• Great Expectations Great Expectations

    Understanding and managing client behaviors can add absolute value to the advisor’s offer

    by Michael Conway

    Elements of human behavior have influenced some of our greatest achievements, including scientific breakthroughs, the liberation of the oppressed, and the development of stable markets. read more
  • InProfile: William J. Shelow InProfile: William J. Shelow


    by Carolyn S. Ellis

    Bill Shelow, CLU, ChFC, CPCU, is president and CEO of LifeMark Partners, in Baltimore, MD. Throughout his career, he has guided insurance companies and a brokerage agency through tidal changes in products and distribution. read more
  • Planning Strategies for the New Retirement Planning Strategies for the New Retirement

    How advisors are filling the defined-benefits void while guiding their clients safely through

    By Sheila Stinson, CFP, and Douglas L. Wolford

    Sometime before the last Ice Age, when defined benefit pensions roamed the Earth, advising clients on retirement planning seemed much easier. Today, however, clients need either a very substantial war-chest or a very thoughtful strategy to ensure that they live well during their retirement years. read more
  • A Retiring Proposition A Retiring Proposition

    For those who stay healthy, retiring and working can deliver the best of both worlds

    by Scott Goldberg

    There was a time when retirement could be defined by what it was not. Retirement was not working—or having any desire to find paid employment. read more
  • Storm Clouds Forming for Gen-Y? Storm Clouds Forming for Gen-Y?

    Retirement savings are hampered by student debt and limited employment opportunity

    by John O. Nauss III

    While many individuals stray from putting the time and effort into saving for retirement, it is often less complicated than many think. read more
  • The Finance of Retirement The Finance of Retirement

    Income replacement ratios, health care inflation, and saving for adequate income

    by Ron Mastrogiovanni

    As Americans age, the question, “How much money do I need to retire?” becomes fairly common. This inquiry also carries a subjective element and should probably be rephrased as, “How much money will I need to maintain my desired lifestyle after I stop working? read more
  • A Practical Solution for Funding Longevity A Practical Solution for Funding Longevity

    How reverse mortgages can help manage the long-term-care risk

    by Stephen R. Greenberg

    The good news is that, thanks to advances in medical care, Americans are living longer than ever before. Unfortunately, longevity comes at a cost – and for many of your clients, it could be a significant one. read more
  • Advisors: Develop Your Edge Advisors: Develop Your Edge

    We all know it’s easier to keep clients than to find new ones

    by Mike Morrow, CFP

    Early on in my career, I realized I had to identify ways that would make me stand out from every other advisor. Regularly I would ask myself, “How can I effectively foster long-term relationships and give my clients a reason to talk about me?” read more
  • Retirement Planning Is Not A Single Issue Retirement Planning Is Not A Single Issue

    Now is the time to educate your clients about Multi-life LTCI

    by Brian Vestergaard

    If you’re a regular reader of financial news in publications such as this one, it’s no secret that many Americans are facing challenges in planning for a secure retirement. In fact, a combination of economic factors in recent years have changed the face of retirement. read more
  • Making Life Insurance Relevant for Today’s Consumers Making Life Insurance Relevant for Today’s Consumers

    We’ve come a long way from our old vanilla & chocolate world (Whole Life & Term that is)

    by Brooks Tingle

    The insurance industry, like other business segments, goes through product cycles as market conditions shift and consumer needs change. read more
  • Help Solve the Retirement Income Equation with Life Insurance Help Solve the Retirement Income Equation with Life Insurance

    Don’t look now, but many haven’t even started saving

    by Rod Rishel

    Perhaps it will come as a shock to younger brokers: Legions of Americans haven’t even begun to prepare for their retirement income needs. read more
  • Intermediaries Remain the Lynchpin in Annuity Sales Intermediaries Remain the Lynchpin in Annuity Sales

    Throughout the process, the advisor remains the most valuable resource

    by Sam Friedman, Mark Hopkins, and Matthew Clark

    Don’t expect financial planners, insurance agents, or investment advisors to be disintermediated from the annuities marketplace anytime soon. read more
  • Are we Fiduciaries? Are we Fiduciaries?

    You don’t necessarily have to call yourself one in order to act like one

    by Herbert Daroff, JD, CFP

    Are you a “Fiduciary”? Regardless of your answer, should you be performing under a fiduciary standard of care? read more