A.M. Best Briefing

Insurers Hope Fed Move A Sign of Things to Come

Most see a multi-year rate increase strategy

OLDWICK, N.J., December 22, 2015—The Federal Reserve’s first interest rate increase in nearly a decade does not symbolize a “lift off” scenario for interest rates, according to a new A.M. Best special report.

The Best’s Briefing, titled, “Insurers Hope Fed Move a Sign of Things to Come,” states that likely subsequent moves by the Fed will involve an uncertain and measured approach with multi-year rate increases following what had been an unprecedented monetary easing.

A.M. Best sees no immediate impact to its view of the U.S. property/casualty, life or health insurance industries, or any individual rating units as a result of the 0.25% increase in the Federal Funds Rate. While the overall industry has been juggling falling portfolio yields and limited reinvestment opportunities, life/annuity companies in particular
have also been facing spread compression.

Doesn’t ease the pain…

A.M. Best is more watchful of the increased credit risk

In the short-term, the Fed’s rate hike will primarily impact the shorter end of the interest rate term structure, which doesn’t impact insurers with predominantly longer-term bond holdings. This initial move also doesn’t ease the pain for older spread-based products with higher guaranteed crediting rates.

Although investment portfolio yields would eventually benefit from any increasing interest rate scenario, A.M. Best is more watchful of the increased credit risk accumulating for the industry from its effort to attain higher investment returns. Overall, however, a continued measured rise in rates is a net positive for the life/annuity industry as product spreads improve, investment portfolio yields increase, and other side benefits accrue to the industry, such as having a positive impact for those carriers with underfunded pension plans.

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