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Americans Would Rather Talk About Politics, Religion and Health Issues Than Money

Shedding light on our financial taboos and mistakes

New research from TD Ameritrade uncovers a stigma in talking about the thing we all want more of: money.

July 31, 2019 — OMAHA, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to a new survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of TD Ameritrade, Americans would rather discuss politics, health issues and religion over money and personal finances while more than a third (37%) wish they could discuss their finances more freely.

“In many American households, money isn’t something you talk about,” said Wende Rhodes, vice president of Branches at TD Ameritrade. “While politics and religion are topics regularly debated, money conversations seem to be stigmatized or off-limits, and that needs to change.”

The finance taboos breakdown

A third of Americans (34%) feel that it’s not polite to discuss finances in social settings, and the fear of being perceived as a failure is the number one reason millennials don’t openly discuss the topic.

  • Student loan debt is the most uncomfortable financial topic to discuss (36%), followed by childcare expenses (30%) and living paycheck to paycheck (26%).
  • While many Americans feel comfortable discussing key financial elements with their spouse/partner/significant other, only 45% feel comfortable discussing student loan debt with them.
  • Americans are twice as likely to discuss housing, medical and living costs with their significant other than with a financial advisor.
  • Money spent at restaurants or for takeout is the most uncomfortable topic to discuss with financial advisors with only 16% of Americans feeling comfortable.
  • Half of Americans (51%) and seven in 10 millennials (71%) think that society would be healthier if people felt they could discuss personal finances more freely.

“A common theme we see from clients who visit our branches, regardless of their geographical location, is they don’t realize that others are going through similar situations. But it’s far from the truth,” continued Rhodes. “Once people understand that they’re not so different from others, they start to open up.”

In many American households, money isn't something you talk about...

Financial mistakes are common

The data shows that Americans aren’t comfortable discussing their personal finances, especially financial mistakes that they’ve made. Three-quarters of Americans (75%) admit to having made a financial mistake, with a lack of financial education/knowledge (36%) as the primary cause.

  • Not investing in a 401(k) is considered to be the biggest financial mistake, followed by not having an emergency fund.
  • For millennials, not having an emergency fund is the No. 1 mistake, followed by having a low credit score.

Boomers are twice as likely as millennials to not share their financial mistakes with others (25% vs. 12%). Regardless of what mistakes you’ve made or uncomfortable topics that may come up, don’t be afraid to discuss them with those around you,” said Valiere Simpson, managing director of Investor Services at TD Ameritrade. “Try to share your successes, but also your mistakes. Personal finance can seem overwhelming, so it’s important to build an environment that’s more open and safe for these discussions.”




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