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60% Are Willing to Risk Their Health To Vote In Person In November

Americans don’t think healthcare should be a political issue

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sacrificing one’s health to vote in the November election: 60% are willing to risk their health to vote in person, according to the latest consumer pulse survey.

63% of Americans don’t think healthcare should be a political issue. Yet when asked what the most important issue is to them in the 2020 election, 50% said economy and 50% said healthcare.


Beyond the 2020 election, the survey explored COVID-19’s impact on healthcare, health insurance, medical costs, technology, and the economic landscape.

Medical costs were a top concern for the majority of respondents:

  • 92% think prescription drug prices in the U.S. are too high
  • 93% think medical costs in the U.S. are too high
  • 56% have avoided medical treatment because of cost
  • 64% think they pay too much for health insurance
  • 93% think prices for medical procedures should be as transparent as prices of food in the supermarket

Confidence In Healthcare Lacking

COVID-19 also remained a prominent worry for many respondents. Two-thirds reported feeling less confident in the quality of healthcare in the United States in light of COVID-19. 1 in 4 has or knows someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Yet, testing is an issue, with one-third of respondents reporting having a hard time or knowing someone who had a hard time getting tested for COVID-19. Lastly, 63% reported being worried over the cost of COVID-19 treatment.

The recent spike in COVID-19 cases has 74% thinking the U.S. needs another “pause” to contain the spread. Another 88% said they would comply if the country has to shut down again to contain COVID-19.

With 89% saying they are taking every precaution possible to prevent getting COVID-19, 62% say they have witnessed guidelines not being followed while out in public places. For cities or towns that have partially opened:

  • 40% have been to a restaurant or bar
  • 37% have been to a beauty/hair salon or barber shop
  • 60% have been to a retail store or mall
  • 14% have been to a gym

Masks And Healthcare Technology

When asked about masks, 85% think they prevent the spread of COVID-19 with 77% saying everyone should be required to wear one. In fact, 73% think there should be a fine for not wearing a mask, and 41% think the fine should be more than $100. Traveling anywhere is out of the question for most. 53% reported not being comfortable returning to the office just yet, and 67% say they wouldn’t travel for work or to see family members or friends. Working from home has 47% finding it impossible to find a way to completely unplug from the office. For the majority, that’s a trade-off they are willing to make: 81% said they want to work from home full-time after COVID-19 passes – and 43% would even take a pay cut to do so.

63% of Americans don't think healthcare should be a political issue. Yet when asked what the most important issue is to them in the 2020 election, 50% said economy and 50% said healthcare...

Healthcare technology continues to be on the rise now more than ever:

  • Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 20% had used telemedicine.
  • During the pandemic, 43% have used telemedicine.
  • After the pandemic, 60% say they will continue to use telemedicine.
  • 56% say their doctors are offering virtual visits and 3 in 10 say their insurance companies have been in touch about telemedicine.


Telemedicine isn’t just for humans, though. 49% said they would use telemedicine for their fur babies. The survey also asked pet owners how COVID-19 is impacting their pets; 37% will stop allowing people to pet their dog over COVID-19 fears, while 17% are afraid their pet is going to get COVID-19.

Pushed Towards Life Insurance

COVID-19 is leaving many thinking about their insurance options, too. 56% say they have a life insurance policy, but COVID-19 has caused 31% of respondents to think about buying one. 20% has lost or knows someone that has lost their health insurance during COVID-19. 54% say they don’t know what their health insurance options are should they lose their health insurance – a decrease from the 68% that didn’t know their options in May. While many may be thinking about getting a new job, 49% are reluctant to switch jobs right now because they want to keep their health benefits.

View the full survey results here

The above results were gathered through an online poll of more than 1,100 Americans between the ages of 18-64. The poll was conducted from July 3, 2020 to July 6, 2020, gleaning representative samples from each state based on population.




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