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Insurance Industry Takes Aim at Younger Recruits

Misconceptions about the industry are hampering recruitment efforts

March 24, 2016 — OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This A.M.BestTV episode explores new initiatives the insurance industry is taking to recruit a younger workforce.

Companies that are struggling to attract the number of people they believe they will need to strengthen the future workforce say misconceptions about the insurance industry are hampering their efforts.

However, new programs such as MyPath are drawing online traffic as The Institutes and others position the sector as an attractive employment choice for younger workers. Click here to view the entire program.

“We’ve seen a lot of specifics around the talent crisis,” said Karen Isaacs, senior vice president of Hamilton Insurance Group. “Human Resources leaders and business leaders alike know that we need to think differently in how we’re going to bring and attract this new generation into the workforce.”

MyPath educates younger people on the many options available through a career in insurance. The website offers internship locators, educational videos and career assessments.

“This is going to start the momentum in the education and engaging of this new workforce on the opportunities that insurance has for them,” added Isaacs.

Other people who appear in this episode include:

Brian Dupperault, chief executive officer, Hamilton Insurance Group; and Jason Terrell, vice president, The Institutes.

We’ve seen a lot of specifics around the talent crisis

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