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Going for the Gold...

New Book Clarifies Misconceptions Regarding the Ultimate Standard

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 3, 2015) – Veteran financial strategist William A. Storum recently published "Going for the Gold: Preserving Wealth, Lowering Taxes," in an effort to clarify today's role of gold, both in terms of investment and taxation.

"After years of excess spending in the United States, the bill is coming due," says Storum, an investment strategist who specializes in gold. "Thanks to our lawmakers in Washington, the national debt continues to soar as the Federal Reserve buys newly created debt from the U.S. Treasury.

The euphemism for this is called 'easing.' In reality, however, this is money creation, plain and simple. No printing presses are needed; all that's required is just a few computer key strokes." With more money in circulation, the dollar loses value and inflation will surge. As a result, Social Security and Medicare benefits will be pinched, and that's just a few of the consequences. "That's why a clear public understanding of gold is so crucial," Storum says.

In "Going for the Gold," readers discover the many ways to invest in gold: bullion and coins, gold stocks and mutual funds, gold royalty and streaming companies, ETFs, ETNs, traditional and Roth IRAs, annuities and life insurance. Also, the book features practical, how-to advice for: Using gold to preserve your net worth and achieving your financial goals. Slashing your exposure to increased inflation and higher taxes.

The euphemism for this is called 'easing.' In reality, however, this is money creation, plain and simple

Buying gold bullion and coins smartly without getting scammed. Successfully investing in gold mining stocks for the long-term. And much more regarding taxation and investment.


About William A. Storum
William A. Storum, JD, is a member of the California Bar Association (inactive) and a licensee (inactive) of the California Board of Accountancy. He has extensive experience in individual, corporate, real estate and partnership taxation and has represented clients in tax audits and other tax matters with the IRS.

As an investor, Storum came to understand the need to own gold in order to preserve wealth from our government's reach. He wrote "Going for the Gold," in an effort to clarify widespread confusion about investment in and taxation on gold. Storum graduated cum laude from the University of Santa Clara with a bachelor's degree in accounting with a minor in economics, and from the University of Santa Clara School of Law, cum laude.

For more on his book, vists www.goldandtax.com