Retirement Game-Plan

Americans Excited About Retirement, But Have Concerns About Their Finances

Hard to say goodbye to that weekly paycheck…

– More than half of Americans have a positive outlook when thinking about their retirement years
– Many (58 percent) will miss employment income and 47 percent will miss the social connections from their working life
– Sixty-nine percent think that running out of money will be their biggest challenge in retirement

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS–(Marketwired – March 11, 2016) – BMO Wealth Institute today released a report, “What’s your retirement game plan?”, which examines the concerns, attitudes and opinions that Americans have about retirement.

The report found that 54 percent are excited and optimistic about retirement and 45 percent feel prepared for whatever might happen.

However, almost 60 percent say they miss or will miss their employment income from their working life once they retire.


Additionally, Americans believe that the most significant challenges they will face in retirement include:

  • Ensuring they do not run out of money to live comfortably (69 percent)
  • Dealing with serious health problems (66 percent)
  • Having difficulty finding a sense of purpose (40 percent)

“Like almost anything else in life, preparation is the key to success and retirement is no different,” said Stephen Williams, Co-Head, U.S. Financial Planning Strategy, BMO Private Bank. “Preparing for the future can bring a surge of unease. Working with a financial professional can help you develop a robust financial plan to ensure you’re in the best possible position to live the way you want in your golden years.”

It is necessary to understand your cash flow requirements in retirement and ensure that there are sufficient resources

What makes a satisfied retiree?

The report also found that 62 percent have given at least some thought to the non-financial aspects of retirement. According to the report, the attitudes, activities and mindsets they think are most likely to be found in a satisfied retiree include being:

  • Busy and active (90 percent)
  • Independent (64 percent)
  • Involved with volunteer work (33 percent)

“Preparing for the non-financial aspects of retirement is just as important as making sure you have the dollars and cents to be comfortable,” noted Mr. Williams. “Having a positive outlook and staying busy, active and current are key during this stage of your life.”

Preparing for retirement

Pre-Retirement Investment Strategies
A financial professional can help you determine the right investment strategy and the appropriate investments for you. There are many actively managed and diversified portfolios available. Determining how to allocate your investments between these various types of accounts can help reduce your taxes and maximize the amount of income available for your retirement.

Guaranteed Income Sources
Determine what guaranteed income sources exist, such as pensions and social security, and supplement with income annuities to match fixed expenses. This will allow long-term assets to grow without having to worry about paying the consistent monthly bills.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
It is necessary to understand your cash flow requirements in retirement and ensure that there are sufficient resources to cover both day-to-day expenses and funding for larger goals. IRAs offer flexibility, particularly Roth IRAs, which have no required minimum distributions.

Appropriate Risk Management
It is important to have a review done on your insurance, including umbrella policies, life insurance, and long-term care.

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