• Think Comprehensively, Plan Accordingly
    Think Comprehensively, Plan Accordingly

    Managing the evolution of wealth advisory

    by Gary Katz and Peter Maller

    Experienced financial advisors know that when it comes to working with a lifetime of income and assets, each client brings a different set of visions and goals to the table. Over the last two decades, we have watched our roles shift from financial specialists, mainly focused on investments, to comprehensive financial planners
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  • The New Demographics of Planning
    The New Demographics of Planning

    Strengthening connections with same-sex couple families

    by Deb Repya

    Today’s American families are quickly evolving. More than ever, these families need financial professionals who can evolve along with them. In the recent Allianz LoveFamilyMoney Study... the study evaluated six distinct modern family structures including same-sex couple families, single-parent families, boomerang families (those with adult children returning home), multi-generational families, blended families and families with older parents and young children.
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  • The Social Security Conversation
    The Social Security Conversation

    Advisors not discussing SSI options risk losing clients

    by David Giertz

    With more than 2,700 rules in the Social Security handbook, it’s easy to see why many advisors don’t feel they are subject experts and are hesitant to discuss filing options with their clients. In fact, only a third of advisors offering retirement income planning services even offer Social Security claiming strategies.
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  • Asset Repositions
    Asset Repositions

    How the Taxpayer Relief Act opened a different twist on estate planning

    by Morgan F. Scott

    In early 2013, the American Taxpayer Relief Act was signed into law, and among a variety of other provisions, the Federal transfer tax system was made permanent. While it is certainly good news to have permanency and predictability, the bad news for many financial advisors is that the increased lifetime exemptions ($5mm/individual, indexed for inflation), along with spousal “portability” of unused lifetime exemption amounts, means that most families will not need significant estate planning.
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  • In Profile: Angie Shay
    In Profile: Angie Shay

    Women’s Work

    by Carolyn S. Ellis

    Angelia Shay, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF is founder and president of THE PATH Financial Strategies in Richmond, Virginia. She is currently president of WIFS, Women in Insurance & Financial Services, an organization that exists to attract, develop and advance women in financial services careers. We spoke with Angie about her personal success and her passion for sharing her values with women engaged in the industry and those considering the advisory career.
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  • The Senior Market Income Equation
    The Senior Market Income Equation

    Pre- and post-retirement protection and growth

    by Scott Harrison

    Throughout the majority of peoples’ working lives, financial strategies are typically aimed at accumulating and growing assets for the future. While there is certainly concern over generating a nice return, the actual year-to-year fluctuation of assets may not be nearly as worrisome as the overall value of the portfolio just prior to retirement.
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  • Not Your Grandpa’s Long Term Care
    Not Your Grandpa’s Long Term Care

    …the times they are a changin’

    by Bob Vandy, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CLTC

    It wasn’t that long ago that the Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) world was, as were many others, simpler. We sold traditional LTCI policies that had a daily benefit around the cost of a day in a nursing home, had at least a 3 year benefit (and more likely 4 or 5, or even lifetime!), a 30 day elimination period (yeah, let’s just call it a deductible, shall we?), a host of possible riders and of course, carried a 5% compound inflation rider.
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  • Reaching Beyond Open Enrollment
    Reaching Beyond Open Enrollment

    How the health care landscape can help you better serve your clients

    by Tye Elliott

    Four years ago, new health care legislation caused a shift in the benefits landscape, creating unique dynamics and challenges for employers as it progressed. Today, most of the benefits decisions have been made by your clients in order to adapt to the evolving health care landscape.
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  • Getting Social
    Getting Social

    An enlightened path to adopting and incorporating social media into a corporate culture

    by Cris Hay-Merchant

    Our industry is not often described as one filled with “early adopters” of new technology. Many agencies have been particularly slow to add social media to their marketing arsenal. But, there are a number of reasons why social makes great business sense – too much sense to be neglected.
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  • Building Today’s Wealth Management Firm
    Building Today’s Wealth Management Firm

    The new role of a firm leader…and how to get there

    by Mark Sullivan

    For generations, the role of a managing partner, or general agent for those who started their careers on the insurance side of financial services, has been thought of as the pinnacle of career growth for managers and advisors that wish to have a firm of their own.
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  • Upside Potential, Flexibility Combine  to Strengthen Today’s IUL
    Upside Potential, Flexibility Combine to Strengthen Today’s IUL

    Balancing risk and growth, products continue an upward trend

    by Tim Heslin

    Two years ago, an article on the Fox Business website referred to index universal life insurance (IUL) as “an emerging and fast-growing contract design” that “may come very close to being the ideal contract for most consumers in today’s interest and overall market environment.”
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  • Life Insurance and Your Investment Portfolio
    Life Insurance and Your Investment Portfolio

    Coordinating assets toward combined benefits

    by Emily Bannister, CFA, and John Przybylski, JD, LLM, CFP

    With bonds providing so little yield in today’s market, should life insurance be viewed as an investment? Whether or not you view insurance as an “asset class,” permanent life insurance is definitely an asset, and it can help investors achieve their long-term financial goals.
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