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Small Business Owners No Longer Need to Wonder How Much Their Business Is Worth

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Of the 27.9 million small business owners in America, an estimated 75% of them do not know how much their business is worth.

Larger companies routinely get business valuations to evaluate insurance needs, seek financing, or plan for a potential sale. Small business owners, however, are often in the dark as to how much their business is worth.

Advantage Business Valuations, a new service offered by Seattle-based business brokerage firm Advantage Commercial Brokers, is on a mission to help small business owners discover the value of their business.

“Formal business valuations typically cost $3,000 to $40,000, which is out of the price range for most small business owners,” stated Aaron Muller, founder of Advantage Business Valuations.

“By offering business valuations geared towards small business owners for a fraction of the cost, we hope to empower small business owners to discover their business value and make more informed financial decisions.”

Designed with small business owners in mind, Advantage Business Valuations is different from traditional business valuations in the following ways:

Formal business valuations typically cost $3,000 to $40,000, which is out of the price range for most small business owners


1. A focus on financial recasting
Many small business owners do not keep accurate books or intentionally minimize their net income to minimize tax obligations. Valuing a small business requires a number of adjustments to be made on the company financials to reflect the true market value of the business.

2. Personalized attention
Small business owners often need more handholding than large business owners do. A dedicated business valuation advisor will guide the small business owner throughout the process and answer any burning questions.

3. Streamlined process
Unlike big businesses with many employees, small business owners often wear many hats and are busy running the business. The streamlined business valuation process is designed to save the amount of time required from the business owner so any interruptions to daily business operations are minimized.

4. Confidentiality
In most cases, small business owners get a business valuation because they are thinking about selling their business or getting rid of a partner. The business valuation advisors are trained to maintain absolute confidentiality so that no one finds out a business valuation is being conducted.

5. Flexible pricing
Unlike large businesses that need certified, extensive business valuation reports to meet the reporting requirements to their shareholders and Board of Directors, a small business owner may simply want to know the price the business could probably sell for in today’s market. By offering various valuation options depending on how extensive the report is and whether the report is to be used in court testimony, Advantage Business Valuations makes business valuations affordable for small business owners.

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About Advantage Business Valuations
Advantage Business Valuations is a new division of Advantage Commercial Brokers, Inc., a Seattle-based business brokerage firm. Founded by Aaron Muller who has valued thousands of small businesses as a business broker, Advantage Business Valuations provides small business owners across the United States an easy and affordable way to discover the value of their business.