• Couples and Money: Who Decides?
    Couples and Money: Who Decides?

    Stereotypical gender roles continue to influence today’s households

    by Richard M. Ina, AAMS

    When it comes to money, the choices couples have to make are not as simple as deciding what they should spend it on – in fact, choices regarding money are many times as complex as the decision-making process itself.
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  • What’s the Deal on Maximizing Social Security?
    What’s the Deal on Maximizing Social Security?

    Custom strategies may enhance the value of retirement benefits

    by Mark E. Caner, AEP, ChFC, CLU, CFP

    Remember the popularity of “Deal or No Deal” when it premiered? Avid audiences watched contestants open cases, weigh offers and discover whether their choices had made or cost them money.
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  • The Finance of Divorce
    The Finance of Divorce

    Guiding your clients throughout the process

    by Deanna Coyle, MBA, CFA, CLTC

    As a financial planner, and having gone through a divorce myself, there are significant financial and legal issues involved when guiding individuals through a separation and divorce. At the same time, there are also non-financial issues that come with divorce, such as family and personal matters. Knowing these issues can help you properly guide your clients and allow you to bring substantial depth and value to your professional relationships.
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  • Commencing the Inheritance Discussion
    Commencing the Inheritance Discussion

    In estate planning, silence is never golden

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP

    Have you every listened to a business owner talk about the future ownership of his or her business? “If I die,” this is what I want to happen. “IF?” Is there a choice? No one wants to face their own mortality. So, as a result, we have the stories of famous high net worth individuals who die without a will, without a trust, without a plan.
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  • Mark Fitzgerald
    Mark Fitzgerald

    The Annuity Conundrum

    by P.E. Kelley

    In a recent survey that Saybrus Partners conducted, about how annuities are perceived and often misunderstood by consumers, information emerged that suggests a ‘disconnect’ with how these products actually work. Consumer perception, which is often informed by the retirement experiences of their parents, can be curiously contradictory.
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  • Understanding Household Cash Flow
    Understanding Household Cash Flow

    Wealthy or not, assets & liabilities impact your clients in similar ways

    by Dr. Stanley Riggs

    Building wealth and achieving financial independence is like losing weight or quitting smoking. It is simple, but not easy. The first requirement of building wealth is to know the difference between assets and liabilities.
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  • Making Life Insurance More Accessible
    Making Life Insurance More Accessible

    How riders respond to, and help satisfy, changing customer needs

    by Steven Johnson

    Life insurance ownership across the United States is at a 50-year low1. Thousands of companies cut jobs and benefits during the Great Recession. And America’s workers, facing higher costs and lower wages in many cases, have tightened their purse-strings.
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  • Risk On… Reluctantly
    Risk On… Reluctantly

    How the low-yield / rising-interest rate tug-of-war is impacting global insurers

    by Michael Siegel

    In an investment environment characterized by strong global liquidity, insurers continue to battle the low yield environment while preparing for rising interest rates and greater market volatility.
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  • Disability Insurance: The Biggest Benefit is Education
    Disability Insurance: The Biggest Benefit is Education

    Misconceptions and contradictions point to opportunity for advisors

    by Carol Harnett

    New data from the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) spotlights a dichotomy for financial advisors: More employers are offering long term disability coverage, yet fewer workers have long term disability (LTD) benefits.
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  • Getting Social
    Getting Social

    An enlightened path to adopting and incorporating social media into a corporate culture

    by Cris Hay-Merchant

    Our industry is not often described as one filled with “early adopters” of new technology. Many agencies have been particularly slow to add social media to their marketing arsenal. But, there are a number of reasons why social makes great business sense – too much sense to be neglected.
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  • Not Your Grandpa’s Long Term Care
    Not Your Grandpa’s Long Term Care

    …the times they are a changin’

    by Bob Vandy, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CLTC

    It wasn’t that long ago that the Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) world was, as were many others, simpler. We sold traditional LTCI policies that had a daily benefit around the cost of a day in a nursing home, had at least a 3 year benefit (and more likely 4 or 5, or even lifetime!), a 30 day elimination period (yeah, let’s just call it a deductible, shall we?), a host of possible riders and of course, carried a 5% compound inflation rider.
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  • The Senior Market Income Equation
    The Senior Market Income Equation

    Pre- and post-retirement protection and growth

    by Scott Harrison

    Throughout the majority of peoples’ working lives, financial strategies are typically aimed at accumulating and growing assets for the future. While there is certainly concern over generating a nice return, the actual year-to-year fluctuation of assets may not be nearly as worrisome as the overall value of the portfolio just prior to retirement.
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