'Invibed' Advises Financially Doomed Millennials

New financial & lifestyle website aims to empower the debt-strapped

NEW YORK, Dec 04, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — If you’re in your 20s—or you love someone who is—read this and reap:

A new financial-advice website aims at empowering debt-strapped and otherwise financially doomed millennials to help them build their own, stronger future. makes its debut this month, offering a panoply of fresh content aimed at arming the young with the knowledge, techniques and tools they need to spend smarter, save more and invest better.

Invibed is the creation of Dani Pascarella, a millennial who quit her career as a well-compensated advisor to the rich at J.P. Morgan Chase so she could serve up advice to a group that needs it far more.

Bleak at 30

“Most millennials haven’t turned 30 years old, yet they face a bleak financial future,” Dani says. “Student debt and defaults are soaring, Social Security may run out of money in 15 years, and wage growth is stagnant. On top of all this, personal finance isn’t taught in most schools–76 percent of young adults exhibit low levels of financial literacy. But fixing this problem isn’t impossible, if they get smart advice and start acting on it now. Invibed is here to help.”

Most financial news and education is aimed at a much older audience...

To engage its target audience, Invibed provides accessible, relevant and entertaining written and video content to users ages 18-35. This fall, Invibed is releasing its first season of video content, which includes 12 unique shows such as #BreakingBroke, a series of music videos that will motivate you to take control of your financial situation; #YTF, in which a former CNBC anchor tries to scare millennials into better financial living; #DowntownGirls, a scripted comedy series about four NYU students who are struggling to grow up financially; and #QuickTips, an animated series that packs financial advice you can start using right now into 30-second videos.

“Most financial news and education is aimed at a much older audience; millennials think it’s really dry and boring,” says Invibed’s Executive Producer, Ricky Recchia, a 3time Emmy Award Winner. “Our goal is to make personal finance compelling and relatable—and fast, and mobile. Millennials stand still for no one.”