• Can You Volatility-Proof Your Client Relationships? Can You Volatility-Proof Your Client Relationships?

    Building strong relationships by managing expectations and choosing the right communication approach

    by Kevin G. Hill, ChFC®, CLTC, AIF®

    We have all been taught that communication is fundamental for a strong, successful relationship. As simple as this concept may initially seem, relationships can quickly become tested due to differing expectations and communication styles. read more
  • Flying Solo Flying Solo

    Perspectives of a single-senior on the verge of old age and retirement

    by Carol Marak

    Retiring single is never in the overall strategy when one considers how they want to live out the silver years. But for many, like myself, aging, living, and retiring alone creeps up just as quickly as a new year. It’s not something I planned. However, it’s not something that just happened to me either. read more
  • Re-Wiring The Code Re-Wiring The Code

    Strategies for tax changes under the Trump administration

    by Kris Yamano

    On the topic of tax reform under a Trump administration, one thing is certain - change is coming. Despite concern from some critics about how President-elect Trump’s tax cuts and spending plans may increase the federal deficit, it appears likely that with a Republican majority in both houses, some of the big tax cuts promised by Trump during his campaign may come to fruition. read more
  • DOL, Robos & Fee Compression DOL, Robos & Fee Compression

    Working and thriving in a brave new world of constraints

    by Mike McGlothlin

    Recently, Nintendo announced a mobile version of Super Mario Bros., the popular 1980s video game. Developer Shigeru Miyamoto created Super Mario under several constraints: time, money and technology limitations, all of which posed threats to the character’s development. read more
  • The New Politics of Planning The New Politics of Planning

    Income and Estate Tax Strategy for 2017

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP®, AEP®

    Deferring income is based on an assumption that income tax rates will be lower next year. The selected strategy depends on who is in the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Nothing is certain from year to year, or at least every two-years. read more
  • A Conversation With Mitchell H. Caplan A Conversation With Mitchell H. Caplan

    Advisor Authority

    by P.E. Kelley

    In it’s second annual study, Advisor Authority, Jefferson National sought to better understand the mindset of its distribution force, RIAs and fee-based advisors. What it discovered was so much more. read more
  • 2017 Life Insurance Planning 2017 Life Insurance Planning

    Why this could be a strong year despite uncertainty in the tax law

    by Mark Peterson

    Along with the combined Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress comes uncertainty and change in our tax laws. Both the Trump administration and the Republican tax platform include a proposed repeal of the estate and gift tax along with significant decreases in both corporate and individual tax rates. read more
  • Can ACA Elude the Chopping Block? Can ACA Elude the Chopping Block?

    How “Repeal and Replace” Has Become “Repeal and Delay”

    by James Slotnick, JD

    Since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law on March 23rd 2010, Republicans in Congress have worked to repeal the legislation. The culmination of this work occurred last December, when Congress passed the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Act and sent it to President Obama’s desk. read more
  • Compensation And The New Compliance Compensation And The New Compliance

    How the Fiduciary Standard will accelerate change in advisor compensation

    by John Ludes

    The introduction of a Fiduciary Standard around the provision of advice to ERISA accounts by the Department of Labor has been a seminal event across the Financial Services Industry, forcing change over a broad spectrum of the Industry’s business model. read more
  • Marketing Within The Cyber-Flood Marketing Within The Cyber-Flood

    The nine word e-mail that generated 324 leads and $8,000 in commissions in under 24 hours

    by Jeremiah Desmarais

    According to a McKinsey study, the average worker spends 13 hours a week – 28 percent of his office time – on email. This multiplies out to (yipes!) 650 hours a year writing and sending emails! read more
  • Consumers In The Drivers Seat Consumers In The Drivers Seat

    Employees are struggling with understanding critical benefits

    by Gene Lanzoni

    The vast majority of working Americans continue to believe their employee benefits are an integral part of their financial security. But three years into the implementation of the Affordable Care Act — and the ensuing push to provide consumer-driven and high deductible health plans (HDHP) — there are signs that these plans are leaving employees in unexpectedly vulnerable positions. read more
  • Fire-Up Your Business in 2017! Fire-Up Your Business in 2017!

    Shakespeare was right: Past is prologue

    by John Graham

    In high school, we learned Shakespeare’s indelible words, “What’s past is prologue.” But that’s where we stopped, missing the key part of the bard’s advice: “Whereof what’s past is prologue; what to come, In your and my discharge.” It’s a clear message: don’t depend on what’s happened so far; it’s all in your hands now. read more
  • Rev Up Your Enrollments Rev Up Your Enrollments

    How to drive client satisfaction… and your revenue stream

    By Steve Vermette

    What’s more important to you: making your clients happy, or making money? Do you really have to choose between them? read more