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Another Banner Week for Markets

Senate passes a blueprint for $4 trillion budget

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Last week, all 3 major U.S. markets hit record highs once again.[1] The Dow added 2.00% to notch both intraday and closing records, the S&P 500 rose 0.86%, and the NASDAQ gained 0.35%.[2] International stocks in the MSCI EAFE dipped by 0.32% for the week.[3]

On Thursday evening, the senate passed the blueprint for a $4 trillion budget.[4] The vote sets the stage for a tax overhaul that could lower taxes for many families and businesses.[5] In addition, some investors believe the promise of tax cuts could push market valuations even higher.[6]

Other investors, however, have expressed concern about the continuing market highs. Although the economy is growing and corporate earnings are up, they fear a potential market correction.[7]

Against this backdrop, last week marked a key milestone in financial history: the 30th anniversary of Black Monday, the largest single-day market percentage drop in history. Remembering the over 22% loss the Dow experienced that day, some investors may worry about whether the same type of precipitous drop is possible today.[8]

Why Today Is Different

In the wake of the 1987 crash, regulators implemented a series of “circuit breakers” to avoid anxiety-induced sell-offs.[9] These rules required a pause in trading if the Dow dropped by 10, 20, or 30%. Since implementing the circuit breakers, only one market-wide pause has occurred in 1997.[10]

Over the years, regulators have updated the circuit breakers and connected them to S&P 500 performance rather than the Dow. But their function remains the same: to allow time to help understand and react coolly to dramatic market declines. These rules help prevent unnecessary fear and instability from taking over the markets.[11]

Putting Performance in Perspective

While the recent market performance is impressive, it is not unprecedented. Hitting record highs doesn’t have to mean that a correction is ahead. In fact, a year after reaching a new peak, the S&P 500 has had positive growth 72% of the time. Rather than allowing fear or euphoria to drive choices, focusing on data and strategy remains important in every market.[12]

Looking ahead, this week will give us a clearer picture of our economic growth as the first readings of third quarter GDP come out on Friday.[13] Many economists are predicting that the data will show another quarter of strong growth.[14]

Although the economy is growing and corporate earnings are up, they fear a potential market correction

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Economic Calendar

  • Tuesday: PMI Composite Flash
  • Wednesday: Durable Goods Orders, FHFA House Price Index, New Home Sales
  • Thursday: Jobless Claims, Pending Home Sales Index
  • Friday: GDP, Consumer Sentiment



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