Advisor ‘Marketing / Millionaire’ Secrets

The best definition of  of focus is to “follow one course until successful.”

by Annette Bau

Ms. Bau is an author and the founder of and

It is so easy to get caught in the trap of “trying to do it all” and ending up doing nothing well. Today, we will dive into tips to help you aim your attention to ensure you achieve your goals so you ultimately can live the life of your dreams.

Tip #1: Write it down

One of the most important tools you need to success is a contact management product such as ACT or Goldmine. This allows you to record your to-dos and schedule follow-up dates. Each day you can identify your top 5 goals as well as print out your to-dos. This ensures nothing falls through the cracks and that you are focused on the important critical activities you need to complete each day.

Each evening before you leave your office, write down your 5 most important to-dos with the most important as #1, next #2 etc. This is critical because it helps you to ensure you complete the most important tasks every day.

Tip #2: Create your ideal daily schedule

One of the easiest methods to create focus, so you can complete important tasks, is to schedule your day. Include in your schedule all of the important activities such as warm calls, “Power of 7”, client meetings, or family time. While it is ideal to include activities in all areas of your life, at times you may need to get out of balance and spend more time on specific tasks (such as prospecting) if your business is not where you need it to be.

Tip #3: Allocate your time

A great way to get things done is to allocate your time. Ideally, block off time to make your warm calls, conduct client meetings, create your follow up campaign, etc. During these allocated times, do not answer the telephone or allow distractions from your staff or colleagues. It is also helpful to schedule in your calendar a convenient time to meet with your staff. Initially, this may be a challenge if you haven’t set boundaries in the past. By continuing to share and demonstrate your commitment to allocate time and then following through, others will soon be conditioned to avoid interrupting you during these times.

What do you do to hit your goal and stay on task?