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Inflation: The Silent Killer Is Getting Louder

Kinetic Financial addresses the disruption created by inflation in the current economic environment

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LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to Ali Hashemian, MBA, ChFC®, CFP®, president of Kinetic Financial, it was easy to ignore inflation in the past. We’ve lived in a world where inflation and interest rates were a non-issue for over a decade. But the world is changing, and inflation might be trending more on the media than the next big fashion brand or celebrity scandal.

“But what does it really mean?” asks Hashemian. The main concern for investors is related to their cash or “idle” money positions. When investors have assets that are sitting on the side lines earning virtually no return, the opportunity cost is painful. But when we experience inflation and those assets are also losing purchasing power, financial pain starts to turn into financial torture.

Inflation and interest rate risk are real concerns right now. It’s not only about detection, but investors also need to have treatments or solutions. The good thing about inflation is the fact that it’s easy to see it coming. In fact, we already know it’s present in our current financial environment. The other good thing is that there are a lot of inflationary adjusted solutions.

The bad thing is that very few solutions are automatic and, thus, require a decisive change in investment strategy. It’s not a hard decision, but it is a decision to make change (which is always hard to do).

Hashemian has been a financial professional for over two decades. His advice is, “don’t stick your head in the sand. Pay attention and make cognitive, informed decisions. Be smart or hire smart people to help you.”




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