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Careers Economist Identifies Concerns for State of American Workforce

What’s Ahead? A Decade’s Worth of Challenges…

With a new U.S. Jobs Study revealing that “tectonic changes are reshaping U.S. workplaces as the economy moves deeper into the knowledge-focused age” amid the stark reality that lifelong skills development and training have evolved into mandatory, mission-critical facets of one’s sustained career success, it’s clear the 4th Industrial Revolution (i.e., the age of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics) has ushered in a brave new workplace.

One reportedly prompting a “society-wide reckoning” relative to skills proliferation and other key next-gen concerns. And, rightly so, as the only thing constant in today’s tumultuous job market is change. We are entering an unprecedented economic era rife with peril and opportunity, alike.

Enter jobs economy analyst, personal branding coach, visionary and futurist Larry Boyer, President of Success Rockets LLC—a firm uniquely helping people and businesses anticipate, prepare and respond to the volatile and dynamic changes caused by disruptive technologies, economic turbulence and omnipresent business failures by building “the business of you.”

Braoder economic shifts

He notes, “A recent White House report, Preparing For The Future of Artificial Intelligence, acknowledges that artificial intelligence will likely increase productivity and create wealth, but it may also affect particular types of jobs in different ways, reducing demand for certain skills that can be automated while increasing demand for other skills that are complementary to AI. However, artificial intelligence is only one component of the broader economic shift that the World Economic Forum has termed ‘the 4th Industrial Revolution’ where, over the course of the next few years and lasting decades, we will see fundamental transformation in industries, businesses and careers.”

“While policy makers and business leaders talk about how new jobs will offset those lost due to technological change, what’s missed are the impacts to individuals suffering those job losses,” Boyer urges. “People losing jobs to technology will not easily find work comparable to their prior positions and, as we already see, the new jobs created often go unfilled due to skills gaps. In today’s fast-changing business climate driven by digital transformation, career-minded professionals must have a long-term business plan for themselves, helping them adapt every single day to not only to thrive, but even just survive.” Boyer warns that executives must do a better job of “democratizing” mentoring. Most companies do mentoring ad-hoc upon employee request on an individual basis. With increasing concerns over corporate cutbacks, companies must do more to develop their workforce and ensure they are being trained to make a valuable contribution as the economy continues its meteoric shift towards more efficient technology solutions.

artificial intelligence will likely increase productivity and create wealth, but it may also affect particular types of jobs in different ways

With this in mind, Boyer is available for interviews and byline editorials on an array of workplace, career, and job market trends and topics (both current affairs and evergreen), as well as a myriad of personal branding and self-marketing subjects, offering key insights to foster continuous career achievement. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

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About the Expert
Success Rockets LLC President and career futurist Larry Boyer advises individuals, businesses and governments. Boyer is dedicated to helping America’s workforce awaken to the realities of the role technology is playing and learning how to evolve and build “the business of you.” Boyer helps people develop and execute a strategy that allows them to be differentiated enough in the workforce that they will survive any innovation and become what he has labeled as “technology proof.”
His work has integrated the worlds of business analytics, personal development and career coaching to help accelerate the success of individuals, teams and business. With over 15 years of experience leading innovative quantitative analysis teams, Larry brings a unique perspective, rigor and concise, no-nonsense approach to career development strategies and entrepreneurialism to his training and coaching clients.
Uniquely applying his skills that span disciplines as diverse as quantitative methods, information technology, economics and personal motivation and coaching, Boyer addresses some of the most challenging problems businesses and governments face by designing models, making connections and gaining insight into complex and dynamic systems of human interaction.