Integrated Benefits Institute Develops System to Help Employers Manage Employee Health Data

Managing health, medical services, and lost time information

San Francisco, CA – July 25, 2013 – The Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) has developed a framework to help employers better manage and use the volumes of data they receive from multiple vendors providing health,  medical services and lost-time information to the business. IBI is the leading workforce health and productivity research and measurement organization.

The IBI Key Health Metrics Dashboard tracks the 10 key dimensions of workforce health and provides a single metric for measuring each one. It describes the health and productivity status of a workforce, monitors changes over time, identifies areas for further analysis and actions, and helps employers to better understand outcomes. It also provides drill-down metrics supporting the high-level view. The Dashboard was developed by IBI president Thomas Parry, PhD, and Bruce Sherman, MD, medical director of the Employers Health Coalition and a member of IBI’s board of directors.

“Many employers deal with a wide variety of supplier partners, each providing reports, claims runs or summary data across a range of health and lost-time dimensions. As a result, the amount of data available to employers on health, healthcare, lost time and related issues is growing exponentially,” stated Parry.

Missing the forest for the trees?

“Employers often get sucked into the detail and miss the forest for the trees. They simply don’t have the resources to make sense of it all and determine where to focus their attention, the actions to take as a result, and how to assess the ultimate value of health and productivity interventions,” Parry continued.

Employers can use the IBI Key Health Metrics Dashboard to communicate summary metrics to their supplier partners, who can then provide the necessary data. It also provides employers with a system to easily identify what data are missing and focus on strategies to gather them.

“The goal of the Dashboard is to set the stage for conversations with senior management on the value of workforce health; it helps facilitate the discussion of what’s important and what to do about it, and furthers understanding of what the results mean to an employer’s business,” Parry concluded.

The IBI Key Employee Health Metrics Dashboard includes the following 10 key dimensions of employee health:

  • Financial

Description: the expenditures for all health-related programs
Key metric: total health-related program costs—medical, pharmacy, incidental absence, disability and workers’ compensation and related programs—per employee

  • Program Participation
Employers often get sucked into the detail and miss the forest for the trees

Description: the degree to which employees are enrolled and taking part in available health-related programs
Key metric: the percentage of all eligible workers who participate in these programs

  • Biometric Screening

Description: biometric profile of the workforce
Key metric: percentage of all employees who meet clinical targets
Health Risks
Description: risk profile of the workforce
Key metric: number of health risks per employee

  • Utilization of Services

Description: the amount of care delivered and the setting in which it takes place
Key metric: percentage of all employees receiving medical care

  • Preventive Care

Description: the degree to which employees are being screened for age- and gender-appropriate health conditions
Key metric: percentage of all employees receiving appropriate screening

  • Chronic Conditions

Description: the prevalence and distribution of employee chronic health conditions
Key metric: percentage of all employees with chronic health conditions

  • Lost Work Time

Description: the number of health-related lost work days from absence and reduced performance
Key metric: number of lost workday equivalents per employee from health-related conditions

  • Lost Productivity

Description: the financial opportunity costs borne by the employer in responding to employee lost work time
Key metric: lost productivity costs per employee

  • Employee Health Engagement

Description: the degree to which employees are engaged in managing their health
Key metric: average health engagement survey score per employee

An article about the IBI Key Health Metrics Dashboard, “A Pragmatic Approach for Employers to Improve Measurement in Workforce Health and Productivity,” was published in Population Health Management. A limited number of article reprints are available by contacting the Integrated Benefits Institute at [email protected]

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