• Millennials Go Old-School When managing Money
    Millennials Go Old-School When managing Money

    18-29 year olds are patient, disciplined and risk-averse with their money...just like their grandparents

    It's not just beards, butchers and bicycles that Generation Y – or "Millennials" – are bringing back. The youngest adults in America, aged 18-29, are also showing signs that they're old souls in the way they manage their money.
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  • Equity Temperatures Rising?
    Equity Temperatures Rising?

    Economies Thaw from a Cold Winter and Valuations Heat Up

    Russell Investments’ released its Strategists’ 2014 Global Outlook – Second Quarter Update, reflecting the most recent guidance from Russell’s global team of investment strategists. In the report, the team notes that a variety of market crosscurrents have led to a lackluster start to 2014 and equity markets are still waiting for the fundamentals to validate their 2013 gains.
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  • The New Optimism: Gen-Y Workers Growing Up
    The New Optimism: Gen-Y Workers Growing Up

    A determined focus on a comfortable, viable retirement

    With financial security as passion number one and saving for retirement topping the list of financial goals, Gen Y workers are making plans for a brighter financial future according to new research from the Principal Financial Group®
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  • Learning From A Market Drop
    Learning From A Market Drop

    Economic fundamentals continue to resist downward drag

    Weekly market view from LMK Wealth Management

    Markets closed a volatile week on a bearish note as the first earnings reports trickled in. For the week, the S&P 500 lost 2.65%, the Dow fell 2.35%, and the Nasdaq dropped 3.10%. One bright spot: Despite the dismal stock performance, economic fundamentals are looking up. What lessons should we take away from last week? We'll get to that in a moment. First, let's review the factors that contributed to last week's performance.
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  • Low Interest Rate Policy: Housing Price Implications
    Low Interest Rate Policy: Housing Price Implications

    Headwinds from recession keeping rates down

    Weekly market view from New Oak

    U.S. housing prices and mortgage activities will remain highly sensitive to the Federal Reserve interest rate policy and guidance due to an anemic job market, low-quality new jobs and a lack of first-time home buyers.
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  • Navigating The Continuing Foreclosure Crisis
    Navigating The Continuing Foreclosure Crisis

    Simple Strategy Can Help Families Keep Their Homes, Avert Proliferation of ‘Zombie’ Properties’

    Despite the recovering economy, home foreclosures have not abated – in fact, they surged in January. “There’s a lot of distressed debt still being held by the big banks because they can’t just dump it back into the market all at once; they have to slowly release it,” explains Dean Anastos, founder of Apollo Financial Group.
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  • Post-Retirement Tax Slam
    Post-Retirement Tax Slam

    Middle-Income Americans Lack Understanding of Retirement Tax Impact

    A majority of our country’s middle-income Boomers and retirees have significant gaps in their understanding of how federal taxes will impact their retirement finances, according to a new study released by the Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement ® (CSR).
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  • Advising The Worry Generation
    Advising The Worry Generation

    Millennials, younger Americans continue to show more anxiety about common financial issues than older generations

    Younger Americans, including “millennials” age 25-34, show the highest level of concern across all generations for common financial planning issues, including saving for retirement, paying for a child’s education, and burdening others with final expenses.
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  • Planning, Discipline and Happiness in Retirement
    Planning, Discipline and Happiness in Retirement

    Annual Study explores the attitudes and behaviors of Americans toward financial and planning

    The more discipline an individual brings to financial planning, the more financially secure he or she feels in the present, and the greater likelihood they'll be happy in the future, according to a study released today by Northwestern Mutual.
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  • Winter Chill Causes Volatile First Quarter
    Winter Chill Causes Volatile First Quarter

    Will summer winds bring better climate for jobs, economy?

    Weekly market view from LMK Wealth Management

    Equities closed out a lackluster quarter basically flat, as investors grappled with the effects of the chilly winter and widespread volatility. Though the major indices approached new highs in March, stocks gave in to selling pressure at the end of the quarter. For the quarter, the S&P 500 gained 1.84%, the Dow lost 0.35%, and the Nasdaq fell 0.10%.[1]
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  • ING U.S., Inc. Officially Becomes Voya Financial, Inc.
    ING U.S., Inc. Officially Becomes Voya Financial, Inc.

    Remaining legal entities to rebrand in May and September, according to phased plan

    Today marked the debut of Voya Financial, Inc. (NYSE: VOYA), as the financial services company announced the change of its name from ING U.S., Inc.
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  • Foolish Investment Ideas
    Foolish Investment Ideas

    Does the market have your best interests in mind?

    by Axel Merk

    With April Fools’ Day behind us, it’s time to get serious about investing. Don’t be fooled by this week’s non-farm payroll report nor by the assertion that the U.S. may have the cleanest of the dirty shirts. And certainly don’t be fooled into thinking the market has your interests in mind…
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