• Legacy & The Finance of Retirement Legacy & The Finance of Retirement

    A Less Taxing Approach to accumulate, and safeguard, your client’s wealth

    by Laurence P. Greenberg

    Peaking at 78.8 million in 1999, the Baby Boomers’ outsize presence has radically changed the financial services industry. But a shift is taking place as more Boomers reach retirement age. read more
  • INProfile: Susan Winkler INProfile: Susan Winkler

    Actuarial Boot Camp

    by Carolyn S. Ellis

    Since 2003 the Connecticut Insurance and Financial Services Cluster (CT IFS) has worked to strengthen the insurance and financial services industry in Hartford, the nation’s insurance capital. read more
  • Of Wealth & Wisdom Of Wealth & Wisdom

    From the Old Testament to modern day, Ethical Wills serve to clarify and embellish the deeper intentions of wealth transfer

    by Eric Weiner

    An insurance agent listened to his client’s frustration as she discussed her estate planning experience. She understood the need to develop the proper legal and financial tools to ensure her tangible assets but felt something important was lacking. read more
  • Gen X:  Much Ado About Something Gen X: Much Ado About Something

    How the sandwich generation is shaking off its malaise and discovering a new lease on its financial life

    By Rebekah Barsch

    While much ado is made about Millennials and Boomers, Gen X is the proverbial middle child in need of some extra attention. According to findings from Northwestern Mutual’s 2015 Planning & Progress Study, a good portion of this generation of 35-49 year olds is suffering from financial malaise. read more
  • Trust Planning’s Eternal Sunset Trust Planning’s Eternal Sunset

    Funding beyond 2012 now uses different rules, and creates new opportunities

    by Morgan Scott

    In October of 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released data on reportable gifts made by Americans in 2012. The amount totaled $335 billion. A large number, certainly, but it’s more impressive when taken in context. read more
  • Indexed Annuities: Past, Present and Future Indexed Annuities: Past, Present and Future

    From the bull run of the ‘lost decade’ to the gyrations of 2015, the EIA continues to adapt

    by Mike Janky

    Indexed annuities have been around now for two decades. We have watched these products evolve from a relatively simple design from two carriers in 1995 to now hundreds of carriers offering an array of indexing strategies including new indexes designed exclusively for a carrier. read more
  • Striking A Balance Between Value & Price Striking A Balance Between Value & Price

    Slumping annuity sales should lead to better deals for consumers

    by Andrew Murdoch, CFP

    Annuity sales have been in a slump for at least a year, and insurance companies aren’t happy about it. For consumers, however, it is probably good news. They are likely to get a better deal if interest rates increase, as widely expected. read more
  • Advisors: Develop Your Edge Advisors: Develop Your Edge

    We all know it’s easier to keep clients than to find new ones

    by Mike Morrow, CFP

    Early on in my career, I realized I had to identify ways that would make me stand out from every other advisor. Regularly I would ask myself, “How can I effectively foster long-term relationships and give my clients a reason to talk about me?” read more
  • A Practical Solution for Funding Longevity A Practical Solution for Funding Longevity

    How reverse mortgages can help manage the long-term-care risk

    by Stephen R. Greenberg

    The good news is that, thanks to advances in medical care, Americans are living longer than ever before. Unfortunately, longevity comes at a cost – and for many of your clients, it could be a significant one. read more
  • The Finance of Retirement The Finance of Retirement

    Income replacement ratios, health care inflation, and saving for adequate income

    by Ron Mastrogiovanni

    As Americans age, the question, “How much money do I need to retire?” becomes fairly common. This inquiry also carries a subjective element and should probably be rephrased as, “How much money will I need to maintain my desired lifestyle after I stop working? read more
  • Storm Clouds Forming for Gen-Y? Storm Clouds Forming for Gen-Y?

    Retirement savings are hampered by student debt and limited employment opportunity

    by John O. Nauss III

    While many individuals stray from putting the time and effort into saving for retirement, it is often less complicated than many think. read more
  • A Retiring Proposition A Retiring Proposition

    For those who stay healthy, retiring and working can deliver the best of both worlds

    by Scott Goldberg

    There was a time when retirement could be defined by what it was not. Retirement was not working—or having any desire to find paid employment. read more
  • Planning Strategies for the New Retirement Planning Strategies for the New Retirement

    How advisors are filling the defined-benefits void while guiding their clients safely through

    By Sheila Stinson, CFP, and Douglas L. Wolford

    Sometime before the last Ice Age, when defined benefit pensions roamed the Earth, advising clients on retirement planning seemed much easier. Today, however, clients need either a very substantial war-chest or a very thoughtful strategy to ensure that they live well during their retirement years. read more