• The Transparency Train Is Leaving the Station The Transparency Train Is Leaving the Station

    Make sure your business is on board

    by Robin Gelburd

    The national health care cost transparency movement is well underway. A proactive approach to helping employers and their workforce board the transparency train can help brokers and other advisers differentiate their practice... read more
  • The Performance Chase The Performance Chase

    Why active management underperformed in 2014

    by Alexander J. Hart, CFA

    For the U.S. stock market, 2014 was another banner year. The headline S&P 500 index hit new all-time highs, corporate profits grew, economic growth strengthened and unemployment levels continued to fall. read more
  • Alternative Assets and Investments Alternative Assets and Investments

    Should pension plans get involved?

    by Ryan McGlothlin and Michael Clark

    Ways to help decrease funding volatility or to diversify plan assets are always worth considering. Thus for many the prospect of bringing in so-called “alternative” assets and investments (commodities, real estate, hedge funds, gold) to close a funding gap can be very tempting. read more
  • 3 Social Security Income Tax Myths… 3 Social Security Income Tax Myths…

    … and how advisors can dispel them for their clients

    by Frank Horath & Martha Shedden

    More and more retirees are having their net “take-home” retirement income eroded due to taxation of their Social Security income benefit. Many retirees are unaware that up to 85% of Social Security income can be taxed. read more
  • In Profile: Keith Gebert In Profile: Keith Gebert

    The game is in the details

    Keith Gebert, founder of RightBridge Financial Group based in NYC/New Jersey, was playing baseball before he entered kindergarten. As a star baseball player in high school and college, Gebert played in the Little League World Series, the AAU Travel League, and the international Friendship Games. read more
  • Voluntary Benefits that Really Matter Voluntary Benefits that Really Matter

     Building a benefits package that addresses today’s workforce diversity

    by Elizabeth Halkos

    As a benefits advisor, you can become a valued partner to your clients when you help them match voluntary benefits to their employees’ diverse needs. read more
  • Selling Stability Selling Stability

    Consumer confidence about retirement opens the conversation on annuities

    by Alana Ritchie

    Prospective annuity clients want future stability. What can you offer them? read more
  • Preparing ObamaCare’s First Tax Return Preparing ObamaCare’s First Tax Return

    How ACA might complicate 2014 filings

    by Mike Owens & Michael Mahoney

    For the first time, health insurance is showing up on tax forms causing what is expected to be the most complicated tax season in recent history. read more
  • Six Shocking Investing Mistakes Six Shocking Investing Mistakes

    Widely utilized, standard strategies that are leaving investors in a lurch

    by Phil Ash

    Amid a seemingly endless number of investment options and well-intended approaches, far too many investors are underperforming the market and not earning the annual returns required to achieve their retirement goals. Why? read more
  • Planning for ‘Portability’ of the Estate Tax Exemption Planning for ‘Portability’ of the Estate Tax Exemption

    With new laws come a greater need for informed opinion

    by Russell E. Towers JD, CLU, ChFC

    The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) permanently enacted the concept of “portability” of any unused estate tax exemption which may now be carried over the first death to the second death of a married couple. read more
  • A Graceful Exit? A Graceful Exit?

    Business owners are at a loss when it comes to exiting the business

    by Andrew A O’Brien, JD, CFP, CLU

    Business owners put their blood, sweat, tears and resources into building their businesses. But when it comes to figuring how to make a graceful exit from the business, most are unprepared. read more
  • Thriving in a Post-ACA World Thriving in a Post-ACA World

    From revenue models to product models, and even technology,
    everything is changing

    by Brian Poger

    I recently asked one thousand brokers a straightforward question, “What advice would you give Congress around the ACA?” Reading the feedback, I could tell most responses had been written with clenched fists and gritted teeth. read more