• Pearls of Wealth & Wisdom Pearls of Wealth & Wisdom

    Understanding the planning needs of women by listening to their stories

    by Dawn Doebler, MBA, CPA, CFP, CDFA

    Emily is a soon-to-be-divorced mom of three children. Her sister, Claire is a perpetually single, high-powered attorney. Their oldest sister, Sarah is just about to become an empty-nester and is considering a new career now that she is turning 50. read more
  • Planning Around The Myths of Life Insurance Planning Around The Myths of Life Insurance

    Quite often, your clients are objecting for all the wrong reasons

    by Greg Riedel and Sean Scaturro

    With increased health care costs and the rising costs of living and investment volatility, your clients are facing more challenges and are equipped with fewer resources to count on to meet their long term goals. read more
  • Advising LGBT Americans Requires Informed Engagement Advising LGBT Americans Requires Informed Engagement

    Industry is learning to reach out and meet clients ‘where they are’

    The one-year anniversary of Obergefell vs. Hodges, the landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the court guaranteed the right to marry for same-sex couples in all 50 states, provided an opportunity to reflect on the evolving opportunities and financial landscape of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. read more
  • Mom in the Middle Mom in the Middle

    Planning strategies for when the caregiver becomes the care recipient

    by Andrew Bucklee

    The image of mom as a caregiver is woven into the fabric of America. While mothers are often the primary care provider in households with children, today they tend to be the caregivers for their broader family as well – taking care of their spouses, and increasingly their aging parents. read more
  • Personal Risk Management Personal Risk Management

    How to ensure that your clients retire with more money…and less risk

    By Lisa Lindsay

    Financial advisors work diligently with their clients to ensure their retirement income strategy meets their overall retirement goals and objectives. Yet, most advisors ignore the risk of unexpected loss to a client’s assets due to a non-existent or poorly structured personal risk management plan. read more
  • Advisor: Your Future is Fee-Based Advisor: Your Future is Fee-Based

    In a new information age, your client’s success may also ensure your own

    by Mitchell H. Caplan,

    The advisor’s career track is evolving in ways that are materially different than just a few decades ago. Looking back to the 1980’s, the industry was dominated by stock jockeys buying and selling on commission. read more
  • Millennials, Marketing and the Desire for New Experiences Millennials, Marketing and the Desire for New Experiences

    What your industry can learn from the retail sector might open a new generation of clients to you

    by Melissa Reagan

    Everywhere you turn, Millennials play a central role in our culture and economy. Their influence on the workplace, technology, social media, politics and more, driven in part by their status as the first generation of digital natives and largest generation to date, has driven the need for a closer look at the group. read more
  • Creating Confident Clients with Longevity Planning Creating Confident Clients with Longevity Planning

    Living longer, much longer, is no longer a myth

    by Katie Libbe

    If you had an extra 30 years to live, what would you do differently? Travel more? Spend more time with your family? Pursue your dream career? This is no longer just a theoretical question to pose to your clients. read more
  • A Conversation with: Paul Henry A Conversation with: Paul Henry

    Fiduciary Impact

    by Carolyn Ellis

    Paul Henry, managing director of LIMRA LOMA’s Secure Retirement Institute, leads the organization’s efforts to serve members active in the retirement market through research, compliance, training and consulting services. We spoke with Henry about DOL’s new Fiduciary Rule which will go into effect in April 2017 and promises, in Henry’s estimation, to be transformational. read more
  • Using Qualified Personal Residence Trusts to Reduce Estate Taxes Using Qualified Personal Residence Trusts to Reduce Estate Taxes

    For higher tax brackets, a home is often much more than just a house

    by Russell E. Towers JD, CLU, ChFC

    The Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT) has become a basic estate planning tool used by many estate planning attorneys as part of their standard package of estate planning documents. read more
  • DI: Above & Beyond DI: Above & Beyond

    Offer more than the internet, and enhance your clients’ disability options

    by Breanna Scott

    Technology and social media have brought about big changes in the insurance industry. Even if your customers aren’t purchasing insurance online, they have instant access to information to research and plan their buying decisions via the internet. read more
  • Sponsoring Financial Security Sponsoring Financial Security

    Uncertainty about retirement security has employees looking to the worksite for help

    by Meredith Ryan-Reid

    Financial concerns among employees are rising, which may not come as a surprise given current economic conditions, rising debt loads and the need to make every dollar earned stretch further than ever before. read more
  • Mind the Gap: The Small Business Benefits Challenge Mind the Gap: The Small Business Benefits Challenge

    Providing adequate and relevant options is never ‘one size fits all’

    by Bob Risk

    Employees working for small businesses typically aren’t afforded the same benefit choices as their counterparts at larger organizations. read more