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GoHealth Acquires Connected Benefits

Expands Technology Platform Into Group Market

Chicago, IL (Sept 6, 2016) – GoHealth, the leading health insurance technology and services platform, in July announced the acquisition of Connected Benefits, a provider of employee benefits management software and group health insurance solutions.

With Connected Benefits, GoHealth will now offer a seamless marketplace solution to address the growing health insurance needs of both individuals and employers.

In the United States, 90 percent of workers are at a company that offers health benefits to at least some employees. Average annual premiums are also rising at more than double the rate of employee wages, and individuals who do not have access to employer-sponsored coverage may struggle to afford it on their own. Employers and brokers need a platform that is easy to understand, quick to implement, and offers affordable employee health benefits.

“Employers are facing complex decisions when it comes to health care, so it’s the perfect time to deliver a seamless solution,” said Clint Jones, CEO of GoHealth. “Employers with 50 or more employees are required to offer health coverage, and those with less than 50 are trying to figure out if or how they should offer coverage. The GoHealth Marketplace helps them decide between group and individual benefits and identify which plans to offer based on individual employee needs.”

All-In-One technology platform

GoHealth’s new all-in-one technology platform will enable brokers to help employers establish employee benefit levels, access available tax subsidies, determine their employer contributions, offer voluntary products such as disability, and implement their chosen benefits quickly and accurately.

“When considering our future and the future of the health care industry, the choice to join the GoHealth team is a perfect fit,” said Bob Gaydos, CEO and Founder of Connected Benefits. “As a part of GoHealth, we can improve how small businesses offer benefits with easy access, pricing transparency, and fast implementation.”

a seamless marketplace solution to address the growing health insurance needs of both individuals and employers

“I’m confident that our innovative technology platform will help employers better navigate changes in the health care industry,” said Jones.




About GoHealth:
GoHealth is a Chicago-based company that powers, a private health insurance marketplace that has helped millions of consumers shop for coverage. With world-class technology and a team of licensed insurance advisors, GoHealth helps individuals and families obtain the right health insurance coverage. Working with 300 health insurance companies, GoHealth enables consumers to easily compare and shop for a variety of brand-name health plans. GoHealth provides plan recommendations and enrollment support by phone and online at no cost to consumers. In 2013, the GoHealth Marketplace became the first private exchange to enroll consumers in subsidized health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. In addition to powering a private marketplace, GoHealth licenses technology solutions and provides business process outsourcing services related to individual health insurance. GoHealth was founded in 2001. For more information visit, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.
About Connected Benefits:
Connected Benefits is a national insurance agency built entirely on the cloud, providing individuals, families and small businesses with the tools and support they need when it comes to selecting the right insurance and employee benefit products. Connected Benefits has access to health insurance carriers across the country, and has partnered with key ancillary carriers to bring even more benefit options and services to its clients. With the use of modern systems and technology, Connected Benefits offers consumers a unique, full-service benefit buying experience and year-round administrative support, including real-time access to licensed agents and experienced benefit professionals.