues across retirement landscape

Mar 12, 2019 — NEW YORK, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — J.P. Morgan Asset Management today released the 2019 Guide to Retirement, examining the state of retirement, current challenges and opportunities, and the tools needed to support planning conversations. This year’s edition marks the 12th year of the annual report, featuring an expanded analysis of late-cycle retirement discussions including impacts from a lower inflation outlook, Medicare considerations, and a new section focused on key topics for defined contribution investing.

“At this late stage of the economic cycle, it’s critical that advisors and those nearing or in retirement understand the key issues that need to be addressed to achieve retirement success,” said Anne Lester, Head of Retirement Solutions, J.P. Morgan Asset Management. “The 2019 Guide to Retirement works to simplify these complex issues and outline best practices for saving, investing and spending in retirement.”

“The 2019 Guide to Retirement focuses on arming stakeholders with timely insights that reflect the current late-cycle environment, and encouraging more informed retirement decisions,” said Katherine Roy, Chief Retirement Strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. “Some of the issues at the forefront of this year’s report include sequence of return risk, the impact of lower inflation on outcomes, and health care considerations.”

Key Retirement Themes

1) Timely late-cycle retirement discussions

  • The shift towards de-risking portfolios
  • Sequence of return risk
  • Managing retirement timing risk

2) How a lower inflation outlook can improve outcomes

  • Retirement savings checkpoints across ages and income levels
  • Effects of withdrawal rates and portfolio allocations
  • The 4% rule: Projected outcomes vs. historical experience

3) Making sense of Medicare in the lead-up to retirement

  • How Medicare works
  • Making the right Medicare choice at age 65
  • Managing rising healthcare costs in retirement


To view the full 2019 Guide to Retirement, click here.



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