• Women in Financial Services Women in Financial Services

    Building better connections through networking and collaboration

    by Sherri DuMond

    Fairly early in my career, I remember attending an industry event where, among the usual trinkets and tchotchkes, the organizers provided shirts for all attendees. read more
  • Two Sides of the Robo Divide Two Sides of the Robo Divide

    What it means for the fee-based future

    by Mitchell H. Caplan

    As the DOL fiduciary ruling heightens the demand to serve your clients with greater transparency and greater value, it comes down to this fundamental question: How can you use technology broadly, and robos specifically, to create more value for your practice, while helping to serve your client’s best interest and maintain a fiduciary standard? read more
  • The Dynamic Retirement Plan The Dynamic Retirement Plan

    Why financial planning should be at the core of all client engagements

    by Jonathan W. Levine, CFP, CIMA

    As financial advisors, I believe we all may have had similar experiences: A few weeks ago, a longtime client, who runs her own company and is three years away from her planned retirement, called me in a panic. read more
  • How Financial Services Is Wiring Up How Financial Services Is Wiring Up

    Harnessing the technological winds of change in life and health insurance

    by John Mullen

    Life and health sectors are slower to adopt technology compared to other insurance sectors, and due to the nature of the industry it has been acceptable to operate without much technological influence. read more
  • Investing for Everyday people Investing for Everyday people

    How Loca-Vesting unlocks the key to Title III

    by Kyle Clark

    What I love most about small business is the entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation. Everything moves at breakneck speed, which creates an exciting ride. read more
  • Measuring the Reach of the DOL Fiduciary Rule Measuring the Reach of the DOL Fiduciary Rule

    Robo advisors win, financial advisors lose

    by Ken Leibow

    The DOL Fiduciary Rule is a disruption in the market place for financial advisors, investment firms, and insurers. read more
  • Staying Relevant in the “Robo” Era Staying Relevant in the “Robo” Era

    Surprise! For financial guidance, even tech-savvy Gen-X still prefers the human touch

    by Katie Libbe

    Over the past year, much has been written and discussed about the digital revolution within financial planning via the growth of online financial advice, better known as “robo-advisors.” read more
  • In Profile: Seth Medalie In Profile: Seth Medalie


    by Carolyn Ellis

    In January 2016 The Bulfinch Group, a financial services and investment firm headquartered in Needham, Mass., completed the acquisition of Wellesley Financial Group, another Guardian brokerage agency located nearby in Wellesley, Mass. read more
  • Have Your Clients Asked:  How Can I Improve My Financial Life? Have Your Clients Asked: How Can I Improve My Financial Life?

    The interesting connection between habits, outlook and long-term thinking

    by Gregory J. McLaughlin, MS, CFP

    At some point in everyone’s life they have been told how to be financially successful. Maybe it was a parent, a sibling, a friend, a book, something seen on television or read on the internet. read more
  • Making Millennial Contact Making Millennial Contact

    How mobile can help win new millennial business

    by Stephanie Lynn Trunzo, CDO & COO

    In the U.S. alone, millennials make up over a quarter of the population. While this generation has been known to put off major milestones like marriage and parenthood (and often struggle with substantial debt), millennials are quickly growing into a more stable position. read more
  • Upscale Planning Upscale Planning

    Leveraging Social Security benefits with life insurance

    by Russell E. Towers JD, CLU, ChFC

    Upscale clients who are thinking of retirement may not need their Social Security retirement benefits to cover their fixed costs of living. read more
  • Out of Balance Out of Balance

    The unseen effects of student loan debt on retirement readiness

    by Jamie McInnes

    Student loan debt in this country is not just an issue for Millennials. In fact, every generation of American workers, from Millennials to Generation X to Baby Boomers are struggling to repay significant amounts of student loan debt for themselves, for a spouse, significant other or child. read more
  • New Strategy for the New Tax Realities New Strategy for the New Tax Realities

    Utilizing life insurance and annuities to reduce complex trust exposure to income taxes

    by David Gresham

    Most of us are aware that federal income tax rates have increased, with the top marginal federal income tax rate now at 39.6 percent. read more