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BondView Announces Free Liquidity Tools

A Collection Of Tools For Spotting Liquidity Risk and Other Trends Across the Entire Municipal Bond Market

ROSLYN HEIGHTS, N.Y., Sept. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — BondView announces a free collection of tools for spotting liquidity risk and other trends across the municipal bond market, empowering retail and professional investors with precise market intelligence.

BondView’s Trends Page features real time information across five areas: 1) Bond Liquidity Ratings, 2) Fire Sale Bonds, 3) Most Volatile Bonds, 4) Buy/Sell Index and 5) Most Active Bonds.

“We deal in information,” says BondView CEO Robert Kane. “We provide retail and professional investors with the same actionable intelligence typically only available from expensive paid services at large financial data providers like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Mergent. As for our own evaluated bond prices, the accuracy of BondView is already a matter of record.”

Unlike larger financial technology service providers, BondView focuses exclusively on municipal bonds rather than multiple financial markets. Financial advisors often comment that Bondview is faster, cheaper and better than products from larger vendors. Remarkably, users pay nothing to access BondView’s market intelligence. The new trend features are:

Bond Liquidity Ratings

For 2 million bonds computed daily as a ratio of the average volume of trades in a given bond compared to the average volume for bonds in a similar class. The higher the ratio, the more frequently the bond is traded relative to similar bonds. The range covers the last 30 days but is available by subscription for any time period. Liquidity is considered a critical factor to help indicate if a bond purchased today is likely to have a liquid market available if sold at some future date. This data is presented in a manner ideal for journalists, bond fund managers, financial advisors and other investors who need reliable liquidity and “Run Risk” indicators.

Fire Sale Bonds

While most bonds move only a few percentage points daily other bonds can have a 20-30% difference between the buy and sell price

BondView defines Fire Sale bonds as any municipal bond trading in high volumes but at a 50% discount. Prices for these bonds range from $0 to $50. Related information includes complete information on each bond’s rating, price and volume charts, average price, number of trades and more.

Buy/Sell Index

A new leading indicator, this index summarizes the ratio of Buy To Sell transactions across 1.2 million municipal bonds over the last 45 days trading days. Users can drill down to see the Buy /Sell ratio for one bond by entering the CUSIP symbol. Filtering can also be done by state, sector and volume.

Top 10 Most Volatile Bonds

The Most Volatile list includes the 10 municipal bonds with the largest daily price fluctuations measured as a percentage. While most bonds move only a few percentage points daily other bonds can have a 20-30% difference between the buy and sell price. These transactions are often caused by unsuspecting retail investors who unwittingly over pay for bonds. The Municipal Securities Rule Making Board monitors volatile transactions to improve fairness for investors.

Top 10 Most Active Bonds

The list of Most Active bonds is updated in real time. Users can filter the results by date, state, sector, minimum yield, volume and tax exempt status. Column headers can be sorted to help investors quickly zero in on specific bond types.

Other new features coming soon to Bondview include Bond Fund Liquidity Risk Indicators to address proposed new industry guidelines.

“With our trends page, BondView has become like a Swiss Army knife for municipal bond investors,” remarks Kane. “Today, we’re arming everyone with the tools to better understand liquidity risk and other trends while enjoying the many opportunities municipal bonds offer. We’re excited to help level the playing field and bring transparency to the municipal bond market.”



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