Halo Investing Launches New Annuities Platform

Helping advisors generate reliable retirement income for individual investors

CHICAGO, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Halo Investing (“Halo”), the world’s first and only independent, multi-issuer technology platform for structured notes, today announced the launch of its new annuities platform. Built on Halo’s core marketplace, the new centralized marketplace enables financial advisors to explore, transact, and manage annuities in a simplified way. The platform includes numerous annuity options and strategies from several leading carriers, including Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life).

The annuities launch is part of Halo’s broader strategy to provide advisors with a comprehensive independent platform to access innovative protective investment options. The fully digitized annuities platform streamlines execution and management across the annuity lifecycle, helping advisors provide retirement income for clients more efficiently and cost-effectively. Halo also has a team of annuity experts and an outsourced insurance desk who can serve as the licensed agent of record for advisors.

“It’s critical that advisors and investors have access to advanced investment tools and resources to build resilient portfolios using proven products like annuities,” said Biju Kulathakal, Co-Founder & CEO of Halo. “Halo simplifies the annuities lifecycle with an expert team and an end-to-end technology solution, giving advisors another protective investment option to meet their client objectives. We are excited for the next stage of our product journey and look forward to helping the annuities industry advance to the digital era.”

Halo’s modern platform includes a range of investment options including fixed, variable, and registered index-linked annuities.

Other key features of the Halo platform include:

  • Access to the top annuity carriers
  • Enhanced data and analytics to compare, explore, and select annuities
  • Real-time rates from carriers, and up-to-date carrier product information and marketing collateral
  • Support from Halo’s concierge insurance services to help identify solutions
  • Digital and virtual client signing, suitability review, and carrier submission
  • Portfolio management and post trade monitoring with valuation tracking and in-force transactions across annuity positions

Providing The Products To Help Individuals Meet Their Retirement Goals

It's critical that advisors and investors have access to advanced investment tools and resources to build resilient portfolios using proven products like annuities...

“Individuals are struggling to save for retirement and lack opportunities for dependable retirement income without taking on unnecessary risks,” said Jason Barsema, Co-Founder & President of Halo. “Advisors need more investment options in today’s low yield environment, and annuities can provide income and predictable outcomes for investors. As part of our mission to help individuals meet their retirement goals, we will continue to add products, carriers, and features to facilitate a simplified annuities and protective investing experience.”

“Our partnership with Halo allows us to make our products available to advisors, including RIAs, who we are currently not able to reach via traditional channels,” said Eric Thomes, Chief Distribution Officer for Allianz Life. “Our risk management products can play an important role as part of a holistic financial plan, and Halo gives advisors access to additional product options so that they are able to help their clients seek the best possible outcomes.”

Halo Investing

Halo continues to invest and develop its advanced technology platform to provide access to a range of protective investment solutions. Today, there are more than 30 leading global banks as active structured notes issuers, driving a five-fold increase in structured note deal volumes on Halo. The company also partnered with AllianzIM for buffered ETFs.

Halo was named one of the top ten most innovative fintechs in the world in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2021. The company was also named a top fintech to work for in 2021 by American Banker, won a Red Herring Top 100 North America Award, and ranked as a top finance company by Welp Magazine.




About Halo Investing
Halo Investing is the first multi-issuer technology platform for protective investment solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Zurich, Dubai, and Singapore, Halo was co-founded by Biju Kulathakal and Jason Barsema in 2015 with a mission to provide access to impactful investment opportunities previously unavailable to most investors. Through the Halo platform, advisors and investors can easily access structured notes, market-linked CDs, buffered ETFs, and annuities as well as a suite of tools to analyze, customize, execute, and manage the most suitable protective investment product for their portfolios. For more information, please visit: http://www.haloinvesting.com.