• Putting Money in Motion Putting Money in Motion

    How life-settlements create new and viable liquidity solutions

    by Stephen Terrell

    Life settlements have evolved significantly in recent years, from a liquidity tactic for the terminally ill to to put money in motion -- and you in front of clients. Let that sink-in for a minute. It’s precisely what we all want more of: clients with money to invest. read more
  • Beating the Boomer Bust Beating the Boomer Bust

    How do you prepare to sell the business that you’ve built?

    by John F. Dini

    More than 60% of US business owners are over 50 years old, and many of them are looking toward retirement and the process of attracting and vetting potential buyers to take the reins. The differences in yesterday’s and today’s business landscapes are stark—as Boomers were raised in a highly competitive environment, many face the problem of having built companies that won’t attract a new generation of buyers. read more
  • A Four-Point Plan of Success A Four-Point Plan of Success

    How life producers can turn ambition into action

    By Kenneth A. Shapiro

    Life insurance producers face each New Year intending to make it the best one yet, a banner year. But as we all know, it takes more than even the best intentions to be successful in our business. read more
  • Wealth Transfer and Generational Planning Wealth Transfer and Generational Planning

    Driving growth for advisors and their clients

    by Laurence Greenberg

    The transfer of wealth between generations has become a defining issue for the financial services industry. In the coming years, RIAs and fee-based advisors will need to prepare for an inevitable shift that will significantly impact how they manage their practice and counsel their clients. read more
  • Equity and Succession Planning Equity and Succession Planning

    Practice valuation considerations

    by Tiffany Markarian

    Proper practice valuation should not simply be done by looking at your income statements or AUM. Valuation is a sophisticated process that represents the due diligence a buyer would conduct if they were to purchase your practice. read more
  • Love Family Money Love Family Money

    The financial professional’s role in modern family financial dynamics

    by Katie Libbe

    The anatomy of the American family is changing. Today, fewer than 20 percent of U.S. households fit the “traditional” mold of a married heterosexual couple living with at least one child. Compare that to 1970, when traditional families comprised 40 percent of households. read more
  • In Profile: Lili Vasileff In Profile: Lili Vasileff

    Planning & Divorce

    by Carolyn Ellis

    Lili Vasileff is the founder and president of Divorce & Money Matters, LLC, based in Greenwich, Connecticut. She is a specialist in financial mediation, wealth management, and divorce financial planning. She is also founder and past president of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP), the leading organization for professionals who assist women and men through today’s complex process of divorce. read more
  • New Product Designs Engineer Flexibility, Diversity New Product Designs Engineer Flexibility, Diversity

    While two out of three isn’t bad… three out of three is better

    by Jeff Marsh

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “two out of three ain’t bad,” but most of us would agree: three out of three is better. As 2015 approaches, there is a life insurance solution that’s designed to meet all three major contingencies clients may face: dying prematurely, outliving retirement income, or getting seriously ill along the way. read more
  • The Most Desired Skills of the Future The Most Desired Skills of the Future

    Three practices to communicate, engage and influence people

    by Nathan Jamail

    How many parents have a toddler that can work an iPhone or iPad better than they can? What about the parents of teenage kids or young adults that cannot communicate except through texting, email or social media? read more
  • Equity and Succession Planning for Financial Advisors Equity and Succession Planning for Financial Advisors

    Practice valuation considerations

    by Tiffany Markarian

    There comes a time in every financial advisor’s life that a decision needs to be made regarding the future of their practice – whether to retire or transition out of the business to focus on other endeavors. read more
  • Inheritance Planning Inheritance Planning

    Thinking outside the box: Non-tax motivations for trust planning

    by Morgan Scott

    Much has been written about estate planning in our current tax environment where, let’s face it, most of us may no longer have many clients with estate tax exposure because of the current exemption amounts. read more
  • Social Media Promotion Social Media Promotion

    Implementing the next phase of your business strategy on Facebook

    by Ron Piovesan

    By now, most of us see the benefits of social media promotion: it helps elevate business’ voices to reach larger audiences than ever before. But what exactly is social media promotion and why should financial planners care? read more