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Hartford Funds Expands International Equities Offering With Launch Of Two New Mutual Funds

These new strategies allow investors to further diversify their allocation to international equities

WAYNE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hartford Funds announced the launch of two actively managed mutual funds with primary exposure to international equities: Hartford Schroders Sustainable International Core Fund (HSISX) and Hartford Schroders International Contrarian Value Fund (HFSIX). Both Funds will be sub-advised by Schroder Investment Management North America Inc. and Schroder Investment Management North America, Ltd. will serve as sub-sub-adviser (collectively referred to as “Schroders”).

“These mutual funds offer distinct ways to gain exposure to international equity markets, which we believe have strong potential to generate returns over the long term,” said Vernon Meyer, Chief Investment Officer at Hartford Funds. “Once again, we are pleased to leverage the global and sustainable investing expertise of Schroders, one of our long-trusted sub-advisers with a demonstrated history of excellence in this asset class.”

Hartford Schroders Sustainable International Core Fund [HSISX]

HSISX showcases best ideas from experienced and established investment teams at Schroders that collectively have deep, regional expertise and manage in aggregate more than $85 billion in assets under management. The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in international and emerging-markets equities that meet Schroders’ sustainability criteria.

To achieve this objective, the investment team aims to construct a diversified portfolio where stock selection is the primary driver of alpha, seeking mispriced opportunities across a multitude of industries and regions. At the same time, the investment team strives to build a portfolio that has a positive impact on society by investing in companies that they believe have best-in-class stakeholder behaviors. Schroders’ proprietary sustainability criteria, which includes a framework that incorporates environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) measures, helps the investment team determine a company’s societal impact.

These mutual funds offer distinct ways to gain exposure to international equity markets, which we believe have strong potential to generate returns over the long term...

The actively managed Fund’s performance benchmark will be the MSCI All Country World (ACWI) ex USA Index. Nicholette MacDonald-Brown of Schroders serves as the Fund’s portfolio manager, and is supported by regional portfolio managers Scott MacLennan, Manish Bhatia, and Kazuhiro Toyoda, who are based in London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, respectively.

Hartford Schroders International Contrarian Value Fund [HFSIX]

HFSIX utilizes a pure contrarian deep-value style, resulting in a portfolio that is unconstrained and concentrated with high Active Share. In managing the Fund, the investment team seeks to own stocks that are significantly undervalued relative to their long-term earnings potential. They focus on identifying out-of-favor stocks which have low valuations but are considered to have resilient earnings and/or misunderstood balance sheets. The investment team integrates financially material ESG characteristics such as climate change, environmental performance, labor standards, and corporate governance into their investment process.

The actively managed Fund’s performance benchmark will be the MSCI EAFE Value Index. The Fund’s investment management team consists of Portfolio Managers Nick Kirrage, Simon Alder, and Liam Nunn, who are part of the Schroders Global Value Team.

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About Hartford Funds
Founded in 1996, Hartford Funds is a leading asset manager, which provides mutual funds, ETFs, and 529 college savings plans. Using its human-centric investing approach, Hartford Funds creates strategies and tools designed to address the needs and wants of investors. Leveraging partnerships with leading experts, Hartford Funds delivers insight into the latest demographic trends and investor behavior.
The firm’s product line-up includes more than 50 mutual funds and ETFs in a variety of styles and asset classes. Its mutual funds (with the exception of certain fund of funds) are sub-advised by Wellington Management or Schroder Investment Management North America Inc. The strategic beta ETFs offered by Hartford Funds are designed to help address investors’ evolving needs by leveraging a unique risk-optimized approach, which identifies risks within each asset class and then deliberately and systematically re-allocates capital toward risks more likely to enhance return potential. Excluding affiliated funds of funds, as of March 31, 2022, Hartford Funds’ investment advisory business had approximately $148.0 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets under management. For more information about their investment family, visit
About Schroders
As a global active asset manager, the way Schroders direct capital not only shapes the financial returns they achieve for their clients but also the impact that the companies in which they invest on their behalf might have on society. The relationship between these two outcomes has rapidly evolved as we see a fundamental shift in how companies are viewed and valued. Understanding the impact that they can have on society and the planet is crucial in assessing their ability to deliver risk-adjusted profits.
Schroders ongoing success is built on a history of experience and expertise, whereby they partner with their clients to construct innovative products and solutions across their five business areas consisting of Private Assets & Alternatives, Solutions, Mutual Funds, Institutional and Wealth Management and invest in a wide range of assets and geographies. By combining their commitment to active management and focus on sustainability, their strategic capabilities are designed to deliver positive outcomes for their clients.
They are responsible for $990.9 billion (£731.6 billion; €871.3 billion) as of December 31, 2021 assets of their clients, managed locally by 42 investment teams worldwide. As a global business with over 5,500 talented staff across 35 locations, they are able to stay close to their clients and understand their needs. They have over 200 years of experience in investment and innovation.


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