• The RMD is Coming! The RMD is Coming! The RMD is Coming! The RMD is Coming!

    Is your retirement income program ready for you?

    by Steve Selengut

    All of us are approaching retirement, many of us are already there, and some of us (myself included) are thinking about the ultimate IRS slap-in-the-face... read more
  • Securian’s Digital Characters Explain Insurance Securian’s Digital Characters Explain Insurance

    Ellie and Bert use humor and everyday language in off-beat, up-beat online experience

    Ellie is a chipper, helpful woman whose brother-in-law Bert left his “cushy” insurance job to follow his dream to become a singer. Ellie says Bert is going to help her explain group critical illness (CI) insurance. In song. read more
  • 5 Businesses Innovation Killers 5 Businesses Innovation Killers

    Don't look now, but they lurk within

    The work of innovative thinkers is why the world has smartphones, laptop computers, toaster ovens and numerous other gadgets and creative approaches to problem solving. Yet groundbreaking ideas aren’t always welcome in the corporate world or within other institutions. read more
  • Average Costs For Long Term Care Insurance Rise 8.6 Percent Average Costs For Long Term Care Insurance Rise 8.6 Percent

    High claims, low interest rates converge

    Overall costs for new long term care insurance coverage increased 8.6 percent compared to one year ago, according to the just published 2015 Long Term Care Insurance Price Index. read more
  • ETF Business Opportunities Are Rapidly Expanding ETF Business Opportunities Are Rapidly Expanding

    New Generation of Funds Emerge; 'Active ETFs'  Trending ETF 2.0

    Twenty years after their introduction in the investment industry, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are evolving and gaining momentum more rapidly than in the past, according to the report "ETF 2.0: Six Trends Shaping the Next Generation," released today by SEI (NASDAQ: SEIC). read more
  • The Spies Inside Your Phone The Spies Inside Your Phone

     Many Apps Can Track Your Location And Share Your Information

    You just had a flat tire along a dark country road. Luckily, you downloaded a flashlight app into your cellphone and now can put it to use. But that flashlight, handy as it is, may be just one of many doors you unwittingly opened to let spies take up residence inside your phone. read more
  • What Are These Central Banks Doing? What Are These Central Banks Doing?

    Positive global economic moves still eclipsed by geo-politics

    Markets ended the week in the black for the first time in 2015 on the back of major moves by multiple central banks. For the week, the S&P 500 gained 1.60%, the Dow grew 0.92%, and the Nasdaq added 2.66%. read more
  • A Simpler, Fairer Tax Code A Simpler, Fairer Tax Code

    Administration looks to responsibly invest in middle class families

    Middle class families today bear too much of the tax burden because of unfair loopholes that are only available to the wealthy and big corporations. In his State of the Union address, the President will outline his plan to simplify our complex tax code for individuals, make it fairer by eliminating some of the biggest loopholes, and use the savings to responsibly pay for the investments we need to help middle class families get ahead and grow the economy. read more
  • A New Women’s Movement? A New Women’s Movement?

    Women Are Sharing What They Know—and Changing the World

    For women, the picture has never been rosier. For one thing, we are making huge strides in the business world. In fact, according to American Express OPEN, between 1997 and 2014 the number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. increased by 68 percent—a rate 1½ times the national average. read more
  • U.S. Employment and Wage Growth Improving Faster Than Expectations U.S. Employment and Wage Growth Improving Faster Than Expectations

    The Principal: Data reveals accelerating growth in key economic data

    U.S. Government estimates on the state of the economy may be overly conservative in the area of wage growth, according to a new analysis from Principal Global Investors. “It is worth noting, The Principal data is different than the government’s. read more
  • Despite Coverage Satisfaction, Medical Costs Rank as Top Fear Despite Coverage Satisfaction, Medical Costs Rank as Top FeareHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH) (eHealth.com), the nation's first and largest private online health insurance exchange, today released a study showing that while the majority of Americans identify themselves as healthy (84%), financially secure (66%), and satisfied with the value of their health insurance (86%), the cost of health care and inability to afford a medical emergency rank as top financial fears. read more
  • Succession Planning for Baby Boomers Is Critical Succession Planning for Baby Boomers Is Critical

    How to successfully retire is a question many face

    With as many as 10,000 baby boomers reaching the age of retirement every day, many are just realizing they are late in planning for a successful retirement and their exit. read more