Introducing iLife AI

Empowering life insurance carriers to offer a secure and white labeled generative AI solution

PALO ALTO, CA – August 24, 2023 – iLife Technologies, the all-in-one front end “Operating System” (OS) for insurance carriers and agencies, today unveils “iLife AI,” an AI-powered tool designed to transform the way carriers can generate business insights from their massive amounts of data. This Enterprise-grade solution is specifically designed to cater to insurance carriers, offering unparalleled data protection and control over valuable information, in a secure, private, and localized manner.

With iLife AI, insurance carriers gain the power to harness cutting-edge AI technology for processing large amounts of agent and e-applications related data and documents, without compromising data security and privacy. These breakthrough features empower carriers, IMOs, and BGAs with advanced AI capabilities that drastically accelerate their business processes and improve operational efficiency.

Key Features of iLife AI:

  • e-App Summarization: The AI tool empowers users to efficiently summarize lengthy records into easily digestible bullet points. This feature allows users to quickly extract crucial information, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Going beyond traditional data analysis and SQL queries, iLife AI includes a conversational interface that responds to the users’ questions about their own data, and responds in natural human language.
  • No-Code Tools: iLife AI is designed as a no-code tool. Non-engineers can now leverage cutting-edge technology without the need for active code writing.
  • Data Privacy and Security: iLife AI boasts a secure infrastructure, and available private instance, that ensures the utmost protection of sensitive data. Insurance carriers and their distributors can confidently gather insights about their own data in the comfort and safety of their private environments.

“iLife AI represents a significant milestone in the insurance technology landscape,” said Nelson Lee, Founder and CEO of iLife. “With its advanced AI capabilities and user-friendly interface for non-engineers, we are confident that iLife AI will redefine the way insurance carriers and distributors leverage insights and operational efficiency. By putting the power of modern technology into the hands of non-engineers, we are driving innovation and inclusivity across the industry.”

iLife is committed to ensuring clients with the highest level of security and data privacy on all products. It is SOC2 compliant, demonstrating a dedication to maintaining a secure operating environment for clients’ sensitive information. All Electronic Health Records are encrypted and fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring that healthcare-related data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

To learn more about iLife AI and its transformative capabilities, please visit https://ilife.tech/.




About iLife Technologies
iLife builds front-office software for insurance carriers, IMOs, and BGAs, in the areas of CRM and New Business Submissions (e-Apps). Trusted by over 13,000 agents and over 20 carriers, iLife’s software solves pain points in insurance distribution by providing all critical workflow functions in one place, shortening sales cycles, reducing administrative costs, and providing modern experiences. To learn more about iLife, visit https://ilife.tech/.