The New Retirement: Freedom, Flexibility & Financial Security

Americans approaching retirement are focused on more than just the amount of their nest egg, according to the new TIAA Transition to Retirement Survey.

Who Are The Top Portfolio Trading Teams?

Today Institutional Investor launches its All-America Trading Team rankings, spotlighting the top electronic, high-touch, and portfolio trading teams along with the best firms providing unique market color to the buy side.

U.S. Single Premium Pension Buy-out Sales Surpass $1.4 billion in the First Quarter

This quarter marks the eighth consecutive quarter of $1 billion or more in sales WINDSOR, Conn., May 24, 2017— U.S. single premium pension buy-out sales totaled $1.4 billion in the first quarter 2017, a 31 percent increase compared with prior year results, according to LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute’s quarterly U.S. Group Annuity Risk Transfer Survey. […]

Many Seniors Are Unprepared to Maintain Independence as They Age

SCAN, a leading senior-focused organization with the mission of keeping seniors healthy and independent, today announced comprehensive survey results that show many seniors are unprepared to live independently as they age.

Accident Insurance? Add It To Your Portfolio!

By the time you read this, repeal-and-replace health care reform legislation will either be a done deal, a dead duck or somewhere in between. But here’s the kicker: It doesn’t matter, because a competitive employee benefits program is about much more than medical insurance.

Optional Benefits – Changing a No to a Yes

Recent LIMRA focus groups* show that many individuals who were confident in their decision to not purchase optional benefits, such as short-term disability and critical illness plans, reconsidered their decision once they had received more information on what those plans covered.

Investor Protection Takes Center Stage

With investor protection taking center stage in recent deliberations among federal policymakers and legislators, there is an ongoing need to educate those forming policies that protect consumers to hear directly from financial planning professionals.

Mining the Market’s Growth Opportunities

Private Equity Groups (PEGs) have recently been making huge investments in home health and hospice providers, according to Bradley Smith, managing partner at VERTESS, an international M + A advisory firm that helps healthcare business owners prepare their companies to be acquired or to make acquisitions to create new revenue growth.

Women & Life Insurance

Women today are more highly educated and financially empowered than ever before, but evidence suggests that their financial planning needs are not being met.

Paying For Health Care Today

Employers who offer fixed indemnity health coverage or wellness programs to their employees may consider reassessing how that coverage is administered in view of a recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) internal memorandum that examines the tax treatment of benefits paid by fixed indemnity health plans.