• Living older, Living Poorer Living older, Living Poorer

    Financial disaster is often only one setback away

    by Martin F. Lowenthal

    The United States has the world’s highest number of centenarians, yet just over half of those aged 55 or older have less than $25,000 in retirement savings, and 14% of boomers have no retirement income at all, according to many sources. read more
  • Practicing Successful Absence Management Practicing Successful Absence Management

    For many employers, a good program is something often overlooked…and misunderstood

    by Michael Estep

    An effective absence management program can help ease administrative burdens, ensure compliance with complex state and federal leave laws, and increase productivity, ultimately producing a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. read more
  • The Emergence of Health Advisors The Emergence of Health Advisors

    Integrating a holistic approach to healthcare and financial planning

    by Bruce Spector

    When your clients share that they, or a loved one, is suddenly facing a critical or life-threatening medical diagnosis, what can you do? read more
  • Today’s Benefits Conversation Today’s Benefits Conversation

    How to help employees prepare for the unexpected

    by Meredith Ryan-Reid

    Preparing for the unexpected is always difficult, but it helps to know what resources you have at hand. One valuable resource employees may not be taking full advantage of is their employee benefits. read more
  • Savings, Retirement & America’s Financial Fragility Savings, Retirement & America’s Financial Fragility

    Employers are responding to employees who need help with finances

    by Brian Cosgray

    It’s become nearly impossible to read a news or industry trade publication without seeing an article about Americans’ lack of retirement savings. Nearly equally prevalent are articles about Americans’ lack of financial health and the impacts of the resulting stress. read more
  • Benefits & The Mood of America Benefits & The Mood of America

    Gender differences in the workplace highlight a critical role women play in the overall decision-making process

     by Patricia Insley

    Women are often the household decision-makers, and usually the ones others turn to for financial and health-related advice. Benefit providers need to effectively reach and meet the needs of this key market segment. read more
  • In Profile: John O’Brien In Profile: John O’Brien

    Advisory Evolution

    by Carolyn Ellis

    We talked with O’Brien about the strategy that distinguishes his firm within the advisory channel, and how his approach appeals to clients in today’s evolving marketplace. read more
  • Speaking Is Selling Speaking Is Selling

    4 secrets to communicating with clarity

    by Mark A. Vickers

    After learning to create and present a clear and succinct value proposition, Gerry, the owner of a small company, was overheard lamenting: “I had no idea how important it was to get rid of all those extra words and slow down. How many sales have I lost over the last 5 years because my prospects didn’t understand my message?” read more
  • Planning for the Unplanned Planning for the Unplanned

    Even the best financial plans can encounter unforeseen, and life-altering, obstacles

    by Matthew Hoesly, CFP, ChFC, MSFS

    Recently, the Million Dollar Round Table commissioned a survey to gauge financial wellness. One of the top reoccurring concerns noted among Generation Y, Generation X and Boomer survey respondents was not having enough money saved in their retirement savings fund. read more
The Premium Financing Red Flag 
The Premium Financing Red Flag

    Case Studies & What to Avoid

    by Rob Usinger & Iram P. Valentin

    Premium financing involves the lending of funds to procure life insurance by individuals (or companies). Although not a new practice, the use of premium financing appears, at least anecdotally, to be on the rise. read more
  • The Evolution of Critical Illness The Evolution of Critical Illness

    Can the product keep pace with medical advancement?

    by Julie Pohjola

    When most people think about critical illness insurance, they think of individuals who have been diagnosed with a serious condition. After all, that’s why critical illness insurance was initially. read more
  • Taking Your Practice to the Next Level Taking Your Practice to the Next Level

    You have to work ON your business to effectively work IN it

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP

    Think of your practice as an “S” on its side. There are five stages of development: 1. Start-up – learning, licensing, developing a clientele 2. Survival – making a good living, but substantially less than the top advisors 3. Growth – now you are sitting at the big kids’ table 4. Maturity – is your practice still growing, plateauing, or beginning to decline 5. Transition – are you planning to retire, or should you re-invent your practice and begin another “S” curve read more
  • Where are the Guarantees? Where are the Guarantees?

    Selling annuities today may require some re-education for your clients

    by Peter Hill, ChFC

    What will the weather be like next month? Our mind knows how the weather has been in years past so we presume it will be similar, although there is no assurance that this will be the case. read more