• ‘Better Money Habits’ Millennial Report
    ‘Better Money Habits’ Millennial Report

    Young People Think They Have Good Financial Habits, but Many Still Depend on Mom and Dad

    Millennials are confident in their ability to manage their finances, but their actions tell a different story, according to the Bank of America/USA TODAY Better Money Habits Millennial Report, released today.
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  • A Slow Week Ends in New Highs
    A Slow Week Ends in New Highs

    October shoppers underscore an emerging and positive retail trend

    Weekly market view from LMK Wealth Management

    Markets ended a sluggish week of trading slightly up, notching another record close for the S&P 500. For the week, the S&P 500 gained 0.39%, the Dow grew 0.35%, and the Nasdaq added 1.21%.
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  • Will ‘myRA’ Accounts Alter Your Clients’ Retirement Plans?
    Will ‘myRA’ Accounts Alter Your Clients’ Retirement Plans?

    3 Factors to Consider When Planning for an IRA

    mportant changes are coming this fall for what’s become one of the biggest concerns of the era: affording retirement. Those who are saving for retirement and meticulously troubleshooting tax obstacles may want to restructure their plans.
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  • Alpha Investing: Luck vs. Skill
    Alpha Investing: Luck vs. Skill

    How Investors Perceive Luck, Skill and the Pursuit of Alpha Relative to Long-Term Investment Goals

    Investment professionals are failing to deliver alpha and investors are failing to achieve their long-term goals, according to new research published today by the Center for Applied Research, the independent think-tank of State Street (NYSE: STT).
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  • The Hungry and the Anxious
    The Hungry and the Anxious

    Survey: Investors searching for gains but wary of rising rates

    Fixed income investors seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place these days. A new fixed income survey from Franklin Templeton Investments reveals that yield is their top consideration when choosing a fixed income investment, however, a strong majority (74 percent) stated they are concerned about how rising rates may impact their portfolio.
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  • Lesson from Detroit: Municipal Debt Isn’t Risk-Free
    Lesson from Detroit: Municipal Debt Isn’t Risk-Free

    A 'grand bargain'... but for whom?

    by James Frischling, President & Ron D’Vari, CEO, NewOak

    Judge Steven Rhodes, of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, approved Detroit’s complex restructuring plan of the city’s $18 billion debt last Friday. Detroit, the largest city in the United States to ever file for bankruptcy, was able to reach this milestone in less than 16 months.
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  • Switzerland: Vote Yes on Gold
    Switzerland: Vote Yes on Gold

    Making sense of a widely misunderstood initiative

    by Axel Merk

    On November 30th, the Swiss are voting whether to amend their country’s constitution on an initiative entitled ‘Save our Swiss Gold.’ The Swiss gold initiative appears widely misunderstood, both inside and outside of Switzerland. We discuss implications for gold, the Swiss franc and Switzerland as a whole.
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  • Navigating Your Ocean of Risk
    Navigating Your Ocean of Risk

    Ten Time-Tested Risk Minimizers

    by Steve Selengut

    Market Cycle Investment Management is a logical, reality-based, alternative to MPT --- a sexy, but totally speculative, mathematical monster that pretends to know the future. Its focus is on market value curve smoothing rather than on capital building and income generation.
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  • Incentivizing Delayed Social Security
    Incentivizing Delayed Social Security

    'Modeling Income in the Near Term' shows varied socio-economic outcomes

    Among Social Security retired-worker beneficiaries, nearly half claim their retirement benefits as early as possible, and almost all of them claim at some point before their full retirement age (FRA) (Muldoon and Kopcke 2008; Song and Manchester 2007a).
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  • Target: $1B in AUM
    Target: $1B in AUM

    Alliance for RIAs (aRIA) presents advisors with a viable game-plan

    The Alliance for RIAs (aRIA) announced the release of its fifth whitepaper, titled "6x6 = $1 Billion: Six RIAs Share Six Secrets to Achieve Scale". The paper taps the real-world experience of each of six aRIA members... in outlining how they "broke through" the growth plateau, reached and then exceeded the billion-dollar mile-stone.
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  • Big Cap – Small Cap Volatilities
    Big Cap – Small Cap Volatilities

    U.S. Small Cap Equity Market Volatility Has Continued to Diverge From U.S. Large Cap Equity Market Volatility in 2014

    In October, the Russell 2000® Index gained 6.6% and is now up 1.9% in 2014 year-to-date as of October 31. And U.S. small cap equity market implied volatility spiked again. The CBOE Russell 2000 Volatility Indexsm (RVXsm) went from 21.64 on October 1 to a 26.22 closing price on October 16 (highest daily RVX close since June 15, 2012), closing at 19.33 on October 31.
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  • What a Cab Ride: Real People, Real Financial Problems, Real Financial Advice
    What a Cab Ride: Real People, Real Financial Problems, Real Financial Advice

    Des Moines financial professional helps give people a financial lift—literally

    What happens when you offer people a free cab ride with a financial professional—and film it? Des Moines-based financial professional, Jenny Smith, found out first hand as part of a national effort to drive people to take action on their financial dreams.
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