The Savings Gap

‘Climate Right’ for Expanding Use of Multiple Employer Plans

Addressing the retirement savings-gap; A model plan for small employers

May 07, 2015 — WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prudential Retirement has issued its latest white paper “Multiple Employer Plans: Expanding Retirement Savings Opportunities,” at an Aspen Initiative on Financial Security in Washington, D.C.

Prudential Retirement started a fresh dialogue about the retirement coverage gap currently facing millions of Americans working for small employers. Prudential Retirement is a business unit of Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU).  Multiple employer plans (MEPs)—single plans providing benefits to the employees of two or more employers—have been utilized successfully for years by trade associations and professional employee organizations.

Unfortunately, current laws discourage or prevent most small employers from taking advantage of them. “Ignoring the current retirement coverage gap is a disservice to millions of hardworking Americans who need help preparing for retirement,” said Jaime Kalamarides, senior vice president, Institutional Investment Solutions, Prudential Retirement and one of the authors of the paper.

Improving Retirement Outcomes

“Making it easier for small employers to participate in MEPs would go a long way toward improving retirement outcomes.” “We are encouraged by the bipartisan support in both houses of the U.S. Congress for improving small employer access to MEPs,” said Prudential Financial’s Robert Doyle, vice president, Government Affairs.

“While a variety of solutions are possible, there appears to be a growing consensus that expanding MEP access could play a significant role in bringing retirement savings opportunities to millions more working Americans.

Prudential’s paper outlines features that a model multiple employer plan – or MEP – might incorporate, including:

  • Automatic enrollment of employees and automatic escalation of employee contributions
  • Automatic deferral of employee contributions into an investment option designed to preserve principal. After four years, contributions would be made to a qualified default investment alternative, such as a target-date fund
  • A lifetime income solution among the plan’s investment and/or distribution options
  • Streamlined administration through standardized plan design
  • Clear delineation of fiduciary and administrative responsibilities, ensuring that each plan is managed in the best interests of its participants and beneficiaries, with those responsibilities assumed by benefit and investment professionals rather than participating employers.
Making it easier for small employers to participate in MEPs would go a long way toward improving retirement outcomes

Prudential Retirement’s Bennett Kleinberg, vice president, Institutional Investment Solutions and the third author of “Multiple Employer Plan: Expanding Retirement Savings Opportunities,” said that “revamping current rules will not only help to close the retirement coverage gap, it will improve savings opportunities by affording employees of small employers access to professionally managed, institutionally priced retirement programs funded via convenient payroll deduction,” Kleinberg added.

“Employee access to retirement savings opportunities in workplace also makes small employers more competitive with larger employers who can more easily assume the costs and responsibilities associated with sponsoring a retirement plan.”



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