ACA & The New Normal

Actuaries Continue to Urge Stabilization Measures for the Individual Health Insurance Market

Ahead of enrollment, “now is the time for action”

WASHINGTON—The American Academy of Actuaries warns that there are serious challenges to the stability and the sustainability of the existing individual health insurance market that need to be addressed.

In the wake of the decision by the U.S. Senate majority this week to put aside current efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and with the approach of the 2018 open enrollment period, now is the time to take action.

“While most insurers have already made decisions on whether to participate in the market next year and have finalized 2018 premium rates, we will face the same issues next year if policymakers and regulators don’t take steps to stabilize the market,” said Academy Senior Health Fellow Cori Uccello. “Continued uncertainty as insurers start to consider 2019 participation, products, and premium rates will inevitably have repercussions for consumers, providers, and the health care system as a whole.”

Take Action:

The Academy’s Health Practice Council urges policymakers and regulators to focus on the following actions that would help stabilize the health insurance market:

  • Permanently fund cost-sharing reduction (CSR) reimbursements
  • Enforce the individual mandate
  • Support enrollment outreach and education
  • Provide external stability funding and
  • Avoid legislative and regulatory actions that increase market uncertainties

Sustainable & Stable Markets

The Academy has outlined objective conditions for and steps to support sustainable and stable markets and has published explainers on risk pooling in the individual market, how changing market rules could affect risk adjustment, and why CSR reimbursements should be funded on a permanent basis.

In addition, the Academy has examined several reforms that have been considered as part of ACA repeal and replacement proposals, including association health plans and selling insurance across state lines. These resources are publicly available on the Academy website at under the public policy tab.

Continued uncertainty ... will inevitably have repercussions for consumers, providers, and the health care system as a whole

“Taking the time to address these issues now could help secure insurer participation for 2019 and stabilize the individual health insurance market,” added Uccello.



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