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A Digital Account-Review Appoinment?

CLS Investments to Offer Quarterly Video Statements
for Financial Advisors to Use in Client Reporting

OMAHA, NE–(Marketwired – October 31, 2014) -CLS Investments’ personalized video statements are available on digital and mobile platforms and include a review of the individual’s portfolio movements throughout the quarter, the most notable market activity from the previous quarter, and how CLS reacted to said activity.

The tool will bring financial advisors a new dimension to their client reports and, in turn, will help clients understand the context of their written quarterly statement, including market analysis of previous quarter, CLS’ reaction and the effect on portfolios.
CLS Investments, LLC (“CLS”), a third party money manager and a leading manager of exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), has unveiled video statements as a new client-facing tool for financial advisors. By developing a new, personalized video statement format, CLS aims to position at the forefront of what will certainly be the norm for how investors expect to receive information.

Video statements offer a brief overview of the most notable market activity from the previous quarter, how CLS reacted, and the subsequent effect on portfolios. CLS’s Chief Strategist, Scott Kubie acts as narrator while the individual clients’ portfolio appears on the screen, showing start of quarter balance compared to the end of quarter balance. These videos are now available to all CLS clients that log-in to their account and will act a supplement to their traditional, detailed statement.

“CLS’ objective is to lead the way towards the new frontier of financial advisor to client communications,” said Scott Kubie, Chief Strategist at CLS. “With the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices and demands on investors’ time, clients shouldn’t be looking to ‘find time’ to review their statements but instead, should be compelled to engage, receiving them in an easily digestible format whenever and wherever they want.”

The Power of Video

A variety of different studies confirm the power of video content and an individual’s preference for it as a more engaging medium. A Google/Forbes Insight study found that 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text. And according to research by Mayer and Anderson, by using video, you increase the viewers’ comprehension by 74%.

59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text

“We partner with financial advisors daily at CLS and have heard their concerns in communicating market activity and portfolio updates to their clients in a method that is convenient, but also allows for retention,” said Todd Clarke, CEO of CLS. “Use of video as a primary source for gathering information isn’t just about convenience, it is about understanding. We remain dedicated to providing value to clients via their trusted financial advisors.”

CLS’ video statements are the company’s latest effort to make financial advisory clients’ online experience more usable and effective. In coming months, CLS’ client portal will undergo a complete redesign of the functionality and features for its financial advisor clients. With a simpler, modern new look, advisors will be able to communicate more effectively with their clients, and give them a complete snapshot of all their assets, whether managed by the advisor or not.

A sample statement can be viewed here:


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