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NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Expressing gratitude and appreciation to clients on a consistent basis is a huge differentiator for your business according to Michael F. Sciortino, Sr., author of the best-selling book “Gratitude Marketing.”

“My mission is to help others show gratitude more consistently to those they serve. However, the right kind of consistent communication is key. If you want your business to continue to grow, start by thanking the clients who are already doing business with you. The appetite for a sincere thank you is unlimited,” Sciortino said.

“Gratitude Marketing is a movement away from pushy sales tactics and toward engaging and connecting with people in a personal, authentic, human-to-human manner. It is a movement toward meaningful long-term relationships that positively impact clients’ lives,” he said.

A resonant message

Sciortino’s book was written for financial advisors but is full of nuggets that can and will help anyone with marketing strategies based on timeless principles related to valuing people.”

Sciortino’s January 13 presentation will highlight proven, consistent ways to communicate to top clients and prospects that will help you increase client retention, increase referrals and increase revenues in the New Year. He will also show advisors how to position themselves as a trusted resource in their community by creating a strong differentiating marketing message.

“I’ve observed over the years that the most successful financial consultants are oftentimes the “greatest givers” to their clients and their communities. They realize that gratitude is often unexpected but is always welcomed,” said Sciortino.

3 Keys to Success

Gratitude Marketing Expert Michael Sciortino’s 3 Keys to Success for Financial Advisors

Sciortino says financial advisors can stand out, stand apart and stand above if they commit to the following:

  • When you give, many times you discount the enormous impact of your gratitude on your clients that often outlives you. His book is full of many proven ideas to help you do this. One small act can make a big difference. Make this a daily habit.
  • When you express gratitude consistently, you receive more that you would ever think possible. Your client’s trust is earned through your integrity and consistency of your actions. As the old saying goes, “plan your work, and work your plan.” Expressing gratitude is no different. Plan it out day by day and week by week.
  • When you make gratitude a constant in your business, you begin to see opportunities in the everyday events and occurrences of your life. This year, keep your eyes open to these possibilities that will allow you to have an even greater impact on your clients’ lives.
I've observed over the years that the most successful financial consultants are oftentimes the "greatest givers" to their clients and their communities



“Mike Sciortino has written a terrific book about building and keeping a loyal clientele. ‘Gratitude Marketing’ is an easy read. Short — but impactful — the book offers the kind of common sense advice that is too often taken for granted. Using the methods Sciortino developed during his years as a professional in the financial services business will have a positive effect on your business,” said Tilghman G. Pitts III, former chairman of Oppenheimer Funds Distributors, the sales and marketing subsidiary of Oppenheimer Funds.

Sciortino will deliver a presentation on January 13 to the clients of RME360, a Tampa based company that for 20 years has helped financial professionals including RIAs, Registered Reps and Life/Annuity producers create new business opportunities in their local markets.

“Gratitude Marketing brings what we do full circle,” said Robert Wilgus, director of marketing at RME360.

“Your conscious effort to express gratitude and appreciation will soon become a regular part of your daily routine. So, step forward, maybe even out of your comfort zone, and make it happen in 2016,” Sciortino said.




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Mike Sciortino is a keynote speaker, trainer and founder and CEO of Gratitude Marketing, a firm dedicated to sharing the most time-tested, proven and cost effective marketing strategies to help you grow your business through nurturing meaningful long-term relationships.
Mike recently released Amazon Best Seller, “Gratitude Marketing: How You Can Create Clients For Life By Using 33 Simple Secrets From Successful Financial Advisors.”
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