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For Women In Financial Service: A Trailblazing Transformation

Defying stereotypes and transcending limitations

by Suzy Jacobs

Ms. Jacobs is Chief Operating Officer at Finseca. Visit

In a world filled with boundless potential and limitless capabilities, it is truly disheartening to witness the persistent underrepresentation of women in certain professions. Extensive research has shed light on the countless obstacles that impede women from establishing successful careers in male-dominated fields. One such obstacle is the exclusion from male-focused networks, which significantly restricts a woman’s access to invaluable opportunities
and resources.

Fortunately, despite the historical challenges, remarkable women have defied stereotypes and transcended limitations to become luminaries. Their stories remind us that tenacity and resilience have the power to reshape industries, breaking down glass ceilings and paving the way for future generations. These women looked at each hurdle laid in front of them and viewed it as an opportunity to transform those barriers into steppingstones.

Within the financial security profession, we have much to be excited about when it comes to the spirit of progress. Frankly, I think we’re quite unique. But even as we celebrate these milestones, we must acknowledge the journey that still lies ahead.

Currently, women make up more than half of the US population, yet their representation in the financial security profession remains low.  According to LIMRA, only 26% of the career channel and 17% of independent advisors are women. Even in the broader financial services profession, as reported by Barron’s, only 15-20% of women are advisors.

These statistics highlight the urgent need for change and the importance of creating a more inclusive and diverse industry. This requires us to embrace diversity and intentionally empower women to unlock the full potential of our society.

Front Row Seats To A Trasformation

Many of us have had a front row seat to a transformative movement taking shape. It is led by inspiring figures like President & CEO of Allianz Life Insurance, Jasmine Jirele, President & CEO of Thrivent, Teresa Rasmussen, and Retired President & CEO of John Hancock, Marianne Harrison, to name a few. These women have risen to the top of their fields but continue to actively break down barriers.

Finseca, an organization dedicated to achieving financial security for all, is at the forefront of this movement. Our Women’s Community is growing to be one of the largest groups of women in the profession. It’s a Community built by women for women. When we host events, our speakers are providing insights and sharing their expertise to help all women in this profession reach their maximum potential.

Our goal is to not only help women hone their skills but also to help to facilitate connections needed to build their female networks and grow their influence. The financial security profession needs to be focused on recruiting more women into this profession and making this profession worthy of the women who enter it.

We can counter the seemingly disheartening statistics about female financial advisory careers by showcasing the incredible opportunities available to women. We can attract and retain talented female professionals by giving voice to those who have paved the way...

Ultimately, if we’re to drive lasting change for women, we need to lay the foundation for women to be successful in their careers, and in our world, that means expanding and growing their businesses. Intentionality and awareness will lead to a greater highlighting of success stories and break stereotypes. And by highlighting these accomplishments, we are creating a path to a brighter future.

Change is indeed happening, and it is driven by the unwavering commitment of men and women leaders as well as organizations like Finseca. Together, we are creating an inclusive profession that thrives in the present and sets a strong foundation for the future. Gender diversity is not just a goal; it is an effort that must be brought to fruition. And when it’s a reality, we will all benefit from women contributing their unique perspectives to the financial security of millions of Americans.

For Women Today: Incredible Opportunities

We can counter the seemingly disheartening statistics about female financial advisory careers by showcasing the incredible opportunities available to women. We can attract and retain talented female professionals by giving voice to those who have paved the way. And our transformation can occur now that we’re fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, provides mentorship and development opportunities, and amplifies the voices of women all across in the financial security profession.

It is time to break down the barriers and dismantle the stereotypes that have held women back for far too long. We believe in a future where women not only excel but truly flourish in the financial security profession. This work – together – will shape our industry to not only attracts females but also to empower them to make a significant impact in the world.

In our collective quest to empower and uplift women in the financial security profession, it is imperative that we embrace our roles as catalysts for change, architects of hope, and pioneers of a more inclusive and prosperous future. Together, we will transcend boundaries and revolutionize the landscape of this industry, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of every individual or family we serve. It’s our hope that we can unite, inspire, and empower one another, as we embark on this transformative journey towards a brighter and more equitable tomorrow.




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