• No Standing Still No Standing Still

    Advisors: Take note of non-traditional voluntary benefits

    by Elizabeth Halkos

    Advisors and producers have seen a tremendous change in the industry in recent years. From the introduction of healthcare reform, to the increasing importance of voluntary benefits, to heightened sales competition and more – there’s been a number of challenges. read more
  • The Answer Is… It Depends The Answer Is… It Depends

    Knowing why an employer sponsors a retirement plan can make or break the sale

    by Tom Foster

    Anyone who has ever shaken a “Magic Eight Ball,” the popular fortune-telling toy, and then asked a question about the future, knows the answer is highly variable. There are 20 possible answers to any question, from “It is certain” or “Yes” to “Don’t count on it” or “very doubtful.” read more
  • The Private Pension Plan The Private Pension Plan

    Using UL within a retirement-income plan

    by Richard Myerson, CPA, CLU, ChFC

    A colleague of mine has a wonderful expression: “tax the seeds, not the harvest.” It certainly makes intuitive sense, regardless of the underlying metaphorical product or service. But it has very special consideration when applied to wealth accumulation options. read more
  • Financing Annuity Upsides Financing Annuity Upsides

    How the indexed-strategy has continued to evolve

    by Mike Janky

    Back in the spring of 1995, a couple of insurance companies designed a new breed of fixed annuity where the interest credited was linked to the S&P 500 index. read more
  • Force of Wills Force of Wills

    Where there’s a will – and more – there’s peace of mind

    By Robert Fishbein

    What’s the state of your estate? Now’s a good time to find out. Changes in federal estate tax law have significantly increased the amount at which federal estate tax is triggered. read more
  • Get More Strategic with Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Get More Strategic with Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

    Consider a “10-10-10 plan” for protection and retirement income

    by Joe Ross

    As you focus on helping clients plan now for the needs of tomorrow, turn an eye toward guaranteed universal life (GUL) insurance. As LIMRA President and CEO Bob Kerzner has shared, quarterly growth in total premiums for GUL insurance improved recently for the first time in several years. Kerzner pointed to “improved rates for GUL” as one of the potential reasons for the product’s positive sales performance read more
  • Life & Leverage Life & Leverage

    Three challenges for tapping into a $10 Trillion opportunity

    by Gonzalo Garcia, CLU

    When I started my career in the early 80’s, 401(k) plans were just becoming popular. Today they are the foundation of most people’s retirement savings plan. read more
  • The Future is Fiduciary The Future is Fiduciary

    A key focus on advisors, technology & client demand

    by Mitchell H. Caplan

    Just as the DOL Fiduciary Ruling is enforcing fundamental changes in the retirement industry... likewise it is driving similar changes among many product providers and advisors themselves. read more
  • A Conversation With Sue Ann Cormack A Conversation With Sue Ann Cormack

    Prime Numbers

    by PE Kelley

    As the SEC implemented new changes to money market fund rule 2a-7, the National Association of Insurance Companies was required to take action as to how those funds would be treated by insurers related to their capital charges. read more
  • The Future of Work is Today… The Future of Work is Today…

    Are you ready?

    by Morag Barrett

    Look out! In workplaces across the globe, conventional wisdom is being thrown out the window. Everything around us seems to be in flux – from how we conduct ourselves to how we manage others. read more
  • Income Planning with Death Benefits Income Planning with Death Benefits

    How to complement the value of annuities and assets under management

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP, AEP

    Where do death benefits fit? First, consider insuring others. How old will your parents or grandparents be when you retire? read more
  • Long Term Planning Long Term Planning

    How do you protect your clients’ assets under management?

    by Sue Devlin

    Investment advisors work hard to grow both their client base and the total assets under management. Even so, there’s always attrition as some clients leave and others die, which is normal and to be expected. read more
  • Behavioral Savings Behavioral Savings

    Best steps to jump-start financial planning for retirement

    by Doug Dubitsky

    Saving for retirement is one of the biggest challenges Americans will face in their lives. However, with proper retirement planning and saving strategies, they can get the most out of their retirement years. read more