• Where Technology and the Human-Element Eclipse Where Technology and the Human-Element Eclipse

    Four areas where the robo-advisor falls short

    by Gregory J. McLaughlin, MS, CFP

    When I was a kid there was a popular cartoon called the Jetsons. The show centered on a family living in space with a robot-housekeeper named Rosie. At the time, the idea of a robot playing a role in real life seemed so farfetched; however, 25 years later those same robots are playing a role in our lives and I believe they are here to stay. read more
  • A Conversation with Mike McDaniel A Conversation with Mike McDaniel

    Risky Business

    by Carolyn Elis

    iskalyze® is a company that develops programs to help advisors capture quantitative measurement of their clients’ risk-tolerances, and then utilize that data to capture and meet client-expectations. read more
  • A Social Sea-Change A Social Sea-Change

    How the new Social Security rules in 2016 create opportunities in 2017

    by David Freitag, CLU, ChFC, CRPC and Bruce Tannahill, JD, CPA

    Although the Bipartisan Budget Act was signed into law on November 2, 2015, the implementation of its changes to Social Security filing strategies actually started in 2016. These changes represented a major upheaval to Social Security planning strategies that have been part of the system since the year 2000. read more
  • Robo-Revolution Robo-Revolution

    Digital natives, stock-picking robots and the challenge of legacy systems in the digital age

    By Rakesh Khanna

    Are robo advisors the answer, or another challenge to overcome? The prevalence of mainframe, or “legacy” systems still in operation at many financial services companies brings with it a range of risks and limitations in today’s digital economy. read more
  • Employee Retention in a Growing Talent Shortage Employee Retention in a Growing Talent Shortage

    Unlocking value for clients with Total Rewards

    by Andrew Stocker

    Employees dictate the success of any company, and companies with a committed, loyal and productive workforce are likely to see the best results. However, employers across the globe are struggling to attract and retain skilled talent. read more
  • Rev Up Your Enrollments Rev Up Your Enrollments

    How to drive client satisfaction… and your revenue stream

    By Steve Vermette

    What’s more important to you: making your clients happy, or making money? Do you really have to choose between them? read more
  • Fire-Up Your Business in 2017! Fire-Up Your Business in 2017!

    Shakespeare was right: Past is prologue

    by John Graham

    In high school, we learned Shakespeare’s indelible words, “What’s past is prologue.” But that’s where we stopped, missing the key part of the bard’s advice: “Whereof what’s past is prologue; what to come, In your and my discharge.” It’s a clear message: don’t depend on what’s happened so far; it’s all in your hands now. read more
  • Consumers In The Drivers Seat Consumers In The Drivers Seat

    Employees are struggling with understanding critical benefits

    by Gene Lanzoni

    The vast majority of working Americans continue to believe their employee benefits are an integral part of their financial security. But three years into the implementation of the Affordable Care Act — and the ensuing push to provide consumer-driven and high deductible health plans (HDHP) — there are signs that these plans are leaving employees in unexpectedly vulnerable positions. read more
  • Marketing Within The Cyber-Flood Marketing Within The Cyber-Flood

    The nine word e-mail that generated 324 leads and $8,000 in commissions in under 24 hours

    by Jeremiah Desmarais

    According to a McKinsey study, the average worker spends 13 hours a week – 28 percent of his office time – on email. This multiplies out to (yipes!) 650 hours a year writing and sending emails! read more
  • Corporate Sticky Fingers Corporate Sticky Fingers

    It’s a subject many won’t even mention: Employee theft

    by Michele Johnson, MBA and Lorraine Kennedy, MAT

    Employee dishonesty is a dark subject, and often one not taken lightly. Not everyone is dishonest, of course. Most folks are far from it. But some people do have sticky fingers and do steal, so business owners must be careful who they hire, and should develop ways to, well, check on them from time to time. read more
  • Taking Your Leave… Taking Your Leave…

    A Road Map to Creating a Successful Absence Management Program

    by Gene Lanzoni

    Reducing absenteeism and its effects on an organization are among the most significant challenges facing employers today. Developing an effective absence management program can help ease administrative burdens, ensure compliance with complex state and federal leave laws, and increase productivity, ultimately producing a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. read more
  • The Case for Prevention The Case for Prevention

    Transforming Healthcare from Reactive to Proactive Can Positively Impact the Bottom Line

    by John Denery

    The rising cost of healthcare is quickly becoming, if not already, unmanageable—and there are no quick fixes. PwC Health Research Institute found costs are rising at more than 6% annually over the past five years. In 2016, the rate 6.5% is more than eight times the rate of inflation (0.8%), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. read more
  • The Self-Funders are Coming! The Self-Funders Are Coming! The Self-Funders are Coming! The Self-Funders Are Coming!

    How the Bay State leads the nation in Self-Funded Health Plans

    by Ron E. Peck, Esq.

    Its history is rich -- since its founding, the United States of America has routinely found its path lain out before it by the Commonwealth. From rebellion and the Boston Tea Party to government-monitored health insurance exchanges and RomneyCare, it often seems that where we go, others follow. read more