• Selling With the ‘Whole Team Concept’ Selling With the ‘Whole Team Concept’

    Internal and External Wholesalers Both Bring Unique Value

    New LIMRA research has revealed that internal and external product wholesalers provide distinct value to financial advisors, depending on the issue at hand. read more
  • Hearsay Social Unveils ‘Predictive Social Suite’ Hearsay Social Unveils ‘Predictive Social Suite’

    The First Complete Platform for Advisors
    to Fully Engage Today’s Social, Mobile Customer

    Hearsay Social, the leading technology provider for the financial services industry, today unveiled the ‘Predictive Social Suite’ for financial advisors and insurance agents. read more
  • Our Minds Can Play Dirty Tricks On Us Our Minds Can Play Dirty Tricks On Us

    As entrepreneurs, we like to think we are impervious to disruptive forces

    by John Graham

    “Digital disruption makes a nice headline,” said an insurance executive, responding to a news report that insurance agents are being “squeezed” by the Internet. “The realities of the insurance business are a bit more complex than that,” he said, assuring insurance agents that digital is no threat to their business. read more
  • Why You Shouldn’t Go Cheap  When Filing Your Taxes Why You Shouldn’t Go Cheap When Filing Your Taxes

    Why You Should Hire A Good CPA & Not Part-time

    Help It’s that time of year for part-time help at the local tax-preparation location, when drivers can see seasonal staff standing at busy intersections wearing costumes of the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam. read more
  • Planning for a Successful 2015 Planning for a Successful 2015

    Make the Most of New Legislation and Catch Up on Contributions

    Every January, millions of Americans resolve to make and save more money in the New Year read more
  • Understanding Spending… and Teaching It Understanding Spending… and Teaching It

    Three Ways a Woman Can Give Herself & Her Children One of the Greatest Gifts

    When it comes to buying power, women are steadily overcoming men. Throughout the next decade, women will control two-thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and will be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history, according to Fleishman-Hillard Inc. read more
  • How Do Your Clients Perceive You? How Do Your Clients Perceive You?

    Investment Advisor offers his clients a broader view
    of what he does for them

    by Jeff Bucher

    On the surface, when people think of an investment advisor, financial planner or retirement planner, what they think of is someone that’s going to assist them with making the selections of their stocks, bonds and mutual funds. read more
  • Remissed Connections Remissed Connections

     The Importance of Traditional Follow Up in a Non-Traditional Business World

    by Russell Trahan

    Bryan walked into his office and flipped on the lights. It had been one month since his presentation and proposal submission to an industry-leading executive team, and that morning was to be the date of their decision on whether to retain his firm. read more
  • The 4-Star Turnaround: How a Struggling Island Airline Revolutionized Service… The 4-Star Turnaround: How a Struggling Island Airline Revolutionized Service…

    ...and What YOU Can Learn from Its Story

    In a super-connected global economy, a company is only as good as its reputation for service. After all, if we don't please and delight our customers, a surging sea of competitors waits to embrace them. read more
  • It’s Phishing Season: Don’t Take the Bait! It’s Phishing Season: Don’t Take the Bait!

    Open season on your personal information

    It’s phishing season. No, not the lazy-afternoon-on-the-lakeshore type of fishing. We’re talking about email phishing, the kind where scammers send you a very real-looking – but very fake – email and try to lure your personal information. read more
  • Will Smart Robots Take Your Job? Will Smart Robots Take Your Job?

    Artificial intelligence is the biggest discovery since fire

    Technology is replacing real jobs and will continue to do so at a record pace over the next couple of decades. We're accustomed to seeing this kind of thing in certain industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and banking. read more
  • Practice Management: SocialTwist Launches KnownCircle Practice Management: SocialTwist Launches KnownCircle

    Social Referral Network for Professional Service Providers 

    February 10, 2015 - SocialTwist, Inc., the leader in social referral marketing that drives referral programs for over 50 of the Fortune 500 brands, today launched , a social referral network where consumers can discover and connect with professional service providers that are most trusted by their friends and family. read more