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Helping Small Business Owners Increase Their Value

Consulting Group launches innovative ‘Small Business Owners Alliance’

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – Sep 22, 2014) – Mercury Equity Partners, LLC ( has announced the formation of the Small Business Owners Alliance (SBOA), an entity that has been formed to help small business owners navigate the numerous challenges that are prevalent in an ever-changing business landscape created by disruptive business models.

“We work to control the confusion many business owners face by walking them through the processes of implementing a predictable and sustainable marketing strategy while optimizing key value drivers to maximize their overall business value,” explained Mark Eiland, founder of Mercury Equity Partners, LLC.
The SBOA has set a projected benchmark to aid over 200 small business owners over the next 10 years, establishing a goal to assist in doubling the value of these businesses in the pursuit of achieving their full business potential.

Think and Grow

The model for SBOA is based upon Napoleon Hill’s famous “mastermind” concept, as penned in his classic, “Think and Grow.” According to Hill’s “First Laws of Success,” mastermind groups must be in place to share information, concepts, knowledge and experience to help, motivate and hold each other accountable for their successes.

Some call it 'No Man's Land,' where their business is too big to be small and too small to be big

“Mercury Equity Partners works with business owners that find themselves feeling stuck in their business. Some call it ‘No Man’s Land,’ where their business is too big to be small and too small to be big,” Eiland explained. “We do this by working directly with business owners to improve marketing and operational efficiency — focused and proven efforts that increase sales and profits. The goal is to enhance the overall value of the business several times over by making small, yet incremental, improvements that result in exponential increases to the bottom line.”

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About Mercury Equity Partners
Mercury Equity Partners, LLC was established in 2013 to provide business marketing, advising and consulting. The entity relies upon proven marketing and business strategies to transform a low-performing business into a high-performing and sustainable business asset that puts the business owner in a position of strength by increasing profits and the overall value of the business.