Actuaries’ 2016 Election Guides Frame Issues and Questions for Candidates

Make Issues Count

WASHINGTON, Mar. 08, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As voters consider their choices in state primary elections and in the run-up to the general election, the American Academy of Actuaries is urging them to “make issues count” by evaluating the substance of presidential and congressional candidates’ positions, aided by the Academy’s new series of Election Guides.

“Decisions made by the next president and Congress will shape the long-term financial health of Medicare and Social Security. With millions of Americans relying on these programs, now is the time to start asking the hard questions of candidates—before the nominations are secured, and then all the way through Election Day,” said Academy President Tom Wildsmith. “The Academy election guides provide voters with a nonpartisan roadmap to critical issues, and with questions to effectively press candidates for the substance and details of their positions.”

The Academy’s Election Guides provide general background and a close examination of selected major public policy issues, and provide sample questions to ask candidates, such as:

Social Security

Decisions made by the next president and Congress will shape the long-term financial health of Medicare and Social Security

Should benefits be lowered or raised, and how would the change affect Social Security’s solvency?
Should Social Security’s limit on taxable earnings be raised?
What are the advantages of raising Social Security’s retirement age?


How should Medicare’s long-term financial challenges be addressed?
Will you change the benefit structure of the traditional Medicare program and/or allow coverage of additional services to meet the needs of an aging population?
If you advocate a premium support approach for Medicare, how would the benefit package be defined?

The initial 2016 election guides released by the Academy focus on the financial condition and other policy considerations related to Medicare and Social Security. The Academy will add future guides focusing on other policy areas throughout the election year, including long-term care and other health care issues, retirement policy, and climate change.

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