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Codifying Consistency

The #1 marketing mistake advisors make

by Morgan Mynatt

Ms. Mynatt is a marketing specialist with Tennessee Brokerage Agency, in Knoxville, Tn. Visit

It’s no secret that marketing is important and crucial for any business. The reality is that creating a plan and executing it can feel overwhelming and time-consuming.

The number one mistake that advisors make when investing in, or “doing” marketing is failing to be consistent.

A consumer or prospect – and even a current client – must see a message at least seven times before they will consider acting on it.

As an advisor, or a marketer in this industry, it can feel uninspiring and even repetitive when you use a message more than a couple of times, but the reality is it may be the very first time that your target market sees and absorbs it.

Here are some tips and tools that will help you obtain and maintain an effective marketing strategy:

Effective messaging is emotional messaging.

When it comes to life insurance, you have the emotional trigger built-in, you just must build your marketing around those that get people to act.

Using messages that play on the emotions of the target audience can not only get them to notice but also convert them into a client. Some ways to do this include:

  • Use the real-life stories of families you have helped and how the coverage impacted them.
  • Communicating the affordability of coverage, as well as the financial consequences for their families if they don’t have it.

Visuals create impact and recall.

Your messages will fall flat without an enticing and appealing visual to accompany them. According to Brain Rules author John Medina, people remember visual information six times better than information they have read or heard.

When creating images, or even considering an image for social media, it is key to include the most enticing part of that message in your visual. Some of the visual inclusions that have repeatedly resulted in conversions are relevant statistics, graphic illustrations of a message, and quotes that cause a person to pause and think.

Some easy-to-use graphic creation software includes Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud Express, and LifeHappens has pre-made materials that already include key messages you are likely already using.

Scheduling is the key to success.

To avoid the number one mistake of marketing – failure to maintain consistency – scheduling is crucial to combating this.

You can create all your content ahead of time, and then schedule it across your email and social media platforms.

The best practice is to create quarterly content calendars, which allow you to map out the messages you want and gives you the time to communicate it at least seven times. Although this can feel time-consuming upfront, it allows you to free up that daily time you spend deciding (or forgetting) to post, as well as to measure the impact it has on what prospects and clients come to you for.

Most social media and email platforms allow you to schedule directly within them now, however for one location for all social media you can use a free online software like Hootsuite.

Whether you choose to take on the marketing yourself, delegate the responsibilities to someone in your office, or even outside of it, the proof remains that for your marketing to be effective it must be consistent.