• Inheritance Planning
    Inheritance Planning

    Thinking outside the box: Non-tax motivations for trust planning

    by Morgan Scott

    Much has been written about estate planning in our current tax environment where, let’s face it, most of us may no longer have many clients with estate tax exposure because of the current exemption amounts.
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  • Social Media Promotion
    Social Media Promotion

    Implementing the next phase of your business strategy on Facebook

    by Ron Piovesan

    By now, most of us see the benefits of social media promotion: it helps elevate business’ voices to reach larger audiences than ever before. But what exactly is social media promotion and why should financial planners care?
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  • Accumulation Management
    Accumulation Management

    The retirement plan to spend-it-all

    by Dr. Stanley Riggs

    Steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie famously often said: “He who dies rich, dies disgraced.”
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  • A Proactive Approach To Protecting Wealth
    A Proactive Approach To Protecting Wealth

    How to help mitigate the impact of taxes

    by John Kennedy

    Proactive beats reactive, every time. The last decade has been one of economic disruptions, highlighting the need for better financial guidance that focuses on outcomes, rather than asset growth alone.
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  • Women & Money
    Women & Money

    Optimizing Social Security benefits

    by Shawn Britt

    There is a retirement crisis looming for many Americans and women can be especially vulnerable. But there are steps we can take to be better prepared and one of the most important – and most overlooked – is optimizing Social Security benefits.
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  • Quarterbacking The Big Case
    Quarterbacking The Big Case

    Advisors must develop a strategic game plan when proposing life insurance

    by Denise M. Desautels

    Much like a quarterback approaches a contest with a full game plan in mind rather than a single play, so, too, should a broker working on a large case see it as a multi-stage process.
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  • The Art of Personal Financial Planning… Post Retirement
    The Art of Personal Financial Planning… Post Retirement

    A widening field of expertise

    by Helen Simon DBA, CFP, RMA and Shaun Hoyes, MBA

    The field of financial planning has seen one of its areas develop into a formed discipline of its own - retirement planning for those close to and already in retirement. This group has graduated from the school of saving for retirement and now must enter the wise spending school.
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  • Equity and Succession Planning for Financial Advisors
    Equity and Succession Planning for Financial Advisors

    Practice valuation considerations

    by Tiffany Markarian

    There comes a time in every financial advisor’s life that a decision needs to be made regarding the future of their practice – whether to retire or transition out of the business to focus on other endeavors.
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  • In Profile: Mark Hug
    In Profile: Mark Hug


    by Carolyn Ellis

    Since the late 1990’s, Prudential has had an active diversity program in place. Through its Signature Series, a multicultural initiative to understand the changing face of the American people, Prudential endeavors to learn about the needs and views of diverse Americans.
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  • Disability Insurance: The Biggest Benefit is Education
    Disability Insurance: The Biggest Benefit is Education

    Misconceptions and contradictions point to opportunity for advisors

    by Carol Harnett

    New data from the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) spotlights a dichotomy for financial advisors: More employers are offering long term disability coverage, yet fewer workers have long term disability (LTD) benefits.
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  • Benefits, ACA & the Emergence of DC Accpetance
    Benefits, ACA & the Emergence of DC Accpetance

    But for employers, it’s not just a matter of cost-control

    by James V. Gemus

    In August and September 2013, The Prudential conducted its Eighth Annual Study of Employee Benefits: Today & Beyond. A key finding was that the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2012 decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to influence employers, employees and brokers’ actions and outlooks. Here are some of the study’s major findings.
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  • Selling the Indexed Value Proposition
    Selling the Indexed Value Proposition

    No longer just a niche savings alternative

    by Paula Nelson

    As Baby Boomers flood into retirement, they are scrutinizing their savings and investment options for ones that fit their individual needs and growth objectives. Much of the conversation revolves around equity-based investments due to the opportunity for growth that can keep pace with rising costs and changing needs.
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