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Female Investors Are Taking Control of Finances, Tapping Social Circles for Advice

And they are warming up to crypto: 41% are currently invested and 41% plan to increase their crypto holdings

New research from social investment site eToro reveals new attitudes toward long term financial security. Visit

HOBOKEN, N.J., Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Female investors are taking charge of their investments now and for the long-term, new data from eToro reveals. The social investing network’s survey of 1,000 female investors in the US found that 38% of women are in full control of their household finances, with a primary goal of establishing long-term financial security.

A third (33%) of female investors say their investing strategy is 10 years or longer. Still, women approach their investments actively and often, with 44% depositing new funds into their investment accounts each month.

New Data

  • More than 1 in 3 female investors have full control over household finances.
  • 52% of female US investors rely on friends and family for advice when making investment decisions.
  • Equities make up the majority (53%) of female investor’s portfolios.

Confident Female Investors are Choosing Crypto

The survey also found that crypto is moving into the center of women’s investment strategies. Domestic equities currently top investment choices for 53% of female investors, with crypto assets, at 41%, a close second.

In the US, female investors are also remarkably confident about their financial futures – 79% of respondents believe they will achieve their retirement goals using their current investment approach. When evaluating investments, female investors are flocking to tech – globally and within the United States.

eToro’s US Markets Analyst, Callie Cox, comments: “It’s wonderful to see women taking greater control of their financial paths and on their own terms. The past few years have been particularly challenging for markets, and with volatility on-going, it’s promising to see the majority of female investors staying level-headed and maintaining a long-term approach to their portfolios.”

COVID-19 Anxieties Still Linger For Many Female Investors

In the US, female investors are also remarkably confident about their financial futures - 79% of respondents believe they will achieve their retirement goals using their current investment approach...

Despite high confidence levels, most female investors admit the effects of the pandemic have had an impact on their financial habits, and nearly half (48%) say they have less disposable income as a result.

Challenges don’t end at the pandemic, however – nearly a third (27%) of female investors say that knowing what to invest in is often the biggest challenge.

For Women, Investing is Inherently Social

When evaluating investment opportunities, more than half (52%) of women in the United States turn to friends and family for advice when making investment decisions – and for them, this is just another part of household management.

Women are also increasingly responsible for the management of household finances in higher numbers than ever before – 1 in 3 female investors surveyed have full control of their household’s financial management, and fully three in four (76%) of women regard investing as a primary part of their role in household financial management.

The way to get more women involved in investing? Representation, of course. Over half (53%) of women say more female representation would help other women get started in investing.



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