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Getting a Marketing Edge – With Cash Back

For submission to The Advisor (Life & Health Advisor) D2 Jan 19, 2018

Gene Leiberman

New technology. Decreasing commissions. Increasing costs. All combine to make growth and sustainability for agents and brokers tougher than ever before.

Pinnacle Communications, a global leader in loyalty and rewards programs, has collaborated with insurance industry pros to introduce a new way for agents and brokers to set themselves apart from the competition. Shopping & Benefits allows agents to offer a valuable, FREE service to their clients while increasing their revenue stream. All they have to do is do what they’re already doing – shop online.

What is Shopping & Benefits?
Shopping & Benefits is a cash back program that has been successfully used for more than 20 years. It has now been introduced into the insurance industry to allow agents and brokers to provide their customers with this FREE cash back program. Agents and brokers receive a commission on every purchase (customers and referrals) as well as their own purchases.

Why did you decide to enter the insurance market?
Shopping & Benefits can be used by agencies, agents and brokers that have customers or members who shop online. It’s natural for agents and brokers who want to provide new services for their clients while increasing their bottom line.

Where can my clients use their benefits?
Your clients will love the opportunity to save at popular stores such as the Gap, Barnes and Noble and Target and to participate in important lifestyle programs such as TurnKey ID solutions, Doctor on Call, Travel and Entertainment and more. With this program you can engage your customers, grow your business and increase revenues every time you – or your customers – shop.

How can I market Shopping & Benefits to my clients?
We provide co-branded portals and marketing materials including email templates, that you can customize with specifics about your business and distribute to your clients. A unique URL allows agents to provide links that can be used through social media to market all aspects of the program.

How can I increase my bottom line?
You will receive cash back on your purchases and you receive a percentage of all cash back received – by clients and referrals. Plus, your clients are more engaged with your business and referrals represent a new universe of prospects.

Gene Leiberman is National Benefits Director for Pinnacle Communications International. He can be reached at 917-747-7336 or