Calculate- Shun?

A Decade Later, Workers No More Likely to Calculate Retirement Needs

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Nearly half of workers age 45 and older have not tried to calculate how much money they will need to have saved by the time they retire so that they can live comfortably in retirement—and that’s pretty much how things stood a decade ago.

Statistically, workers are no more likely to have done this calculation in 2013 than in 2003, according to 
the 2013 Retirement Confidence Survey, though the likelihood of trying to do a retirement savings needs 
calculation increases with age. One thing that has changed: Workers of all ages appear to be planning to retire 
later, on average, than 
similarly aged 
workers were in 2003. 
In particular, the 
percentage planning 
to retire at age 66 or 
older has increased 
significantly for every 
age group, except the 

Additional findings 
from the 2013 
Confidence Survey 
are available online here.
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