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Finseca Announces Strategic Partnership With Succession Capital Alliance

Joining forces to advance financial security for all

Washington, D.C. May 21, 2024– Finseca is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Succession Capital Alliance. This partnership will build on the strong momentum Finseca has shown since its inception to drive better outcomes and greater relevance not only across the financial security profession but also with policymakers and our consumers.

“We are thrilled that Succession Capital Alliance is joining our efforts as a strategic partner,” said Marc Cadin, CEO of Finseca. “We must continue to strengthen our collective voice and enhance our ability to shape smart policies that support the more than 90 million American families that depend on holistic financial planning for their family’s unique financial security needs and the tens of millions of Americans who still don’t have access to advice.”

“I am very proud to have joined Finseca in a bigger way, as a strategic partner,” said Julian Movsesian, CEO of Succession Capital Alliance. “After 20+ years in the insurance industry, this is my way of paying it forward. Together we will continue to elevate, educate, and advocate for our industry so we can all continue to provide the highest level of expertise and services to our clients.”




About Finseca
At Finseca, we know that financial security improves people’s lives and protects their livelihoods and future wellbeing. We are rising to the challenge of increasing financial security for all. Finseca represents the men and women of the financial security profession who dedicate themselves to delivering financial security to their clients every day.
About Succession Capital Alliance
Succession Capital, headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, is the gold standard in advanced life insurance planning for advisors and their high-net-worth clients. With a singular focus on maximizing the performance of life insurance assets through Premium Financing, SCA leverages the Capital Maximization Strategy to provide leverage within a client’s portfolio.
For additional information on CMS – Succession Capital Alliance, please visit,, or call 949-794-1882


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