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Nearly half of Americans begin taking Social Security at age 62.

Studies indicate that few people discuss the crucial decision of when and how to elect Social Security with anyone.

And, those that do discuss it, limit their dialogue to solely their spouse, or significant other.

Surprisingly, these pre & early retirees seem to be reaching out to financial professionals only in the minority of instances when making one of the most important financial decisions in their lifetime.

Clearly, there is a huge service void and opportunity to be filled here by proactive financial professionals.

Advisors, and agents who become competent in the Social Security income planning niche add value to their book of business and increase the likelihood of converting more prospects into clients.

You are invited to attend this free business builder webinar
on Wednesday, April 9th. 11 am Pacific time.

  • Jim Blair, 35 year veteran of the Social Security Administration (SSA), will be sharing 3 inside secrets of the SSA that advisors ought to know to do a better job for their clients.
  • Kevin Stoddard will share how to attract the right client demographic to your Social Security presentation

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  • Authors and industry leaders Martha Shedden and Frank Horath show in their white paper a little-know Social Security income claiming tool to help advisors substantially broaden their Social Security income planning prospecting conversation & services. Triple Your Social Security Prospect Conversations with the Social Security “Supersize”
  • Read our free white paper Triple Your Social Security Prospect Conversations with the Social Security “Supersize” here 

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    Offered through ClientFirst Financial 8070 Soquel Drive #110 Atos, CA 95003Martha Shedden and Frank Horath have been published in Life & Health Advisor, Life Health Pro, and cited within Financial Publications and on-line media by Mary Beth Franklin (InvestmentNews), Marie Swift (“Marketing Maven”, Financial Planning Magazine), and Mark Miller (Morningstar).  Their BrightTalk Webinar “Social Security Planning – An Essential Element In Attracting Female Clients” is currently the most viewed webinar/recording on the Bright Talk Thought Leadership Channel for Financial Advisors.  Frank and Martha can be reached by email  tel.  888.688.9080  or website