Financial Services Best Practices Awards

The 2014 Monitor Award Winners in the Annuity, Asset Management,
Banking, Brokerage, Credit Card, Insurance and Retirement Plans

New York, February 10, 2015 – Corporate Insight, the leading provider of competitive intelligence and user experience research to the financial services industry, announced today the release of its 2014 Monitor Awards. For more than 15 years, Corporate Insight has presented Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to recognize the best and most innovative financial services firms for their digital offerings in the annuity, asset management, banking, brokerage, credit card, insurance and retirement plan industries.

Corporate Insight’s Monitor teams use rigorous grading criteria to review key online resources across over 100 financial services firms’ websites. Through these assessments, the firm highlights leaders in a number of different areas including site navigation, information accessibility, alert centers, advisor resources and interactive tools, among others. “The digital landscape is always evolving.

To provide a best-in-class experience, it’s crucial that financial institutions continue to innovate each year,” says Dana Peterson, Vice President of Monitor Services. “Our Monitor Awards not only give deserved recognition to companies that excel, but also offer a clear view of the industry’s best practices, which helps our clients set their development priorities for the year ahead and beyond.”

2014 Gold Monitor Award Winners

Gold Monitor Awards are presented for digital features that offer comprehensive services and exceptional usability. Corporate Insight would like to recognize the following nine companies who received the highest number of Gold Monitor Awards in their respective industry segments in 2014:

  • Advisor Monitor Awards
    – Lord Abbett
  • Life Insurance Monitor Awards
    – The Principal
  • Annuity Monitor Awards
    – Jackson National
  • Mutual Fund Monitor Awards
    – Fidelity
  • Bank Monitor Awards
    – Citibank
  • Property & Casualty Monitor Awards
    – Allstate
  • Credit Card Monitor Awards
    – Citicards
    – Discover
  • Retirement Plan Monitor Awards
  • e-Monitor Awards (Online Brokerage)
    – Fidelity

A Look Back at 2014 Financial services firms made many changes to their digital capabilities in 2014, rebranding and updating existing content while also introducing new tools. Several firms unveiled complete revamps on either their public or private sites. Nationwide and Liberty Mutual streamlined their private sites with enhanced navigation and responsive design, while Capital One and Citizens Bank overhauled their public sites. AXA, Athene and Voya all re-launched their public, private and advisor sites due to name changes and rebranding, incorporating intuitive navigation and customization options.

To provide a best-in-class experience, it’s crucial that financial institutions continue to innovate each year

In updating their websites, firms in multiple industries also focused on security. Vanguard, UBS, Raymond James, Charles Schwab and Santander all upgraded security features to protect clients’ information, in part responding to major breaches in 2014. Innovations included Vanguard’s Voice Verification service and Santander’s One-Time Passcode authentication for verification of higher-limit transfers.

Another notable trend was the introduction of new website tools and calculators. Fidelity, Janus, American Funds, Voya and The Principal launched retirement planners to assist clients in understanding, projecting and examining their savings. Advances in advisor tools were also widespread, with many firms ensuring that tools were both mobile and web-compatible.

Finally, Corporate Insight saw innovation among mobile application functions, particularly among credit card issuers and property and casualty insurers. Of note, Discover launched a Google Glass app about nine months before the demise of the Glass platform, while State Farm introduced an object recognition feature into its app that allows users to take a photograph of the other driver’s vehicle, thus expediting claim submissions.

“Corporate Insight’s Monitor research continues to provide a unique and exceptionally detailed view of the customer experience,” says Michael Ellison, president of Corporate Insight. “As a result, our clients receive objective, competitive intelligence that inspires continuous innovation.” Additional information on Corporate Insight’s Monitor Awards is available here


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