New Product Portfolio

Guardian Adds New Managed Account QDIA

Expands managed account options for small plan participants with Brinker Capital Destinations CIT portfolios

NEW YORK, N.Y., February 19, 2016 — As part of its commitment and dedication to deliver financial professionals and their clients flexible, customized investment solutions, Guardian is expanding the managed account options made available under The Guardian Choice® and The Guardian Advantage® funding vehicles.

Brinker Capital Destinations is a collective investment trust solution featuring five professionally managed risk-based portfolios, offering investment strategies ranging from conservative to aggressive that offer a blend of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Each portfolio utilizes a multi-asset class approach and targets a specific investment objective.

“Guardian is committed to helping our clients reach their long-term financial goals by offering a variety of investment options to address their diverse needs,” said Douglas Dubitsky, Vice President at Guardian Retirement Solutions™. “This new offering represents each organization’s strong commitment to provide multiple managed account QDIA options to the small plan market space and help participants reach their long-term investment goals.”

“We are proud of Destinations’ long-standing track record as a disciplined investment solution, and our 10-year anniversary as a Retirement Plan Services provider,” said Roddy Marino, EVP of National Accounts and Distribution at Brinker Capital. “Making our solution available through a large and prestigious partner such as Guardian significantly expands its availability to retirement plan investors.”

Brinker Capital’s five QDIA model portfolios feature an investment philosophy and discipline that provides:

  • Diversification through Brinker Capital’s six asset class investment approach
  • Active management and portfolio oversight
  • Core-satellite portfolio construction
  • Manager selection and extensive due diligence
a collective investment trust solution featuring five professionally managed risk-based portfolios

Brinker Capital acts as a 3(38) investment manager under ERISA guidelines and provides actively managed strategies as one of the plan’s QDIA.




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