• Effective Communication For Developing Health Insurance Sales Effective Communication For Developing Health Insurance Sales

    Strategic e-mail campaigns can be easy, intuitive and ultimately profit-building

    by John McGee

    Everyone has experienced the sensation of being overwhelmed by seemingly useless emails filled with coupons, special offers, information about new product launches and other messages you do not have time to read. read more
  • Sunny Days Ahead for Benefits Brokers? Sunny Days Ahead for Benefits Brokers?

    As healthcare-reform settles in, advisors settle down with a new voluntary reality

    by Dan Lebish

    Remember Eeyore, the old, gray donkey who was a sidekick to the eternally optimistic Winnie the Pooh? For a few years there, brokers were a bit like Eeyore. They were certain that changes brought about by health care reform were storm clouds hovering over their industry. read more
  • Connecting the Dots to Financial Security Connecting the Dots to Financial Security

    As the cost for protection shifts to the employee, the value remains essential

    by Phyllis Falotico

    The landscape of employer-paid benefits is ever-changing. The effect of the Affordable Care Act, coupled with new healthcare regulations, has caused a shift in the marketplace. read more
  • Top Of The World Top Of The World

    How do women fare in the financial services industry?

    by Arthea Reed and Diane Dixon

    “Financial Services: Women at the Top – A WIFS Research Study” is the culmination of a major, multi-year research project initiated in 2011 by the professional organization Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS). read more
  • ACA & The New Normal ACA & The New Normal

    What factors should you consider when advising clients on a private exchange?

    by Karen White

    According to a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, 44% of employers are currently considering moving their benefits offerings to a private exchange. Are your clients among that group? read more
  • A Post-Sunset Wealth Strategy A Post-Sunset Wealth Strategy

    Should your clients keep their irrevocable life Insurance trusts if they no longer have a tax liability?

    by Donna Scalaro, JD

    For decades, the Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) has been a popular estate planning device. Properly drafted, the ILIT can own life insurance on the client’s life, keep the death benefit outside the client’s taxable estate, and still provide liquidity to the estate for taxes and other expenses. read more
  • Advising Late in Life Divorce Advising Late in Life Divorce

    How to help your client untangle, and protect, a mature retirement portfolio

    by Lili A. Vasileff, CFP, CDFA

    But what happens when one household now unexpectedly divides itself in two with a late in life divorce? 1 in 4 couples getting a divorce is older than 50. Gray divorce is prevalent and statistics clearly indicate that more divorced adults are becoming divorced seniors than in any other prior generation. read more
  • Planning Today: Getting There and Getting Through Planning Today: Getting There and Getting Through

    How retirement income-adequacy is being redefined

    by David Laster

    Of the myriad financial risks related to retirement, top of mind for many clients is the risk of outliving their wealth. A recent Society of Actuaries survey found that nearly two in three pre-retirees expressed concern over the prospect of depleting their savings in retirement. read more
  • InProfile: Richard Zeitz InProfile: Richard Zeitz

    Federal Reservations

    by Carolyn Ellis

    n 2008 Richard Zeitz brought together his experience from years in banking, investment services, and financial retailing to found Bravias Financial, an independent financial advisory practice serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. After several successful years as a generalist, a casual conversation with a friend led him in a very new direction, developing financial strategies for federal employees. read more
  • Striking A Balance Between Value & Price Striking A Balance Between Value & Price

    Slumping annuity sales should lead to better deals for consumers

    by Andrew Murdoch, CFP

    Annuity sales have been in a slump for at least a year, and insurance companies aren’t happy about it. For consumers, however, it is probably good news. They are likely to get a better deal if interest rates increase, as widely expected. read more
  • Indexed Annuities: Past, Present and Future Indexed Annuities: Past, Present and Future

    From the bull run of the ‘lost decade’ to the gyrations of 2015, the EIA continues to adapt

    by Mike Janky

    Indexed annuities have been around now for two decades. We have watched these products evolve from a relatively simple design from two carriers in 1995 to now hundreds of carriers offering an array of indexing strategies including new indexes designed exclusively for a carrier. read more
  • Trust Planning’s Eternal Sunset Trust Planning’s Eternal Sunset

    Funding beyond 2012 now uses different rules, and creates new opportunities

    by Morgan Scott

    In October of 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released data on reportable gifts made by Americans in 2012. The amount totaled $335 billion. A large number, certainly, but it’s more impressive when taken in context. read more
  • Gen X:  Much Ado About Something Gen X: Much Ado About Something

    How the sandwich generation is shaking off its malaise and discovering a new lease on its financial life

    By Rebekah Barsch

    While much ado is made about Millennials and Boomers, Gen X is the proverbial middle child in need of some extra attention. According to findings from Northwestern Mutual’s 2015 Planning & Progress Study, a good portion of this generation of 35-49 year olds is suffering from financial malaise. read more