• Disability Insurance: The Biggest Benefit is Education
    Disability Insurance: The Biggest Benefit is Education

    Misconceptions and contradictions point to opportunity for advisors

    by Carol Harnett

    New data from the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) spotlights a dichotomy for financial advisors: More employers are offering long term disability coverage, yet fewer workers have long term disability (LTD) benefits.
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  • Benefits, ACA & the Emergence of DC Accpetance
    Benefits, ACA & the Emergence of DC Accpetance

    But for employers, it’s not just a matter of cost-control

    by James V. Gemus

    In August and September 2013, The Prudential conducted its Eighth Annual Study of Employee Benefits: Today & Beyond. A key finding was that the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2012 decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to influence employers, employees and brokers’ actions and outlooks. Here are some of the study’s major findings.
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  • Selling the Indexed Value Proposition
    Selling the Indexed Value Proposition

    No longer just a niche savings alternative

    by Paula Nelson

    As Baby Boomers flood into retirement, they are scrutinizing their savings and investment options for ones that fit their individual needs and growth objectives. Much of the conversation revolves around equity-based investments due to the opportunity for growth that can keep pace with rising costs and changing needs.
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  • Business Continuation Planning
    Business Continuation Planning

    Revisiting the critical need for disability coverage

    by Dana P. Hardy, Jr., LUTCF

    Small business owners have the difficult challenges of remaining competitive in their marketplace, while striving to generate maximum revenue. These challenges may not be new, but they are certainly more difficult in today’s environment, given the economic volatility of the last few years and new regulations that affect the overall health of a business...
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Seven Qualities That Produce Star Performers
Seven Qualities That Produce Star Performers

    Is excellence the domain of only a select few?

    by John R. Graham

    Possessing the correct skill sets for a position in today’s economy is absolutely essential –– but it’s not enough to be a star performer.
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  • Benefiting From Economic Cycles
    Benefiting From Economic Cycles

    You don’t have to be a genius to avoid getting caught up in them

    by Dr. Stanley Riggs

    Economic cycles were first recorded in 1349 in Florence, Italy. Sir Isaac Newton (as in “gravity”) lost his fortune when he failed to recognize the 1720 South Sea Company financial bubble. There have been over 300 asset bubbles since 1720.
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  • Medicare and Retirement Planning
    Medicare and Retirement Planning

    Advisors and clients alike seek a better grasp on how the program works

    by Bill Haynor

    Many financial advisors are finding themselves trying to answer Medicare questions to their growing - and aging - customer base. And the volume of questions may greatly increase during the upcoming Annual Open Enrollment, October 15 to December 7.
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  • Adopting Fee-Based and Fee-Only Models
    Adopting Fee-Based and Fee-Only Models

    Advisors are heeding the unequivocal demand for in-depth and unbiased advice

    by Laurence Greenberg

    The fee-based and fee-only advisory model has now become the dominant form of client-advisory relationships. This trend has steadily transformed client-advisor relations over the past decade and will no doubt reshape the future of advisor practices.
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  • In Profile: Greg Oberland
    In Profile: Greg Oberland

    Generation Skipping

    by Carolyn Ellis, Advisor Magazine Features Editor

    In 2014 Northwestern Mutual studied a wide range of Americans’ attitudes and behaviors related to money and financial health. Findings from the 2014 Planning and Progress Study revealed important generational differences, including the tendency of the youngest adults to return to the careful savings habits of the Greatest Generation, their grandparents.
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  • Money Through The Generations
    Money Through The Generations

    Kids want financial advice from grandparents

    by Joseph Coughlin, Ph.D.

    The parents of Baby Boomers sometimes learned the hard way that their opinions and advice were not always welcome. But in an ironic generational twist, the children of Baby Boomers are proving more inclined to turn to their grandparents for advice – at least when it comes to learning about managing money and saving for the future.
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  • Risk On… Reluctantly
    Risk On… Reluctantly

    How the low-yield / rising-interest rate tug-of-war is impacting global insurers

    by Michael Siegel

    In an investment environment characterized by strong global liquidity, insurers continue to battle the low yield environment while preparing for rising interest rates and greater market volatility.
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  • Making Life Insurance More Accessible
    Making Life Insurance More Accessible

    How riders respond to, and help satisfy, changing customer needs

    by Steven Johnson

    Life insurance ownership across the United States is at a 50-year low1. Thousands of companies cut jobs and benefits during the Great Recession. And America’s workers, facing higher costs and lower wages in many cases, have tightened their purse-strings.
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