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Bullish Sentiment Bucked Back from Two-Year Low

Despite a growing trade war, investors believe market performance will end the quarter in positive territory

July 13, 2018 — NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–E*TRADE Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ETFC) today announced results from the most recent wave of StreetWise, the E*TRADE quarterly tracking study of experienced investors. Results indicate an increase in positive investor sentiment since last quarter:

Bullish sentiment increased to 57%, a 5 percentage point jump from Q2’18 and a 3 percentage point decline from Q3’17.

More than half believe the market will rise this quarter, up 6 percentage points from Q2’18 and down 9 percentage points from Q3’17.

Over half of investors believe the US economy is healthy enough for at least one rate hike in the third quarter, down 1 percentage points from both Q2’18 and Q3’17.

No shortage of market worries

“Investors today have no shortage of market worries, with geopolitical tensions, trade escalations, expected rate increases, and a fair dose of market volatility all contributing to a general uneasiness,” commented Mike Loewengart, VP of Investment Strategy at E*TRADE Financial. “But in spite of all of this, it’s encouraging to see investors balance the negative headlines with the positive data coming from recent economic reports, suggesting many may be shrugging off the drama in favor of focusing on economic fundamentals.”

The survey also explored retail investors’ thoughts about potential investing opportunities for the third quarter of 2018:

  • IT
    Interest in IT continued into the current quarter, with 45% of surveyed respondents again drawn to the sector. Following a recent pullback in the sector, investors may be pursuing bargain opportunities on stocks that saw historically high valuations earlier in the year.
  • Energy
    The energy sector largely rebounded to where it started the year, and investors seem to be paying attention, as 43% of the population expressed interest. The sector has increased in popularity since Q2, and surveyed investors continued to rate it high in potential this quarter compared to other sectors.
  • Health care
    41% of all investors believe the health care sector offers potential in Q3. Although down 4 percentage points from the previous quarter, investor interest remains strong, as many tend to view it as a defensive player that lacks the sensitivity to interest rate hikes that other defensive sectors like telecom and utilities may face.

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Referenced Data

When it comes to the current market are you?
How do you predict the market will end this quarter?
Rise 20%2%2%2%2%1%
Rise 15%5%3%7%6%3%
Rise 10%13%11%18%16%14%
Rise 5%32%30%50%42%43%
Stay basically where it is23%17%14%17%21%
Drop 5%17%21%7%11%13%
Drop 10%6%12%2%4%4%
Drop 15%1%3%0%2%0%
Drop 20%1%1%0%0%1%
Is the US economy healthy enough for the Fed to enact additional rate hikes this quarter?
Agree (Top 2 Box)57%58%66%59%58%
Strongly agree16%17%20%17%14%
Somewhat agree41%41%46%42%44%
Neither agree nor disagree27%25%25%27%24%
Somewhat disagree13%13%7%12%15%
Strongly disagree3%4%2%2%3%
Disagree (Bottom 2 Box)16%17%9%14%18%
What industries do you think offer the most potential this quarter? (Top three)
Information technology45%44%45%46%45%
Health care41%46%41%43%41%
Telecommunication services27%24%23%27%24%
Consumer staples19%24%17%20%20%
Consumer discretionary19%18%15%16%16%




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