Introducing Schwab Starter Kit™ – Designed to Support First-Time Investors

New experience gives first-time investors a jump start through a unique combination of $50 to invest in the top five stocks in the S&P 500, bite-size educational content, and easy-to-use investing tools


WESTLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Schwab today introduced the Schwab Starter Kit, a new experience that will provide beginner investors with $50 to split across the top five stocks in the S&P 500, access to tailored educational content designed to be easily digestible for someone getting started, and curated easy-to-use investing tools and resources.

Over the past 18 months, millions of new investors have made their first-ever investments in the stock market. Schwab combined with TD Ameritrade has added more than one million new brokerage accounts for four consecutive quarters – bringing year-to-date new brokerage accounts to 6.0 million. As even more enter the market and take steps to reach their financial goals, Schwab Starter Kit is designed to give first-time investors a head start on their investing journey.

“Schwab has had a longstanding commitment to helping people take ownership of their financial future, so we couldn’t be more excited about this wave of new investors,” said Jonathan Craig, Managing Director and head of Investors Services at Schwab. “But we know that getting started as an investor can be overwhelming, and just making it easy to invest isn’t enough – it’s critical that we also give first-time investors the support they need to make informed decisions and succeed.”

A Closer Look Inside Schwab Starter Kit

Schwab Starter Kit is specifically aimed at helping first-time investors, and each component addresses this group’s unique needs.

Ownership in widely recognized stocks: By opening an account and depositing as little as $50, new investors get a jump start with an additional $50 from Schwab to invest in fractional shares ($10 in each of the top five S&P 500 companies by market cap) through Schwab Stock Slices, giving them ownership of some of the most widely held and recognized stocks available.

Tailored education: Schwab Starter Kit’s education hub features essential step-by-step guides, short how-to videos and other bite-size content to help investors build their investing knowledge and confidence. All the content is curated from Schwab’s wide-ranging library with a focus on the most essential fundamentals for new investors, including understanding how to evaluate, buy and sell securities.

Schwab has had a longstanding commitment to helping people take ownership of their financial future, so we couldn’t be more excited about this wave of new investors...

Valuable tools and resources: As investors begin their journey, Schwab Starter Kit will support them with access to select resources like an easy-to-use retirement calculator, worksheets to help budget and meeting savings goals, and trading tools to help them make more knowledgeable decisions.

“Most investors, including those getting started, know that investing isn’t a game,” said Craig. “They want to make decisions backed by education and professional resources, which are especially important as they navigate different life events and changes. Whether you have $50 or $50,000, it’s important to get the right start and partner with the firm that can meet your needs throughout your life.”

Schwab recently surveyed a group of investors who first began investing in the stock market during the past 18 months—a cohort Schwab calls “Generation Investor” (Gen I) – and found that 94 percent of these new investors want information and tools to do their own research, and 90 percent want education to improve their investing skills.

Helping New Investors Become Lifelong Investors

Schwab has been committed to democratizing investing since its founding, and while Schwab and the industry have made considerable strides in breaking down barriers to investing with innovations like $0 commissions[1], no account minimums, and robo advice, increased access and democratization need to be supplemented with the right set of products, resources, tools and live support.

Schwab Starter Kit is an extension of Schwab’s commitment to help all investors take ownership of their financial lives and grow to become lifelong investors.

A focus on newer and younger investors is not new to Schwab, although the need to support those just getting started has never been more critical given how many are starting out as investors today and the ever-changing nature of the markets. Since 2016, more than half of new Schwab retail households are age 40 and younger, and these younger households are driving 40 percent of Schwab’s net new assets.

For new investors ready to start their journey, learn more about the Schwab Starter Kit here.




[1] In October 2019, Schwab lowered its online equity and base option commissions to $0.
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