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The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution Book Becomes Number One Amazon Bestseller

Author advances the idea that traditional planning concepts may be outdated

CHANDLER, Ariz., Aug. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lane Martinsen, Certified Financial Fiduciary®, RICP®, IAR, CEO and founder of Martinsen Wealth Management, a holistic financial planning firm in Chandler, Ariz., has become an Amazon bestseller with his new book “The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution.” The book achieved Number One New Release in Financial Engineering, as well as bestseller status in the categories of Wealth Management, Financial Risk Management and Investment Portfolio Management.

As a holistic financial planner, Martinsen explains why many of today’s financial planning concepts are outdated and provides readers with a retirement plan that includes all financial aspects of one’s life, including mortgage, tax strategies, health care, long-term care, estate planning, and more—not solely investment accounts.

“Often people don’t consider that the financial advice they received in the past may no longer be applicable today, and consequently do not update their financial plans for current market conditions,” said Martinsen. “The biggest worry of those heading into retirement is that they will outlive their wealth, which is a valid concern since life expectancy has nearly doubled since the 20th century. In ‘The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution,’ I explain how individuals can offset and prepare for unexpected expenses by utilizing both traditional and new financial tools to protect their assets and maximize spendable income.”

Inefficiencies in Traditional Planning

In “The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution,” Martinsen provides straightforward explanations of the inefficiencies with a traditional financial planning approach to achieve a secure retirement. Those include out-of-date investment vehicles and a failure to account for increasing taxes, a potential lack of government resources, baby boomers’ increasing life span and unexpected life circumstances.

While most financial books focus on taxes or investment strategies, Martinsen emphasizes that an individual’s current financial status and goals need to be examined independently to locate areas that can achieve ‘Gamma,’ which the book describes as additional income during retirement. Individuals can accomplish this by allocating the ideal amount of one’s resources to the right combination of what Martinsen describes as Red and Green Tools (financial products that range from low to high risk), including financial products that at one time were only available to institutional investors.

Often people don't consider that the financial advice they received in the past may no longer be applicable today, and consequently do not update their financial plans for current market conditions...

Book chapters include: The Changing Retirement Landscape, Achieving A Tax-Free Retirement, Market Volatility in Retirement, and Asset Allocation; and more.

“It’s not enough for pre-retirees and retirees to accumulate assets for retirement. They need to ensure they are not losing money unknowingly and figure out how to convert assets into streams of tax-efficient income,” said Martinsen. “A holistic retirement plan will help individuals not just achieve retirement status, but also help them stay retired.”

“The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution” is published by The Light Network and is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.




About the Author: Lane Martinsen
Lane Martinsen, Certified Financial Fiduciary®, RICP®, is a bestselling author and CEO of Martinsen Wealth Management, a holistic financial planning firm in the Chandler, Ariz. that provides retirement, investment, insurance planning and money management services. He is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and a member of the Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM, National Ethics Association (NEA), The Association of Financial Educators (AFE) and The Society of Financial Awareness (SOFA). Martinsen has served clients for more than two decades as well as trained and mentored hundreds of other financial advisors around the country. He is the host of the YouTube channel “The Financial Fast Lane,” which can be found at For more information about the book, visit For more information on Martinsen Wealth Management, visit or call (480) 296-2067.
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