• ‘If I could only get around to it’
    ‘If I could only get around to it’

    Your clients, and prospects, are waiting...

    A common device of motivational speakers is to point out the reasons big things in our lives don't get accomplished. The usual lament is "If I could only get around to it."
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  • 5 Questions to Ask Your CPA During Tax Season
    5 Questions to Ask Your CPA During Tax Season

    Simple Strategy Changes May Boost Your Retirement Dollars

    Many people talk to their accountant just once a year – right about now. “This is a good time to ask a few questions that may not have occurred to either you or your accountant simply because at tax time, you’re both focused on the task at hand and not the bigger picture, ” says Larry Roby, founder and president of Senior Financial Advisors, Inc.
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  • Forget the ‘Likes’ – How to Market Effectively Using Today’s Facebook
    Forget the ‘Likes’ – How to Market Effectively Using Today’s Facebook

    3 Ways to Benefit from Paid Ads & Boosted Posts

    It seems nothing changes faster than the big social media platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, Google+. No sooner do marketers figure out how to best promote a product or business than they change the rules!
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  • Winning Big with Small Business
    Winning Big with Small Business

    Tremendous opportunities await brokers who can meet the special needs of smaller employers

    by Gil Youmans

    Your next big break could come from small businesses. Although it may seem hard to believe, small business — those with fewer than 100 employees — could be your biggest source of income if you know how to approach them correctly and give them what they need. After all, 98 percent of all businesses in the United States have fewer than 100 employees.
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  • Advisors: Catching Up With Success?
    Advisors: Catching Up With Success?

    Study finds financial advisors’ 2013 AUM, Comp highest since 2007

    Fidelity Investments® today released results of its 7th Fidelity® Advisor Insights study,1 which found that while financial advisors are seeing the highest assets under management and compensation levels since 2007, many advisors seem to be falling behind when it comes to positioning themselves for future success.
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  • Tempted to Buy Social Media Followers?
    Tempted to Buy Social Media Followers?

    Why Less is More

    by: Marsha Friedman

    If you get spam emails, you’ve probably seen subject lines like this: “Buy followers for cheap!” or Look more legit – Twitter followers $2.99 per 1,000”
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  • Retirement Made Manifest
    Retirement Made Manifest

    How advisor Ryan Coiner plans first for retirees' peace-of-mind; Beckons entrepreneurs to follow

    Ryan Coiner's Dallas-Ft. Worth based financial services firm is founded on the Bible verse Proverbs 10:9, "The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out." Coiner is committed to being a company of true integrity; he's more interested in helping his clients find the right portfolio solutions than pushing products.
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  • Building Brand Cohesiveness Across Social Media
    Building Brand Cohesiveness Across Social Media

    You are what you post...

    by Ben Laube

    Developing and representing your brand effectively on social media is one of the most important tasks to consider when jumping into social media marketing. - See more at:
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  • Investment Scams: Too Good to be True?
    Investment Scams: Too Good to be True?

    Why You Can't Realize That This Inventor Is A Scammer

    by Kfir Luzzatto

    Time after time I am amazed, when I need to rescue a client from a high-tech scam, to discover that intelligent, highly-sophisticated and experienced investors could not tell that a deal that had all the hallmarks of a scam was, in all probability a fraud.
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  • The Latest Court Challenge to the Affordable Care Act
    The Latest Court Challenge to the Affordable Care Act

    Halbig v. Sebelius and the Fed's authority pay premium tax credits

    by Sara Rosenbaum

    Last month, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals heard arguments in a case that strikes at the very heart of the Affordable Care Act’s ability to make insurance coverage affordable nationally. Along with three other cases filed in Virginia, Oklahoma, and Indiana, Halbig v. Sebelius asks whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) permits the federal government to pay premium tax credits for health plans sold through the federally facilitated marketplace.
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  • Advising The Worry Generation
    Advising The Worry Generation

    Millennials, younger Americans continue to show more anxiety about common financial issues than older generations

    Younger Americans, including “millennials” age 25-34, show the highest level of concern across all generations for common financial planning issues, including saving for retirement, paying for a child’s education, and burdening others with final expenses.
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  • Planning, Discipline and Happiness in Retirement
    Planning, Discipline and Happiness in Retirement

    Annual Study explores the attitudes and behaviors of Americans toward financial and planning

    The more discipline an individual brings to financial planning, the more financially secure he or she feels in the present, and the greater likelihood they'll be happy in the future, according to a study released today by Northwestern Mutual.
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