• Moving Beyond Open Enrollment
    Moving Beyond Open Enrollment

    How the health care landscape can help you better serve your clients

    by Tye Elliott

    Four years ago, new health care legislation caused a shift in the benefits landscape, creating unique dynamics and challenges for employers as it progressed. Today, most of the benefits decisions have been made by your clients in order to adapt to the evolving health care landscape.
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  • Building Today’s Wealth Management Firm
    Building Today’s Wealth Management Firm

    The new role of a firm leader…and how to get there

    by Mark Sullivan

    For generations, the role of a managing partner, or general agent for those who started their careers on the insurance side of financial services, has been thought of as the pinnacle of career growth for managers and advisors that wish to have a firm of their own.
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  • Upside Potential, Flexibility Combine  to Strengthen Today’s IUL
    Upside Potential, Flexibility Combine to Strengthen Today’s IUL

    Balancing risk and growth, products continue an upward trend

    by Tim Heslin

    Two years ago, an article on the Fox Business website referred to index universal life insurance (IUL) as “an emerging and fast-growing contract design” that “may come very close to being the ideal contract for most consumers in today’s interest and overall market environment.”
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  • Life Insurance and Your Investment Portfolio
    Life Insurance and Your Investment Portfolio

    Coordinating assets toward combined benefits

    by Emily Bannister, CFA, and John Przybylski, JD, LLM, CFP

    With bonds providing so little yield in today’s market, should life insurance be viewed as an investment? Whether or not you view insurance as an “asset class,” permanent life insurance is definitely an asset, and it can help investors achieve their long-term financial goals.
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  • The “New” Life Insurance
    The “New” Life Insurance

    Selling more than just a death benefit

    by Stephen Pontecorvo

    Let’s face it—individuals tend to consider life insurance only when they go through a major life milestone—purchasing a house, getting married, having a child, or when approaching retirement. Traditionally, these individuals viewed their options as limited: a basic term policy with a simple lump sum benefit.
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  • PRE-591/2 Funding Strategies
    PRE-591/2 Funding Strategies

    How a SEPP can close and income gap and fund insurance premiums while avoiding the 10% penalty

    by Russ Towers, JD, CLU, ChFC

    Your 52 year old client is considering a $500,000 direct rollover from a previous employer’s 401(k) plan to a deferred annuity IRA with income rider. Some carriers offer annuity income riders that allow up to a 10% withdrawal annually without any surrender charges.
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  • Early Money
    Early Money

    Using in-service distributions to generate business and build relationships

    by Kevin Hedstrom

    Although many employers and 401(k) plan administrators don’t actively promote it, most workers who are age 59 1/2 and older - along with many who are younger - are allowed by law to roll over a portion of their 401(k) funds into an Individual Retirement Account while they are still actively employed.
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  • America’s 401(k) Plans are Working…
    America’s 401(k) Plans are Working…

    Increasing Worker Access to them is Critical; Financial professionals are key to making this happen

    by Doug Dubitsky

    Anxiety about the worrisome state of American workers’ retirement readiness remains a constant thread that runs through our national political and economic dialogue, and in particular there is much hand-wringing over the effectiveness of the 401(k) for small businesses and their employees.
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  • In Profile: Scott Kallenbach
    In Profile: Scott Kallenbach

    Getting Real

    by Carolyn Ellis

    Get Real Already” is the theme of LIMRA’s latest research which surveyed consumers on insurance company communications and their effectiveness. Conducted with Maddock Douglas, the study focused on the gap between what companies are saying and what consumers are hearing. Scott Kallenbach, LIMRA’s research director, talks with Life & Health Advisor about study findings and some takeaways for agents and advisors.
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  • Millennials – The Next Great Client Base
    Millennials – The Next Great Client Base

    But as generations grow, they tend to seek new advisors

    by Helen K. Simon DBA, CFP, RMA and Shaun Hoyes, MBAA

    When financial advisors formulate any kind of roadmap for their client’s financial future, the client’s family is often a major focus point of such plan formation. Understanding the advisor’s role when making major financial decisions pertaining to the family, clients will often look to the advisor for guidance on matters that extend beyond money management and expect an advisor’s counsel on how to deal with wealth within the family structure.
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  • So, you want to be a Social Security Advisor
    So, you want to be a Social Security Advisor

    The marketing risks of being an ‘expert’

    by Andy Robertson, CLTC

    In the world of the “do-it-yourself” baby boomers, how do you stand out as a true retirement expert? The competition for the baby boomer market’s attention is fierce. Advisors know that Social Security advice is THE market to focus on if you want to generate unparalleled levels of activity.
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  • Inter-Marital Planning
    Inter-Marital Planning

    When one spouse is ready to retire, and the other is not

    by Howard Hook

    Preparing for retirement can be hard enough when both spouses agree it is time to begin the process. But what if one spouse is ready to retire and the other spouse is not — or is not ready for their mate to retire? Then what?
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