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Americans Believe Risky Careers are Considered the Most Heroic

Soldiers, firefighters and police officers are among the most heroic occupations; So are stay-at-home Moms

Vantis Life’s Every Day Heroes blog provides a snapshot of how American’s value heroism

May 21, 2019 — WINDSOR, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new study released by leading life insurance provider Vantis Life has highlighted just how valued heroic jobs are in American society. The research polled 2,000 U.S. residents, asking respondents to rank 22 common professions based on how heroic, important and trusted they are, and how they should be compensated accordingly.

Vantis Life undertook the survey to reveal what Americans value about professions, and what characteristics make an everyday job heroic. When asked what defined a heroic profession, respondents suggested the top characteristics to be:

  • Saving someone’s life (80%)
  • Risking your own life (77%)
  • Standing up for other people (75%)

Others, Above Yourself

These values are strongly reflected in the careers that were considered the most heroic amongst Americans – soldiers, firefighters, police officers, doctors and nurses – showing that true leadership and prioritizing others above yourself are key characteristics that define heroism.

The study also revealed how these occupations are perceived when it comes to trust and value to society. These life-risking roles are highly ranked amongst trust, with soldiers and firefighters ranking in the top two slots, as well as importance, with police officers and firefighters as the third and fourth slot, respectively. Police officers and firefighters were only outranked by doctors and teachers as the first and second occupations of importance to the American people.

According to Alison Robb, Digital Marketing Manager at Vantis Life, “Individuals who pursue these risky, yet heroic careers play a crucial role in American society. They’re instrumental in ensuring our safety, health and educational development, and despite putting more than full-time hours into their profession, they may or may not receive the traditional benefits associated with a 9-to-5 job. Vantis Life believes that anyone who has a family and/or financial obligations – regardless of occupation – can be a ‘real life’ hero by protecting their loved ones with life insurance.”

Excerpts From The Everyday Heroes Blog

The Most Heroic Jobs
No matter your walk of life, we all have opportunities to be heroes, whether it’s something as pivotal as saving someone’s life, or as simple as putting a life insurance policy in place to protect your family’s future. But there are some professions that the general public view as more heroic than others. To uncover what these are, Vantis Life asked respondents to our survey to rank 22 common US professions from most to least heroic.

The top of the table is rightly dominated by our emergency services, but the top ten most heroic jobs do include other roles that highlight how we define heroism. The top ten most heroic jobs, based on average scores from our 2,000 respondents, are:

  • 1. Soldier
  • 2. Firefighter
  • 3. Police officer
  • 4. Doctor
  • 5. Nurse
  • 6. Teacher
  • 7. Scientist
  • 8. Veterinarian
  • 9. Stay-at-home mom
  • 10. Farmer

The top five professions on this list earn their heroic ranking as they involve either saving someone’s life or risking your own. These two qualities were ranked as most important in defining what a hero is by our survey respondents.

Overall there is a strong correlation between heroism and trustworthiness. The only profession to appear in the top ten for trustworthiness, which wasn’t there for heroism, is stay-at-home dad...

Heroism and Trust
To get an idea of how we value our everyday heroes in other areas, we also asked respondents to rank the professions based on how trustworthy they think they are.

Overall there is a strong correlation between heroism and trustworthiness. The only profession to appear in the top ten for trustworthiness, which wasn’t there for heroism, is stay-at-home dad. However, there are some differences in the rankings that are important to note.

While soldiers and police officers do still appear in the top ten most trusted jobs, their position changed a little when compared to the most heroic ranking. For example, according the survey, soldier, rated as the most heroic profession, is rated fourth place when it comes to trust. Similarly, police officer, ranked third for heroism, is seventh place on trust.

It‘s teachers and stay-at-home parents who are pushing forward when it comes to who respondents think are trustworthy. Lawyers also see a substantial difference between their heroism and trust ratings. Lawyers were ranked as the fourteenth most heroic profession on our list but dropped to twentieth on trust. Politicians were again ranked low, taking bottom place for trustworthiness.

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