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Finding Winners In A Losing Market

Strategies from 9 asset managers that made money this year

The Wealth Advisor’s “winners list” uncovers 40 investment strategies from asset managers who found themselves on the right side of the market. View the winners list here.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Following a significant decline in equity market performance in the first four months of 2022, The Wealth Advisor has published a “winners list” of 40 model portfolio and separately managed account (SMA) strategies that have outperformed the market. The 40 strategies from nine asset managers performed better than 90% of the strategists in the investment management industry.

The top 40 winner’s list is a Q1-2022 update to the first edition of The Wealth Advisor’s comprehensive Model Portfolio & SMA Strategists Guide and Digital Dashboard, an online resource of more than 400 model portfolios and SMAs managing $40 billion in assets, launched in February and available at no cost to accredited financial advisors.

In Wall Street’s gloomiest Spring since 1939, these 40 investment models defied the storm and actually made money for their clients

  • Finding winning investment strategies in an extremely volatile market is proving difficult for many financial advisors and wealth managers
  • Only a few visionary traditional and boutique asset managers have figured out how to beat the bear market compared to thousands of others
  • Financial advisors can find these winning strategies and connect with partners instantly at

According to the industry’s primary tracking service of record, Morningstar Direct, the average return among all SMAs and model portfolios during Q1 2022 was .43 – compared to The Wealth Advisor’s winners list average return of 3.29. The Q1-2022 model portfolio and SMA top 40 includes winning strategies from:

  • BlackRock
  • Brinker Capital
  • Clark Capital
  • Donoghue Forlines
  • Flexible Plan
  • Invesco
  • iSectors
  • Morningstar
  • Schafer Cullen

Scott Martin, editor-in-chief of The Wealth Advisor, said: “Making any money whatsoever in the financial markets this year is impressive, and our top 40 winners are the firms that are on the right side of the market. With other giants remarkably absent from the, we salute these firms for their expertise in finding opportunities across several common themes: dividends, inflation hedges, precious metals, real estate, and liquid alternatives. When advisors view their risk and performance data, they’ll see how it is indeed possible to make money right now and quickly get on the right track.”

Key highlights:

  • Invesco delivered a 21% return with a focused MLP portfolio
  • iSectors’s five models in the top 40 minimize correlations and time the right sectors
  • BlackRock’s strategies focused on Canadian oil and other inflation-hedging commodities
  • Donoghue Forlines and Schafer Cullen focused on dividend portfolios
  • Brinker Capital and Clark found the right liquid alternatives
  • Flexible Plan applied a dynamic reallocation program
  • Morningstar managed specialized dividend, smaller-cap and “tortoise” strategies

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