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2019’s Cities With The Highest & Lowest Credit Scores

Ever wonder how your neighbors handle their finances?

New research from the personal finance site WalletHub reveals credit and spending trends across the country. Reprinted with permission. Visit

If you’ve ever applied for a loan or credit card, you know that your credit score is more than just a three-digit number: it’s a representation of your financial habits. And it tends to speak volumes, especially about how well you manage your debts. But have you ever wondered how well your neighbors, your coworkers or perhaps your local Starbucks barista handle their finances? Are they as responsible – or irresponsible – as you are when it comes to paying bills or knowing when to use or refrain from using a credit card?

WalletHub compared the median credit scores of residents in 2,572 U.S. cities to give credit where credit is literally and figuratively due. Read on for the results, credit advice from a panel of experts and a full description of our methodology.

Credit Trends: Top To Bottom

Cities in the Top Percentile (Credit Score)Cities in the Bottom Percentile (Credit Score)
The Villages, FL (806)Suitland, MD (584)
Sun City Center, FL (791)Newark, NJ (584)
Sun City West, AZ (789)College Park, GA (583)
Saratoga, CA (784)Riverdale, GA (582)
Green Valley, AZ (783)Dolton, IL (578)
Los Altos, CA (782)East Orange, NJ (575)
Estero, FL (780)Petersburg, VA (574)
Lexington, MA (776)New Brunswick, NJ (574)
Needham, MA (776)Florence, SC (572)
Laguna Woods, CA (776)Pontiac, MI (571)
Potomac, MD (775)Gary, IN (567)
Leawood, KS (775)West Memphis, AR (565)
Colleyville, TX (775)East Chicago, IN (563)
Oro Valley, AZ (775)Darlington, SC (558)
Pittsford, NY (774)Inkster, MI (553)
San Carlos, CA (773)Detroit, MI (552)
Mequon, WI (773)Harvey, IL (552)
Cupertino, CA (772)Chester, PA (552)
Wilmette, IL (772)East St. Louis, IL (552)
Scarsdale, NY (770)Camden, NJ (543)


Ask the Experts

Improving one’s credit score is a different process for everyone, depending both on circumstances and spending habits. For advice on how to start, we turned to a panel of experts. Click on the experts’ profiles to read their bios and responses to the following key questions:

  • What tips do you have for a person trying to increase their credit score in a short amount of time?
  • What are some commonly held misconceptions about how credit scores are calculated?
  • What are the most common mistakes people make when trying to improve their credit score?
  • What is the best way for a young person to build credit


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