• Planning Realities for High Net Worth Planning Realities for High Net Worth

     Helping high-paids in a high-tax environment

    by Brian Ashe, CLU

    Sometimes we consider high income earners and high net worth individuals to be “insulated” from economic downturns. Yet, after the last big market downturn, about one third of the top one percent of earners were gone from that list, one that they were on only two years earlier. read more
  • Advising Everyday Boomers Advising Everyday Boomers

    Developing client opportunities in the middle market

    by Scott L. Goldberg

    It is old news to say that Baby Boomers are reshaping the rules of retirement, but the extent to which it is changing is just beginning to be fully appreciated. Over the course of a generation, retirement has morphed from being a staid period of quiet contentment to something better described as a new stage of life. read more
  • In Profile: Shawn Britt In Profile: Shawn Britt

    Social Integration

    by Carolyn Ellis

    Social Integration by Carolyn Ellis Ms. Ellis is Features Editor for LIFE&Health Advisor. Connect with her by e-mail: cellis@lifehealth.com The Nationwide Research Institute’s 2014 Social Security Study revealed that women who did not have a financial advisor were far more likely not to optimize their Social Security retirement benefits. As Director of ... read more
  • Countering Low Yield & Volatility Countering Low Yield & Volatility

    A new approach to tax planning with IOVAs

    by Laurence Greenberg

    In spite of challenges posed by low yields and ongoing volatility, advisors helped clients’ generate substantial gains in 2014. But they face another hurdle as April 15 approaches. read more
  • Thriving in a Post-ACA World Thriving in a Post-ACA World

    From revenue models to product models, and even technology,
    everything is changing

    by Brian Poger

    I recently asked one thousand brokers a straightforward question, “What advice would you give Congress around the ACA?” Reading the feedback, I could tell most responses had been written with clenched fists and gritted teeth. read more
  • A Graceful Exit? A Graceful Exit?

    Business owners are at a loss when it comes to exiting the business

    by Andrew A O’Brien, JD, CFP, CLU

    Business owners put their blood, sweat, tears and resources into building their businesses. But when it comes to figuring how to make a graceful exit from the business, most are unprepared. read more
  • Planning for ‘Portability’ of the Estate Tax Exemption Planning for ‘Portability’ of the Estate Tax Exemption

    With new laws come a greater need for informed opinion

    by Russell E. Towers JD, CLU, ChFC

    The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) permanently enacted the concept of “portability” of any unused estate tax exemption which may now be carried over the first death to the second death of a married couple. read more
  • Six Shocking Investing Mistakes Six Shocking Investing Mistakes

    Widely utilized, standard strategies that are leaving investors in a lurch

    by Phil Ash

    Amid a seemingly endless number of investment options and well-intended approaches, far too many investors are underperforming the market and not earning the annual returns required to achieve their retirement goals. Why? read more
  • Why Good Managers Sometimes Make Bad Crisis Leaders Why Good Managers Sometimes Make Bad Crisis Leaders

    Our decision-making skills are often ‘primitively’hard wired

    by Lucien G. Canton, CEM

    You are the manager of a big company and you know your business. Each day, you make important decisions regarding money, policy and strategy. You’re in total control. read more
  • Death and Exes Death and Exes

    What if your divorce proceeds outlive you?

    by Christine P. Yates

    What is the most frightful word in the English language? Most would say “death”. A close second would surely be “divorce.” read more
  • The Finance of Special Needs The Finance of Special Needs

    Advisors must take a comprehensive view
    in developing effective plans

    by Channing T Schmidt, J.D., CFP

    Families with members who have special needs face a future filled with complex challenges. Ensuring proper care for family members with special needs and meeting the financial needs of the rest of the family is a constant concern. read more
  • Withdrawal Planning and the Dynamics of Volatility Withdrawal Planning and the Dynamics of Volatility

     For many pre-retirees, market volatility has altered the retirement horizon

    by George “Skip” Saideh

    As we enter another year, many investors still continue to worry about the economy and its effect on their short and long-range retirement goals. Although there is often time to recover and adjust for many investors who are in accumulation mode, the investor who is ready to retire now has some difficult decisions to make and issues to face. read more