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FutureJet: Winning The Savings Game

MassMutual’s new video game promotes retirement savings, connects with the large population of Americans – especially  Millennials — who play

PR Newswire, ENFIELD, Conn., February 29, 2016 — As the number of adults who play video games equals or exceeds those who save for retirement, MassMutual is introducing a new way to promote retirement savings: a video game for smart phones and tablets.

The FUTUREJET game is available to download for free from the Apple App StoreSM and Google PlayTM app store to anyone who wants to play. The game is being promoted on MassMutual’s RetireSmartSM website for retirement plan savers with a YouTube-based demonstration video.

“Video gaming is a highly popular medium for adult Americans, especially younger adults,” said Heather Smiley, Chief Marketing Officer for MassMutual Retirement Services and Worksite Insurance. “Creating the FUTUREJET game helps us connect with more Americans in a fun way and promote the importance of saving, especially long-term savings for retirement.”

FUTUREJET allows players to fly characters with helmets and jetpacks through FUTUREJET City, whose lights are flickering out due to dwindling energy supplies. The object of the game is for players to collect power pods while flying over, under and around obstacles as fast as possible. Collecting the pods promotes two savings goals: fueling the players’ jetpacks to continue flying in the short term while conserving extra energy to power FutureCity in the long term.

Connecting with clients wherever, whatever

Gaming has continued to grow in popularity and now dominates the entertainment landscape, according to Smiley. MassMutual emphasizes connecting with its customers in whatever medium wherever they prefer, including the Internet, email, direct mail, individual and group meetings, and now video games, she said.

Increasingly, Americans prefer gaming. The Pew Research Center reported in December 2015 that 49 percent of American adults play video games on a computer, TV, game console or portable device such as a smartphone.1 The percentage of players is nearly identical for men (50 percent) as it is for women (48 percent), according to the Pew.

Two-thirds (67 percent) of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 – a significant portion of the Millennial population — are the most likely to say they play video games, Pew reports. Three-quarters (77 percent) of young men and three out of five (57 percent) young women play, according to the study.

it appears that more Americans may now play video games than save in an employer-sponsored retirement plan

Meanwhile, it appears that more Americans may now play video games than save in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. An analysis by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) of data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that 47.6 percent of Americans participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan2 – nearly two points below those who play video games. The data comes from the 2014 Current Population Survey, the latest available.

“There is no denying the popularity of video games. MassMutual has found that the more tightly we connect with the interests of our customers, the more successful we are in convincing them of the importance to save for retirement,” Smiley said. “Introducing a video game to promote retirement savings is the latest medium we are using to disseminate and underscore our message.”





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