• Using Qualified Personal Residence Trusts to Reduce Estate Taxes Using Qualified Personal Residence Trusts to Reduce Estate Taxes

    For higher tax brackets, a home is often much more than just a house

    by Russell E. Towers JD, CLU, ChFC

    The Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT) has become a basic estate planning tool used by many estate planning attorneys as part of their standard package of estate planning documents. read more
  • DI: Above & Beyond DI: Above & Beyond

    Offer more than the internet, and enhance your clients’ disability options

    by Breanna Scott

    Technology and social media have brought about big changes in the insurance industry. Even if your customers aren’t purchasing insurance online, they have instant access to information to research and plan their buying decisions via the internet. read more
  • Sponsoring Financial Security Sponsoring Financial Security

    Uncertainty about retirement security has employees looking to the worksite for help

    by Meredith Ryan-Reid

    Financial concerns among employees are rising, which may not come as a surprise given current economic conditions, rising debt loads and the need to make every dollar earned stretch further than ever before. read more
  • Mind the Gap: The Small Business Benefits Challenge Mind the Gap: The Small Business Benefits Challenge

    Providing adequate and relevant options is never ‘one size fits all’

    by Bob Risk

    Employees working for small businesses typically aren’t afforded the same benefit choices as their counterparts at larger organizations. read more
  • Motivating Millennials Motivating Millennials

    Don’t look now, but a new generation is about to bump the boomers

    by Richard Ina, AAMS

    No matter where you are, or what you read, everyone seems to be talking about Millennials these days. This group – broadly defined as individuals born between the early 1980s and 19991 – is sometimes thought to be controversial, but consistently considered fascinating for many reasons, but mostly because they play by their own set of rules. read more
  • Sharing A Cause With Middle America Sharing A Cause With Middle America

    It’s good for them and good for us

    by Mehran Assadi

    Main Street America is populated by people who believe passionately in serving their communities, doing good for others and caring for their families. Those are solid, longstanding values that are worth honoring. read more
  • ‘Till Dearth Do Us Part ‘Till Dearth Do Us Part

    Why annuities can be tricky to divide in a divorce

    by Lili A. Vasileff, CFP, MAFF, CDFA

    When it comes to dividing marital property in divorce, it is important for you and your spouse to understand the nature of any asset you may have to divide. It would not be unusual if you or your spouse owned an annuity outright or owned an annuity as part of your retirement account. read more
  • Fixing A Retirement Course Fixing A Retirement Course

    Indexed annuity sales are setting the market-pace, revealing some new consumer buying habits

    by Andrew Murdoch

    A funny thing is happening in the annuity sales world that merits attention, in part because it serves as a reminder of a long-standing issue about buyer education. read more
  • a conversation with Rebekah Barsch a conversation with Rebekah Barsch

    Blind Faith

    by P.E. Kelley

    The longevity risk is not a wholly new idea. Today’s income industry has certainly identified it and begun to construct financial strategies that are responsive to its principal need, namely, making nest-eggs last… often twice as long as they once needed to. read more
  • Growing A Business Growing A Business

    5 ways savvy entrepreneurs excel in competitive waters

     by Brian Greenberg

    Amid the release of data* revealing that the economic outlook among U.S. small business owners had finally stabilized, there’s cause for entrepreneurs to be optimistic. read more
  • Selling LTCi: Pricing, Perception and Persistency Selling LTCi: Pricing, Perception and Persistency

    There’s more than one way to tackle the longevity challenge

    by Bob Vandy, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CLTC

    It wasn’t that long ago that the Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) industry relied upon one main product to solve the client LTC planning need, and plan designs didn’t change that much from one client to the next. read more
  • Rediscovering Whole Life Rediscovering Whole Life

    There are safer ways to guide your clients through today’s financial minefields

    by Lewis W. Merrow, MBA, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, FLMI, CEBS

    Industry reports show that whole life insurance sales represent 36% of the marketplace—not bad for a product that’s been around for a long time! read more
  • A Brief History of Life Insurance A Brief History of Life Insurance

    From comical legalities and a mix of ethics & math, a bedrock industry emerged

    by Norton Reamer and Jesse Downing

    Today we consider life insurance part of the bedrock of families’ financial security in the United States. But where did it come from, how did it grow into the industry we know it as today, and what’s next for insurers and insureds? read more