What’s Keeping Plan Sponsors Up At Night?

Positioning employees to achieve financial success in retirement is no small feat. Plan sponsors are tasked with designing and offering a retirement plan that encourages workers to save regularly, while simultaneously navigating a changing regulatory landscape and dealing with the challenges associated with administering a plan.

What’s Keeping Millennials Up at Night?

BMO Wealth Management (U.S.) has just released a report exploring how millennials think about a number of issues that uniquely affect them.

American College’s ‘Funding Longevity Task Force’ Establishes Advisory Board

The Funding Longevity Task Force at The American College of Financial Services has established an Advisory Board, including four founding members.

What Are Consumers Seeing Now In Healthcare Choice?

With the government’s announcement that there are 38 percent fewer health plan rate filings for the 2018 Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges, many consumers across the nation will be faced with fewer or, in some counties, no ACA insurance choices this coming open enrollment period.

Living Older, Living Poorer –

The United States has the world’s highest number of centenarians, yet just over half of those aged 55 or older have less than $25,000 in retirement savings, and 14% of boomers have no retirement income at all

Fixing Our Most Pressing Health Insurance Problems: A Bipartisan Path Forward

With Senate Republicans mired in seemingly intractable disagreements about how to proceed with health reform—which may very well not be resolved by the latest Senate draft bill, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested on July 6 that a bipartisan short-term fix may be needed for the problems of the individual health insurance market

What Are The Effects of Negative Attitudes on Aging?

The ways in which negative attitudes about aging can affect people’s health and quality of life are the focus of 12 peer-reviewed research papers in a new supplemental issue of The Gerontologist — the respected research and analysis journal published by The Gerontological Society of America since 1961.

To Succeed as a Leader, Share the Big Picture

Mike worked for a medium-sized business and went to work every day happy to have a job. But he wasn’t too enthused about his work environment. Employee morale was so-so because most long-time employees were merely going through the motions.

Millennials: A Gateway To Parental LTCi?

Millennials may not come to mind as a group ripe for group long term care insurance, but they have proven to be an effective gateway for sales of long term care insurance to their parents, even if they aren’t yet in the market for long term care insurance themselves.

For LTCi, It’s All About Facing The Issues

Last year the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services issued a report about Americans’ concerns and actions related to long-term care (LTC), also referred to as long-term services and supports (LTSS).