eMoney Advisor Adds Educational Content To Its Mobile App, Incentive

Other new features include expanded challenge categories to influence spending and saving behavior and an enhanced home screen

eMoney Advisor’s Incentive combines financial education with actionable steps, putting users in control of their financial health

Radnor, PA – Sept. 23, 2021 – eMoney Advisor (eMoney), a leading provider of technology solutions and services that help people talk about money, today introduced new features to its financial planning and wellness mobile application – Incentive – including the addition of financial educational content, expanded challenge categories, and an enhanced home screen. Launched in early 2021, Incentive is available through advisors seeking to scale their business and increase engagement with retirement plan participants and sponsors. These new features facilitate deeper engagement and help inspire users to change their behavior.

With new educational content now available in the app, users can learn about the financial topics that matter most to them – right at their fingertips – and explore relevant and timely articles from a trusted source. Topics include strategies for paying down debt; preparing for emergencies; common money mistakes; successful saving tips; and risk tolerance, among others. Additionally, participants can connect their financial accounts within Incentive so they can view their top spending categories and learn where to save.

According to Cerulli[1], the success of a financial wellness program is contingent on its ability to drive participant actions. To supplement the education available in the app, Incentive provides weekly challenges that encourage users to spend less in a specific category. The challenges are trackable and offer insights into savings.

Education & Action

“For employers and retirement plan advisors, technology that combines education and action is critical for engagement,” said Chad Porche, VP of product innovation at eMoney. “Incentive serves as the source for financial knowledge and empowers users to take actionable steps that steer their financial health in the right direction.”

To elevate their experience and gain additional insight, users who want to discuss their finances or ask specific questions have access to a financial professional with just one click. These personalized planning elements can help providers forge advice relationships with plan participants, according to Cerulli[2]. By establishing trust and providing holistic guidance, firms can position themselves to service participants outside the workplace retirement plan.

To learn more about Incentive, visit emoneyadvisor.com/Incentive.




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