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Financial Advisors Can Now Become Certified Wealth Mentors

New program significantly expands an advisor’s knowledge, improving client interactions and outcomes

ATLANTA, June 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International has introduced a new Certified Wealth Manager program to significantly expand financial advisors’ knowledge and use of the company’s established performance model, behavioral insight tools and a fintech platform. It says it’s rolling out the program with three levels, enabling any size firm to choose the program that best suits their advisors.

At the core of the Bronze, Silver and Gold certification packages is DNA Behavior’s behavioral finance platform, Financial DNA. It is an online tool that helps financial advisors and their clients maximize communication, while identifying their risk profile, behavioral biases, spending patterns and goals-based planning preferences through a 10-minute, 46-question process that can be taken on most any device from a smartphone or tablet to a desktop.

Missing Client Needs?

“While more and more advisors and clients are embracing behavioral finance solutions, virtually all ‘traditional’ domains of financial planning miss the needs of a large number of clients,” says Hugh Massie, CEO of DNA Behavior. “That gap is half about financial literacy and half about behavioral changes. Certified Wealth Mentors will be best positioned to help their clients close that gap, more comprehensively addressing their planning needs and doing so more efficiently.”

The Bronze certification program is for advisors wishing to identify the behavioral style and risk profile of clients and their significant other, with pricing starting at $725 per month/per advisor. The Silver program of Wealth Mentor Process Training is for an advisory office that wants to identify the behavioral style and risk profile of clients, and also delves into client risk profile, behavioral biases and talents. The Gold Practice Management Program includes all facets of the Silver program and is for established practices that provide comprehensive financial and holistic life planning advice (spanning financial planning, retirement, insurance, estate, taxes, investments and philanthropy).

Beyond Risk-Tolerance

virtually all 'traditional' domains of financial planning miss the needs of a large number of clients

“Financial DNA goes far beyond risk-tolerance surveys, using validated methodology to identify things like how likely a client is to delegate financial planning, how likely a client is to save/spend, how a client sets/pursues goals, and how emotional will a client become, for instance, in the face of market upswings and downswings,” says Massie, who is a pioneer in the practical application of behavioral insights.

Financial DNA training programs for financial advisors, including a November CWM opportunity, can be found here.
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