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  • CLTC Endorses the New FSCP Program from American College
    CLTC Endorses the New FSCP Program from American College

    CLTC designees earn partial credit toward new designation

    The Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification today announces its support for the new FSCP™ (Financial Services Certified Professional™) program offered by The American College of Financial Services.
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  • How to Navigate the New Global Economy
    How to Navigate the New Global Economy

    Understanding the interconnections that make our money work

    At times, the economy seems like a Times Square billboard with news headlines flashing in random patterns. Consider the disparate messages we hear regularly: Consumer spending is up. The value of the Chinese currency is artificially high. The stock market is down. The Federal Reserve is lowering interest rates.
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  • Today’s Estate Planning Strategies
    Today’s Estate Planning Strategies

    How to use ILIT-owned UL with an indemnity LTCi rider

    By Russell E. Towers JD, CLU, ChFC

    A popular new product that has aroused the interest of many estate planners is a Guaranteed No-Lapse UL Policy with an “Indemnity” Type of Long Term Care (LTC) Rider. This type of policy would typically be owned by an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) to provide an income and estate-tax-free death benefit.
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  • The 3 Major Sins of Sales Management
    The 3 Major Sins of Sales Management

    CEOs should be aware of how they're using key people

    It’s a simple fact of business: Without sales, no one else downstream can do their jobs, says veteran sales manager and business speaker Jack Daly. Because of how vital sales are to a company, CEOs frequently tend to misuse their best people, he says.
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  • How’s Your Market Power?
    How’s Your Market Power?

    A question every company should ask: “Are we getting what we want from our marketing?”

    by John Graham

    The only way to find out if your marketing is performing the way you want is to doubt everything you’re doing. Instead of guessing, jumping from one initiative to another, hoping for the best, or taking advice without knowing how to evaluate it, start at the beginning by questioning your assumptions, your expectations, your personal preferences, and, particularly, your perceptions of what marketing should do for the company.
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  • ‘If I could only get around to it’
    ‘If I could only get around to it’

    Your clients, and prospects, are waiting...

    A common device of motivational speakers is to point out the reasons big things in our lives don't get accomplished. The usual lament is "If I could only get around to it."
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  • She’s Real Fine, My 401(k)
    She’s Real Fine, My 401(k)

    3 Lessons on Retirement Planning from 2 Classic Old Cars

    Classic car aficionado David Rosell, CEO of Rosell Wealth Management and author of “Failure is NOT an Option,” (, says pre-retirees can learn a lot from their beloved old cars about financial planning for a secure retirement.
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  • 5 Common Causes of Prevalent Tax Mistakes
    5 Common Causes of Prevalent Tax Mistakes

    Nearly Half of Us Believe We Overpay

    Whether you’ve filed for an extension on your taxes this year, or have waited until the last minute to complete paperwork, or want a better strategy for the future, chances are you could be doing a better job throughout the year to save on income taxes, says seasoned investment advisor Paul Taylor, a member of the National Ethics Bureau.
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  • Forget the ‘Likes’ – How to Market Effectively Using Today’s Facebook
    Forget the ‘Likes’ – How to Market Effectively Using Today’s Facebook

    3 Ways to Benefit from Paid Ads & Boosted Posts

    It seems nothing changes faster than the big social media platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, Google+. No sooner do marketers figure out how to best promote a product or business than they change the rules!
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  • Navigating The Continuing Foreclosure Crisis
    Navigating The Continuing Foreclosure Crisis

    Simple Strategy Can Help Families Keep Their Homes, Avert Proliferation of ‘Zombie’ Properties’

    Despite the recovering economy, home foreclosures have not abated – in fact, they surged in January. “There’s a lot of distressed debt still being held by the big banks because they can’t just dump it back into the market all at once; they have to slowly release it,” explains Dean Anastos, founder of Apollo Financial Group.
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  • Tempted to Buy Social Media Followers?
    Tempted to Buy Social Media Followers?

    Why Less is More

    by: Marsha Friedman

    If you get spam emails, you’ve probably seen subject lines like this: “Buy followers for cheap!” or Look more legit – Twitter followers $2.99 per 1,000”
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  • Retirement Made Manifest
    Retirement Made Manifest

    How advisor Ryan Coiner plans first for retirees' peace-of-mind; Beckons entrepreneurs to follow

    Ryan Coiner's Dallas-Ft. Worth based financial services firm is founded on the Bible verse Proverbs 10:9, "The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out." Coiner is committed to being a company of true integrity; he's more interested in helping his clients find the right portfolio solutions than pushing products.
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