• Planning for the Unplanned Planning for the Unplanned

    Even the best financial plans can encounter unforeseen, and life-altering, obstacles

    by Matthew Hoesly, CFP, ChFC, MSFS

    Recently, the Million Dollar Round Table commissioned a survey to gauge financial wellness. One of the top reoccurring concerns noted among Generation Y, Generation X and Boomer survey respondents was not having enough money saved in their retirement savings fund. read more
  • Is Your Paycheck Insured? Is Your Paycheck Insured?

    What’s trending in the group-disability insurance market

    by Kathy Plummer

    Most benefits advisors would probably agree that the need for disability income protection is more important than ever today due to little savings for emergencies, higher out of pocket costs for healthcare and an aging workforce with increasing incidence of disabilities. read more
  • Bold and Scold:  The New Breed of 401(k) Advisor Bold and Scold: The New Breed of 401(k) Advisor

    Are your clients doing enough to be successful?

    by Charlie Epstein, CLU, ChFC, AIF

    As many already know, the DOL and Treasury have launched a new initiative focused upon taking our voluntary retirement system, which provides 401(k) participants with a lump sum account balance only, and turning that lump sum into an equivalent, and meaningful monthly benefit. read more
  • Looking Over the Overlooked IRA Looking Over the Overlooked IRA

    Less than 20 percent of Americans contribute to an IRA, missing tax and retirement savings benefits

    by Daniel M. Keady, CFP

    Whether it is paying your child’s college tuition, taking an annual vacation or replacing a faulty kitchen appliance, financial obligations seem to be rapidly expanding for many American families. read more
  • Embracing the Financial Mixed-Marriage Embracing the Financial Mixed-Marriage

    Applying insurance concepts in guiding retirement spending from investments

    by Gary Baker

    How many investors or advisors have an established process to monitor and adjust withdrawal rates frequently over the course of time in retirement? Chances are that those with limited retirement income planning experience may rely on general rules and guidelines centered on withdrawing a fixed percentage of assets regardless of an individual’s longevity or attitudes toward risk. read more
  • Retirement Strategies for Today’s Wealthy Retirement Strategies for Today’s Wealthy

    Put tax planning to work all year long

    by Laurence Greenberg

    When federal and state taxes are combined, many high net worth and high income clients may be paying tax rates as high as 40 or 50 percent each year. In fact, taxes can be their single biggest investment expense. read more
  • How Women Are Changing the Retirement Conversation How Women Are Changing the Retirement Conversation

    The emerging ‘Modern Family’ brings new challenge and opportunity to today’s advisors

    by Aimee Johnson

    Women are taking more control of the modern family’s financial situation. Today’s women increasingly are in family structures quite different from the traditional nuclear family. read more
  • In Profile: Dana Tatro In Profile: Dana Tatro

    The Demographics of Well-Being

    by Carolyn Ellis, Features Editor

    Dana Tatro is senior vice president of product management in the U.S. Insurance Group at MassMutual. He brings a deep interest in demographic trends to his oversight of all MassMutual’s US-based individual products. With 25 years’ experience in insurance and annuity products, his focus is on the challenge of incorporating ever-changing generational statistics into the process of risk-management. read more
  • Voluntary Benefits that Really Matter Voluntary Benefits that Really Matter

     Building a benefits package that addresses today’s workforce diversity

    by Elizabeth Halkos

    As a benefits advisor, you can become a valued partner to your clients when you help them match voluntary benefits to their employees’ diverse needs. read more
  • Selling Stability Selling Stability

    Consumer confidence about retirement opens the conversation on annuities

    by Alana Ritchie

    Prospective annuity clients want future stability. What can you offer them? read more
  • The Transparency Train Is Leaving the Station The Transparency Train Is Leaving the Station

    Make sure your business is on board

    by Robin Gelburd

    The national health care cost transparency movement is well underway. A proactive approach to helping employers and their workforce board the transparency train can help brokers and other advisers differentiate their practice... read more
  • The Performance Chase The Performance Chase

    Why active management underperformed in 2014

    by Alexander J. Hart, CFA

    For the U.S. stock market, 2014 was another banner year. The headline S&P 500 index hit new all-time highs, corporate profits grew, economic growth strengthened and unemployment levels continued to fall. read more